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Another day, another example of progressives’ double standards…

This past Sunday, President Trump attended a Washington National’s World Series baseball game. He was booed and greeted with the “lock him up” chant. Did it faze him? Not from the videos I’ve seen.

He was in the heart of the swamp so that was to be expected.

But not too long ago the left claimed the “lock her up” chant wasn’t appropriate. Remember? See the following examples:

“Christiane Amanpour: ‘Lock Her Up’ Is ‘Hate Speech’ The FBI Should ‘Shut Down’
“Scarborough: ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants Evidence of an ‘Ethnic Cleansing of People Who Do Not Support Our Sides’
The Disturbing Evolution Of ‘Lock Her Up
“For Trump and his supporters, due process gives way to ‘Lock her up!

How the tide turns and winds of change blow when OrangeManBad.


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