Take a Virtual Tour of the Sistine Chapel! Yea I stole it..LOL

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OK, so I stole it. 😀
This  was originally posted by Dr. Eowyn  on May 22, 2011 . I just remembered, so why not have a look again for all that did not see. It really is amazing.
———————————-   Steve  ——————————————

While ideally it’s better to see the Sistine Chapel in person, this stunning virtual tour is almost as good. Besides, there are no crowds in the virtual tour! – not to mention you can’t see Michelangelo’s peerless artwork close up as you can in this tour. 😉

CLICK HERE  for the virtual tour.

    Just put your cursor (arrow) on any spot of the Sistine Chapel.
    While keeping your finger pressed on the left side of your mouse, drag the arrow in the direction you want.
    To magnify, click the plus (+) icon in the lower left of your screen.
    To move away or reduce the size of the image, click the minus (-) icon.
The choir is thrown in free!  Turn speakers up.
H/t my dear friend Bill.
~ Dr. Eowyn~

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  1. It’s the best virtual vacation I can think of — a tour of the Sistine Chapel without the expense of plane fare or the indignity of TSA groping.


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