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About Asia Argento

Was Anthony Bourdain out of his mind to trust her?

If you are like me, you had hardly ever heard the name, Asia Argento, until Anthony Bourdain was already dead. 

WARNING: I also don’t know the maker of this video, and cannot vouch for his accuracy or truthfulness.

It seems there is much more to this story than a suicide or a murder. Is Hillary involved? I have no idea.

Is the devil involved?
Yes. Definitely yes.


Halloween Night, 2010

A witch was spotted last night, crashing and burning…

Some say it was Pelosi.

Others say it was Joy Behar.

Or was it Katie Couric?

Still others say it was Alaska senate race write-in candidate spoiler Lisa Murkowski.

But wait!

Do I see toned arms inside those witchy sleeves?

By Jove! It’s Michelle Antoinette Obama!

H/t beloved fellow May.