Take a look at one of WA ST Gov. Inslee’s new police force task members

In response to the shootings at CHAZ/CHOP, Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee tweeted the following:

“We are going to take a hard look at how we manage independent investigations of police use of force in WA. Our new task force will recommend actions we can take to create a more just WA. It includes community leaders, impacted family members and law enforcement representatives.”

In this Twitter thread he lists all the members of the task force. This includes Livio De La Cruz – board member, Black Lives Matter SEA-KC.

He/Him: BLM SEA-KC board member and JD candidate Livio De La Cruz

Let’s take a look at Livio (he/him), shall we? From he/him Twitter bio: “JD Candidate 2022 at SeattleLaw. Freelance #Unity3D Programmer #GameDev, He/Him.”

Yes, Livio is going to study law. Which should make you very nervous considering this tweet by he/him on June 22:

“1. Police kill people
2. Seattle protests this
3. Republicans say, repeatedly, these protestors deserve to be shot and killed
4. White people agree, they bring guns, they shoot, they kill.
5. “It’s the protesters’ fault!”

There’s A LOT of presumptive and unproven statements in this tweet. You’d think a JD candidate would be able to back up all of he/him assertions with some facts, right? Here’s he/him following tweet:

“Do you know what it’s like to have people in power call for your death, to have them shout their bloodlust so loudly that the entire country hears it, only to have everyone blame YOU for the death that results from this?”

I’m no JD candidate yet I did take debate class in high school and learned how to prove my case. Here ‘ya go, Livio:

1. “Police kill people”

Yes, police do kill people. They kill in self defense, a criminal committing a crime, protecting a victim from a criminal, and in some cases of police brutality. They also kill people who are unarmed.

Police have contact with MILLIONS of people throughout the US every year. Last year, according to the Washington Post’s database of police-involved shootings, nine unarmed black people were shot and killed by the police, compared to 19 unarmed white people.

What’s your point, Livio, about “police kill people?”

“Police kill people” is a generic statement. Accidents kill people. Rioters kill people. Drugs kill people. A lot of things kill people.

My point is that police kill less unarmed black people than white. What is your point, exactly?

How Seattle “protests”/Q13 Fox News photo

2. “Seattle protests this”

Yes they do. Seattle protests that police kill people while they also loot, riot and burn down businesses. Because nothing says protestors are against police brutality by creating violence throughout your city.

I would also put forth that your definition of “protests” has been arbitrarily expanded to include the illegal occupation of public/private property and terrorization of fellow tax-paying citizens.

3. “Republicans say, repeatedly, these protestors deserve to be shot and killed”

Please provide evidence where republicans state that PEACEFUL protestors deserve to be shot and killed. We all know that the First Amendment, with qualifiers, applies to protests. Why leave out that one important word? I’ll wait.

For all those “protestors” who riot, loot and burn businesses, yes, they do deserve to be shot. That’s called self defense or affirmative defense, and one has a reasonable right to defend real or personal property. As a JD candidate, do you believe that law-abiding taxpayers and property owners should forfeit their legal rights to protestors?

4. “White people agree, they bring guns, they shoot, they kill.”

Livio, you provide no evidence of this statement. As a JD candidate, you should understand that you have a duty to provide a burden of proof and evidence that establishes the truth of your statement. Produce something that may pause me to consider your claim.

I know of no white person who showed up at the recent Seattle protests with their guns to shoot and kill. I’ll wait for your evidence.

5. “It’s the protesters’ fault!”

In the absence of rules of evidence, I guess this conclusion works for you.

Good luck in law school, Livio. And good luck in the courtroom.


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Dr. Eowyn
3 months ago

From Livio’s simpering appearance in that pic, is “he” a tranny?

3 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Eowyn

Definite testosterone shortage.

3 months ago

Livoi can’t offer evidence for his rant because there is none. He simply makes up crap and then portrays it as public domain knowledge.This is the left’s playbook. Feeeeeeelings, not facts. Debate no one on the issues; just vilify them and blame one’s opponent for every crisis, shooting, disease, or cloudy day that comes along. Create turmoil. Attack. Trouble is,there are millions of unconscious voters out there who will follow anyone and even vote for a fire hydrant if it had the word democrat painted on it.

Roger V Tranfaglia
Roger V Tranfaglia
3 months ago
Reply to  Grif


3 months ago
Reply to  Grif

Your summation is so perfectly to the point.One could weep for the truth of it. One of the most perfect displays of what you describe above is shown in one of Steven Crowders’ “change my Mind” videos here. All feelings, no facts. Most of his other videos show the same hysteria, group think, and failure to be able to defend an idea or assertion when challenged. We are in deep trouble kids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6dv6G1FWxk The Second ComingW. B. Yeats – 1865-1939 Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;… Read more »

3 months ago

I personally do not think Communists are human beings.
I have killed many in war and loved every second of it.I am old now but I bet I could still do it!

3 months ago

Was hoping Branco made that comic just because he lives here but Garrison rocks too….Burn Loot Murder Cuck is the face of Freeattle’s 3rd world craphole

3 months ago

Why was my 1st comment not approved?

3 months ago

Why is this dweeb even taken seriously? He must not have gotten beat up enough in school.

2 months ago
Reply to  Chemtrailssuck

Pretty sure he DID get beat up in HS…JESUS, I’d have beat him up in HS and I was (am) a 5′ tall non-starter…if/when he accused me of being a “killer” b/c I was WHITE. Sigh, and, to boot, his MS or HS teacher NEVER taught him (or was he impervious to learning it?) the difference between fact and unsupported opinion in a persuasive “essay.” Also never taught him the difference between generalization and proven, documented facts/instances. Please don’t tell me this kid has a college degree…….if so…..OUR FUTURES ARE WORSE THAN WE”VE EVEN CONJECTURED w/this upcoming spawn.