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18-Year-Old Republican Defeats Democrat


Saira Blair, 18, has won a seat on the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Yesterday in the general election, the pro-gun, pro-family and pro-business candidate defeated her Democrat opponent in a landslide, 63 percent to 30 percent. She plans to temporarily postpone her freshman year at West Virginia University so she can attend the state legislature’s 60-day session.

On her Facebook page, Blair offered these comments about her win:

“I am honored and humbled to have been elected the youngest member to ever serve in the West Virginia House of Delegates. I am deeply grateful to my supporters, volunteers, friends and family for their hard work during the campaign. I also want to thank my opponents for a running a positive and competitive race. For far too long, West Virginians have been burdened by high unemployment, a sluggish economy, and a government unwilling to listen to the needs of its citizens. When I made the decision to run for public office, I did so because I firmly believe that my generation’s voice, fresh perspective and innovative ideas can help solve some of our state’s most challenging issues. History has been made tonight in West Virginia, and while I am proud of all that we have accomplished together, it is the future of this state that is now my singular focus…”

Saira Blair originally decided to run for office because many of her contemporaries were being forced to leave the state to find employment somewhere else. “I think it’s important for us to bring jobs to the state of West Virginia. I see a lot of people get their high school and their college education in West Virginia and then they leave the state because they can’t find a good paying job,” Blair explained.



Wear A Shirt With A Gun Picture To School and Get Suspended And Go To Jail…Say What?



Apr. 19, 2013 1:38pm Liz Klimas   From the Blaze.com

An eighth grade student from West Virginia has been arrested, suspended and faces charges for wearing an NRA T-shirt with the image of a firearm and the words “Protect Your Right” printed on it to school.


WOWK-TV reported Jared Marcum saying he never thought there would be a problem with his pro-Second Amendment apparel.

I never thought it would go this far because honestly I don’t see a problem with this. There shouldn’t be a problem with this,” Marcum told WOWK-TV.

Police confirmed that Marcum had been arrested and faced charges of obstruction and disturbing the education process after getting into an argument over the shirt with a teacher at Logan Middle School, which is south of Charleston.

Logan Middle School’s policy regarding dress states:

A student will not dress or groom in a manner that disrupts the educational process or is detrimental to the health, safety or welfare of others. A student will not dress in a manner that is distractive or indecent, to the extent that it interferes with the teaching and learning process, including wearing any apparel that displays or promotes any drug-, alcohol- or tobacco-related product that is prohibited in school buildings, on school grounds, in school-leased or owned vehicles, and at all school-affiliated functions.

 (Nope, nothing about guns there)

The student’s father, Allen Lardieri, told WOWK that the shirt didn’t violate this policy, nor did his son become aggressive when confronted about it.


I will go to the ends of the earth, I will call people, I will write letters, I will do everything in the legal realm to make sure this does not happen again,” Lardieri said.


Saturday Silly


A Virginia State trooper pulled a car over on I-64 about 2 miles south of the Virginia/ West Virginia Stateline. When the trooper asked the driver why he was speeding, the driver said he was a Magician and Juggler and was on his way to Beckley WV to do a show at the Shrine Circus. He didn’t want to be late.

The trooper told the driver he was fascinated by juggling and said if the driver would do a little juggling for him then he wouldn’t give him a ticket. He told the trooper he had sent his equipment ahead and didn’t have anything to juggle.
The trooper said he had some flares in the trunk and asked if he could juggle them. The juggler said he could, so the trooper got 5 flares, lit them and handed them to him.
While the man was juggling, a car pulled in behind the patrol car. A drunken good old boy from West Virginia got out, watched the performance, then went over to the patrol car, opened the rear door and got in. The trooper observed him and went over to the patrol car, opened the door asking the drunk what he thought he was doing.
The drunk replied, “You might as well take my ass to jail, cause there ain’t no way I can pass that test.”

~Steve~                            H/T   Miss May

FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year than Rifles

WOW Who Would have Thunk IT?

By Clash Daily / 3 January 2013

According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.

This is an interesting fact, particularly amid the Democrats’ feverish push to ban many different rifles, ostensibly to keep us safe of course.

However, it appears the zeal of Sens. like Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) is misdirected. For in looking at the FBI numbers from 2005 to 2011, the number of murders by hammers and clubs consistently exceeds the number of murders committed with a rifle.

Think about it: In 2005, the number of murders committed with a rifle was 445, while the number of murders committed with hammers and clubs was 605. In 2006, the number of murders committed with a rifle was 438, while the number of murders committed with hammers and clubs was 618.

And so the list goes, with the actual numbers changing somewhat from year to year, yet the fact that more people are killed with blunt objects each year remains constant.

For example, in 2011, there was 323 murders committed with a rifle but 496 murders committed with hammers and clubs.
While the FBI makes is clear that some of the “murder by rifle” numbers could be adjusted up slightly, when you take into account murders with non-categorized types of guns, it does not change the fact that their annual reports consistently show more lives are taken each year with these blunt objects than are taken with Feinstein’s dreaded rifle.

Another interesting fact: According to the FBI, nearly twice as many people are killed by hands and fists each year than are killed by murderers who use rifles.

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Bet You Didn’t Know This.

Let me tell you, Jesse hated his job. And you would too, I imagine,
if you had to do it. Jesse was a chicken plucker. That’s right.
He stood on a line in a chicken factory and spent his days pulling
the feathers off dead chickens so the rest of us wouldn’t have to.
It wasn’t much of a job. But at the time Jesse didn’t think he was
much of a person. His father was a brute of a man. His dad was
actually thought to be mentally ill, and treated Jesse roughly all
of his life.
Jesse’s older brother wasn’t much better. He was always picking on
Jesse and beating him up. Yes, Jesse grew up in a very rough home
in West Virginia. Life was anything but easy. And he thought life
didn’t hold much hope for him. That’s why he was standing in this
chicken line, doing a job that darn few people wanted.
In addition to all the rough treatment at home, it seems that Jesse
was always sick. Sometimes it was real physical illness, but way
too often it was all in his head.

He was a small child, skinny and meek. That sure didn’t help the
situation any. When he started to school, he was the object of
every bully on the playground. He was a hypochondriac of the first
order. For Jesse, tomorrow was not always something to be looked
forward to.

But, he had dreams. He wanted to be a ventriloquist. He found
books on ventriloquism. He practiced with sock puppets and saved
his hard earned dollars until he could get a real ventriloquist dummy.

When he got old enough, he joined the military. And even though
many of his hypochondriac symptoms persisted, the military did
recognise his talents and put him in the entertainment corps. That
was when his world changed.

He gained confidence. He found that he had a talent for making
people laugh, and laugh so hard they often had tears in their eyes.

Yes, little Jesse had found himself.
You know, folks, the history books are full of people who overcame a
handicap to go on and make a success of themselves, but Jesse is one
of the few I know of who didn’t overcome it. Instead he used his
paranoia to make a million dollars, and become one of the best-loved
characters of all time in doing it!

Yes, that little paranoid hypochondriac, who transferred his
nervousness into a successful career, still holds the record for the
most Emmys given in a single category.
The wonderful, gifted, talented, and nervous comedian who brought us

Barney Fife was Jesse Don Knotts.
There is a street named for him and his statue in Morgantown, West
Virginia, his place of birth.
Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and trust
in our GOD who loves us.

~Steve~     H/T to our Northern Brother, Joseph