Tahoma National Cemetery

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My father and uncle are buried at Tahoma National Cemetery.  Last time I was there I snapped this photo of the Gettysburg Address and a local version of Rolling Thunder came roaring in.  I always get choked up when I see them.


Never forget!

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  1. lowtechgrannie

    That was a very memorable day for me; my uncle’s funeral services at the flag pavillion. visiting his niche on the wall, and then just before we left I went over to take a picture of the Gettysburg Address and Rolling Thunder came roaring in! I choke up every time I think about it. We took flowers for my Dad’s grave. He’d be so happy to know it’s very near the flag pavillion.
    My Dad served as a merchant seaman under the Dept of Navy, hauling fuel across the Pacific to serve the vessels and aircraft. Their ships were not heavily armed and they were sitting ducks for enemy attack. When the war was over, the government claimed they were not deserving of veteran status and they were denied the GI Bill rights that other veterans received. The Merchant Marines had to fight congress for recognition of their contribution as War Vets and it took many years to achieve.


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