Take Back Our American Republic! – June 4

Restoring Constitutional Government

Web Cast –Streaming Live- June 4
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Saturday, June 4th from 3 pm – 6 pm Eastern Time

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THE PEOPLE’S CONSTITUTION COALITION OF OHIO (PCCOH) has developed a plan to restore constitutional government in America.

The OHIO SOVEREIGNTY AMENDMENT is the most comprehensive and legally sufficient means in America, for restoring the constitutional relationship between the states and the Federal government.

When enacted, the Ohio Sovereignty Amendment will mandate legislative compliance with both the state and federal constitutions.

The proposed, and certified state constitutional amendment is the most significant enhancement for good government and protection  of individual Freedom and Liberty SINCE PROGRESSIVES AND OTHER ANTI-LIBERTY FORCES BEGAN THEIR ASSAULT ON THE REPUBLIC SOME 100 YEARS AGO.

Join us Saturday, June 4, in Dothan, Alabama for America’s first statewide conference on state sovereignty: “State Sovereignty and the Restoration of Constitutional Government in America.

Michael Young, co-founder of PCCOH and primary author of OHIO’S SOVEREIGNTY AMENDMENT will address the conference about this historic and essential effort to restore the states as the primary source of governance for the people of America.

The states must once again unite in freedom if we are to preserve America for future generations.

Take a stand for freedom; join us in taking back America by harnessing the SOVEREIGN power of the PEOPLE to control government.


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