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President Trump makes unscheduled hospital visit; his food tester severely ill from poisoning

Fox59 reports that last Saturday, November 16, 2019, President Trump made an unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Military Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, unlike his two previous physical exams that were announced ahead of time by the White House and noted on his daily public schedule. Nor did medical staff at Walter Reed get a staff-wide notice about a presidential visit ahead of Trump’s arrival, which indicates the visit was a non-routine visit and scheduled last minute.

The President’s motorcade drove to the medical center unannounced, with reporters under direction not to report his movement until they arrived at Walter Reed. Trump typically takes the Marine One helicopter to Walter Reed, but on Saturday’s clear-skied day, the President opted for the motorcade.

A source familiar with the situation described Trump’s visit as “abnormal,” but added that Trump, 73, appeared to be in good health late Friday.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham said the President is “in good health and it was a routine checkup as part of his annual physical,” and that Trump decided to get parts of his physical done early because he had a “free weekend” in Washington. But Grisham did not responded to questions about why Trump did not get his full physical exam — which typically takes 4 hours — done this weekend.

The next morning, Trump tweeted that he does not plan to finish his physical until next year. He underwent a full physical examination at the Walter Reed military hospital this February, and was deemed to be in “very good health overall.”

Grisham said the President underwent a “quick exam and labs,” but several experts familiar with White House medical procedures said Trump can get routine labwork done at the White House’s on-site clinic, indicating Trump needed tests that can’t be done there. Grisham denied the President had any health issue.

According to InfoWars, an “inside source” said President Trump’s food taster was rushed to Walter Reed after becoming “extremely ill” from “ingesting an unnamed substance,” which is why the president made a surprise hospital visit on Saturday. 

Doctors and staff reportedly found the byproduct of a new type of toxin that’s very hard to detect, has a time-delayed onset of symptoms, and is not typically tested for since it’s not well-known.

According to a 2013 Business Insider article, the President having an anti-poison food taster apparently goes back to the days of Ronald Reagan.

According to the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard, former White House chef Walter Scheib said that during the Clinton administration, the chief chef was designated the “presidential food taster” — the last one “to taste it before it goes out.” Scheib told writer Adrian Miller that the White House has an elaborate system to keep food for the first family and for state dinners safe. Primarily, the kitchen works with companies that have undergone background checks. Scheib also said that sometimes the most secure way to serve food to the president is to “just go to the store and shop at the last moment.” (That might explain Trump’s  penchant for fast food.)

White House sources confided to InfoWars‘ Alex Jones that there’s been other poisoning attempts against the president in the past. Additionally, investigators are also considering whether the secret service agent who died while travelling with President Trump in July 2018 was poisoned, according to a source.

In the early stages of Trump’s presidency, the president might have been drugged which led to a slowdown of his speech.

See “Alex Jones: President Trump is being drugged” and “Pray for President Trump: Will undergo physical exam for slurred speech

Trump was also sabotaged in various other ways, including the removal of documents and news articles from his desk and the outright blocking of his directives from being carried out. Attorney General William Barr has also said the executive branch is being sabotaged from doing its basic functions.

Jones writes:

This bureaucratic resistance against the president is all part of the climate of division and “civil war” occurring in the country – and it’s par for the course historically when someone is trying to be removed from power – and poisoning is the logical next step given historic trends.

Fortunately, President Trump isn’t showing any outward signs of being sick, but he was put though a battery of tests as a precaution.

Please pray for our President!

H/t Vivian Lee

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