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Black and Young Voters Lose Enthusiasm for Obama

What matters in elections is not just numbers. Enthusiasm counts. The political party with the most energized and determined voters likely will win. That phenomenon is called the enthusiasm index. Each year since 2006, including the mid-term elections last November, the enthusiasm index has pointed to the eventual electoral outcomes.
Why does enthusiasm matter? because enthusiastic people are motivated to actually go to the voting booth on election day.
By that indicator, there’s a ray of hope for our side.
Kevin “Coach” Collins writes for Floyd Reports, Dec. 23, 2011, that a USAToday/Gallup survey of thousands of registered voters in Obama’s 12 must-have states has bad news for The Fraud and the Dems. Two key Democratic groups — younger voters and blacks — who were wild about Obama in 2008 are now decidedly lukewarm and apathetic.
In 2008, 50% of 18-to-34 year-olds voted, with two-thirds of them for Obama. But the survey found that now, just 32% are enthused about voting in 2012.
It’s the same story in the case of “non-whites” (read: blacks) voters. Only 31% of blacks are enthusiastic about the 2012 elections, which is 34 points under its 2008 level and less than half of the 65% enthusiasm level black voters showed in 2008 when 97% voted for Obama.
In contrast, the survey found that Republicans are more engaged in following the issues of next year’s election than Democrats by a stunning 20 points (68% to 48%). Republican seniors, who are the most conservative voting bloc, (and double the size of the liberal voting bloc) are the most enthusiastic voting group.
In addition to the enthusiasm index, there is another reason for hope.
Voter registration in the 12 swing states is favoring the GOP. Since 2008, those identifying as Democrats has shrunk by four points, and those declaring themselves Republicans has risen five points. Even if everything else were equal, this factor alone could spell doom or Obama.
But do we hear or read about this in the MSM? No!
Collins noted that, in reporting the results of the survey, the MSM buried the worst of the news. Initial online versions left out critical portions of the story, and the truth was only available in the newsstand version of the article.
The lack of enthusiasm among the young and black voters presents a difficult obstacle for Obama to overcome. Even if he goes into high gear on the campaign trail, to raise these two groups’ enthusiasm level by 34 points will be difficult in the space of the next 10 months.
All the more reason for our side to keep an eagle eye out for voter fraud in 2012!
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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ACORN Pleads Guilty and Media Slow to Report



ACORN Pleads Guilty to Voter Registration Fraud in Nevada
Via The Daily Caller:  The defunct political advocacy group ACORN has pleaded guilty to one count of an election law violation in Las Vegas, Nevada. ACORN attorney Lisa Rasmussen told Fox News that a plea agreement was worked out with the state attorney general. The violation was for unlawfully providing compensation for registering voters based on the total number of people registered. Sentencing for the organization is set for August 10th, and the potential fine is a maximum of $5,000.
ACORN itself was named as a criminal defendant for allegedly running an illegal voter registration scheme called “21,” or “Blackjack,” which paid ACORN workers bonuses based on the number of voters they registered in Nevada during the 2008 election. This is the only case in the country in which ACORN itself was named as a felony defendant, and it has since filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
I did a search for “ACORN pleads guilty to voter registration fraud in Nevada” on several sites and this was the result:

  • On CNN: No matches.
  • On MSNBC: Did not find any matches for your inquiry. Wait, they just posted it six minutes ago.
  • The Huffington Post: Latest link they provided was from May 2010.
  • On ABC News: Sorted by most recent, the first link that shows up is for “Appeals Court Upholds Ex-Enron CEO’s Convictions”. Updated at 6:28 pm, they too finally add a link.
  • On CBS News: Two links – one from 2008 and one from 2006.
  • On The Seattle Times: Returned zero results. Updated at 6:29 pm, they too finally add a link.
  • Fox News: Found it!

Why did several sites not post this until after 9:30 pm eastern  time? And why have some major outlets still not reported it? The media, working hard to report the news to you, when they deem you need to hear it.

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Proof of Citizenship Not Needed to Vote

You and I must produce our birth certificates in order to get a driver’s license. You and I must produce proof of U.S. citizenship when we apply for a passport. But proof of U.S. citizenship is not required to vote!
That’s right. You read correctly.
A federal appeals court — the infamous Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco — said in a 2-1 ruling that a state can’t require people to submit proof of citizenship when they register to vote.
In so doing, the court overturned a key provision of a 2004 Arizona initiative. Arizona’s Proposition 200, which took effect in 2005, required first-time registrants to provide evidence of U.S. citizenship, such as a birth certificate, passport or driver’s license number that could be checked against a state registry.

Bob Egelko of the San Francisco Chronicle reports on October 27, 2010, on the court’s reasoning for its ruling, which is that:

  • Federal law already requires voters to swear that they are U.S. citizens and meet age and residency criteria.
  • That law is a 1993 national law that was intended “to reduce state-imposed obstacles to federal registration.”
  • Therefore, a state can’t impose additional rules.

At the same time as the 9th Circuit Court ruled that states cannot require proof of citizenship from voters, it also unanimously upheld another section of the Arizona law that requires voters to show poll workers proof of their identity. The judges cited a 2008 U.S. Supreme Court ruling allowing Indiana to require photo identification at the polls.
In other words, non-citizens can vote without fearing they’d be prosecuted, so long as they produce a photo ID proving they are who they say they are!
The Arizona attorney general’s office said it would ask the full appeals court for a rehearing. The Washington Legal Foundation, which submitted arguments on behalf of the sponsors of the Arizona initiative, criticized the ruling. “This decision deprives Arizonans of the ability to ensure that those seeking to vote in federal elections are actually citizens,” said the foundation’s lawyer, Richard Samp.
Another 9th Circuit panel is scheduled to hear arguments Monday in San Francisco on an Arizona law that allows police to demand proof of legal residency from individuals they suspect of being illegal immigrants. A federal judge ruled in July, in a suit by the Obama administration, that the state law would interfere with federal regulation of immigration.
H/t beloved fellows May & Tina.

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Harry Reid Buys Votes With Free Food, Gift Cards

On top of reports of early voting fraud in Nevada, Harry “But-for-me-we’d-be-in-a-worldwide-depression” Reid is said to be buying votes with free food and gift cards. John Ralston of the Las Vegas Sun reports on October 26, 2010, that the campaign attorney of Sharron Angle, Reid’s GOP opponent, is making these charges in a fundraising letter. Here’s the letter from attorney Cleta Mitchell:

As Sharron Angle’s campaign attorney, I am sorry to report that the Democrats and their cronies are up to their same old tricks, of trying to manipulate the election in hopes of skewing the results in their favor.
Two days ago, the Democratic Secretary of State announced that voters can be provided “free food” at “voter turnout events.” Harry Reid has been offering free food and, according to other reports, some Democratic allies such as teachers’ unions are offering gift cards in return for a vote for Reid.
Before we were even able to document the reported infractions to report to the authorities, the Democrat Secretary of State slammed the door shut on preventing this behavior and issued a public statement permitting these ACORN-style tactics. THESE are the kinds of shenanigans that can turn this race.
Harry Reid intends to steal this election if he can’t win it outright. As a result, we need to deploy literally dozens of election law attorneys and poll watchers to combat these tactics at a cost of nearly $80,000. That’s over and above our current budget. We need to raise $80,000 and we need to do it RIGHT NOW, because even as I am writing this, Harry Reid and his Machine are trying to steal this election. I’m sorry that we have to come to you yet again and ask for you to reach deep and contribute, but we must.
Understand, EVERYTHING we have worked for in the last year could be destroyed by dirty tricks and criminal acts in the next 8 days. As Sharron’s first line of defense on these matters I am absolutely committed to making sure this won’t happen.
What Harry Reid is doing is clearly illegal. Nevada law (NRS 293.700) provides that, “A person who bribes, offers to bribe, or use and other corrupt means, directly or indirectly, to influence any elector in giving his or her vote or to deter the elector from giving it is guilty of a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.”
We’ve seen evidence of this sort of voter ‘enticement’ by groups such as ACORN – where, in 2008, two ACORN workers in Milwaukee were accused of offering pre-paid gasoline cards or restaurant gift cards to people in exchange for registration.
John Fund wrote in his book Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, cited reports from the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader (South Dakota) and the election in 2004, where certain residents were quoted saying that “people on the streets were saying you go vote, they would give you gas money, $10, maybe a pack of cigarettes…”
Now, this week in Las Vegas, at our election hotline, we received reports that some teachers’ union representatives were offering Starbucks cards to people to get them to vote for Harry Reid. It is even more disturbing and may be possible that they are using their influence and authority as educators to entice students on behalf of Reid.
Here’s the bottom line: when the powerful are threatened, they will do anything to retain their position. It’s clear now that Harry Reid’s campaign is even willing to skirt the laws of Nevada to do it.
Is there any question that they will do the same on Election Day?
…Please send an urgent contribution so our work will not be in vain. We’re going to win this race as long as we don’t let Harry Reid steal it. Can you help us today?
Cleta Mitchell
Counsel to Friends of Sharron Angle
Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Nevada

According to OpenSecrets.org, Reid’s reëlection campaign has raised

Help elect Sharron Angle to the Senate!

$22,635,642 (vs. Angle’s $21,470,516). Shame on all who donated money to Reid. You and your candidate are utterly unscrupulous, determined to steal the election by fraud and chicanery. Shame on you! 

Help Angle to defeat this scumbag. Go HERE to donate to Sharron Angle!

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Democrat Voter Fraud Begins!

Don't ever forget that Obama's political mentor, Saul Alinsky, dedicated his book, "Rules for Radicals," to Satan.

The election is a week away, but Demonrat voter fraud has already begun.
Fox 5 in Las Vegas is reporting that voters are coming to their electronic machines and finding Harry Reid’s name already checked. From Fox 5:

Voter Joyce Ferrara said when they went to vote for Republican Sharron Angle, her Democratic opponent, Sen. Harry Reid’s name was already checked. Ferrara said she wasn’t alone in her voting experience. She said her husband and several others voting at the same time all had the same thing happen. “Something’s not right,” Ferrara said. “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five minute period of time — that’s wrong.”

Vote fraud is also reported in other states: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Texas, Washington. Together with Nevada, we now have reports of voter fraud in TEN states.
Here’s an account, “Beware: Voter Fraud Alert!,” posted by Asst Natl Dir Mellie on ResistNet, October 26, 2010:
Here we go again. Desperation plus the by-any-means-necessary credo plus a nationwide force of Alinsky avengers equals another recipe for voter fraud.
In Colorado, it’s Common Cause of Colorado, Mi Familia Vota Education Fund and the Se… caught in an apparent scheme to foist some 6,000 shady voter registrations on the state:

A federal judge declined to force the secretary of state to reactivate approximately 6,000 new voters whose registrations were canceled under Colorado’s 20-day rule.
In a decision issued Monday, Senior U.S. District Judge John L. Kane denied a motion for a preliminary injunction that was requested by
several labor and voting-rights groups.
When a new voter registers in Colorado, the secretary of state mails a nonforwardable notice of disposition that the voter’s registration has
been received. If the notice comes back undeliverable in the mail, then clerks deem the voter’s registration inactive within 20 days.
Melody Mirbaba, an assistant attorney general, argued that the 20-day rule is designed to stop voter fraud and duplicate registrations.

In Arizona, it’s illegal alien amnesty-supporting, SEIU-tied Mi Familia Vota again a… submitting massive, last-minute voter registrations. The race between rocket scientist Ruth McClung and open-borders radical Raul Grijalva is down to the wire. Maria Carvajal at Publius Pundit reports:

The Yuma Sun is reporting that two organizations — Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona — submitted more than 3000 voter registrations in Yuma County, and more than 20,000 voters statewide. Even more, they have signed up 43,000 people statewide for the permanent early voter list.
What they didn’t tell you is that voter fraud on a massive scale could be taking place, ostensibly to help Raul Grijalva keep the congressional seat he holds by stealing the election.
Here’s what the article doesn’t tell you, by a source in the Yuma County Recorder’s Office:
* These 3000 voter registration forms were all dropped off at once by the one group on the deadline to turn in voter registration forms.
* Almost all of the registrations were for the Democratic Party, a statistical improbability at best.
* Today, these same 3000 newly registered voters — as a group — had papers dropped off at the Yuma Recorder’s office requesting to be signed
up for the permanent early voters list… which means the ballots will be mailed early, with no accountability.
* The Yuma Recorder’s office is checking the voter registration forms and have found that already more than 65% of them are invalid due to the registrant not being a citizen, wrong/invalid address, false signature, etc.
Now, the question is: is voter fraud taking place in Yuma County… and is it taking place on an even bigger scale in Pima County?
So far, the partisan Democrat in charge of the Pima County Recorder’s Office, F. Ann Rodriguez, has been completely silent about any such activity, though certainly even just a few thousand votes could change the outcome of the race between rocket scientist Ruth McClung and boycotter Raul Grijalva.

In Washington state, it’s illegal alien amnesty-supporting OneAmerica Votes sending illegal alien canvassers out to drum up votes:

When Maria Gianni is knocking on voters’ doors, she’s not bashful about telling people she is in the country illegally.
She knows it’s a risk to advertise this fact to strangers — but it’s one worth taking in what she sees as a crucial election.
The 42-year-old is one of dozens of volunteers — many of them illegal immigrants — canvassing neighborhoods in the Seattle area trying to get
naturalized citizens to cast a ballot for candidates like Democratic Sen. Patty Murray, who is in a neck-and-neck race with Republican Dino
Pramila Jayapal, head of OneAmerica Votes, says the campaign is about empowering immigrants who may not feel like they can contribute to a
campaign because they can’t vote.
“Immigrants really do matter,” Jayapal said. “If we can’t vote ourselves, we’re gonna knock on doors or get family members to vote.”

In Florida, it’s suspected absentee ballot fraud — from within a city commissioner’s office:

When police raided Daytona Beach City Commissioner Derrick Henry’s office this week and seized his computer, they say they discovered evidence of what election experts say has become a rampant, largely ignored and troubling issue in Florida — the widespread abuse of absentee ballots.
Police say Henry’s computer was used to obtain dozens of absentee ballots prior to the city’s Aug. 24 elections, in which he was re-elected.
The Daytona Beach probe started when an elections supervisor noticed that as many as 90 absentee ballots had been requested from two e-mail addresses, and that they came from a single computer. (It is illegal in Florida for anyone other than a family member to help in requesting an absentee ballot.)
Volusia County Election Supervisor Ann McFall said she grew suspicious “because 40 requests arrived in one batch on the night of Aug. 6, and another 15 the next day. “The absentee ballots had no phone numbers on them, and my first concern was to get them in compliance. I emailed the sender and when I got no response checked with the Daytona Beach clerk, because all the requests were from Zone 5 and he didn’t recognize the address. Then I handed it over to the sheriff’s office,” she said.
Police tracked the computer to the office of Henry, the city commissioner from Zone 5, who was running for re-election — and who easily defeated his two opponents with 65 per cent of the vote.

In New York, FNC’s Eric Shawn reports on another absentee ballot scheme implicating the ACORN-tied Working Family Pa…:

There are various allegations of possible voter fraud across the country, against both parties, but nowhere does there seem to be a more unusual case than in Troy, New York.
A special prosecutor investigating allegations of voter fraud, Trey Smith, is collecting DNA from the majority of the city council…all Democrats. Five city councilmen, including the council president, as
well as four other city and county public officials and political operatives, have been ordered to or have had their saliva swabbed for DNA samples to compare to absentee ballots and absentee ballot applications that were allegedly forged.
The investigation centers on what has been called “a massive voter fraud scheme,” that involved absentee ballots for the Working Families Party, in September 2009. It has been alleged that Democrats tried to steal the primary election for city council and county legislature, by forging absentee ballots and ballot applications to ensure that their candidates also won the Working Families Party primary line.
“No comment,” is what Democratic Council member Gary Galuski told us, as well as several other public officials who are under investigation.

In Texas, citizen watchdogs have joined True the Vote to monitor and strike back against election fraud in Harris County:

Talk about denial! A group of liberal activists is making the media rounds, assuring reporters and editors that election fraud is a fairy tale. Nothing serious, they assert, nothing to see here. Too bad for them that citizens in Houston, energized by the Tea Party movement, have formed a group called True the Vote. Their hard work has demonstrated that, in some parts of the country at least, our election system is still infested with problems.
True the Vote is composed entirely of volunteers — hundreds of them. They have pored over election records in Harris County, Texas, looking for signs of fraud. And they have found plenty. Indeed, their initial research into only a very small portion of the voter registration records has led them to ask the U.S. Justice Department’s Voting Section to conduct a federal investigation.
In a letter asking for an official inquiry, True the Vote discusses potential widespread forgery in voter application forms. For instance, it seems from the applications that someone suspiciously signs the letter “J” with a quirky “3” inside the loop. The “3” shows up in multiple signatures for different voters with the names Jenard, Jamark, Jamarcus, and Jones.
True the Vote reports that at least four noncitizens have been registered to vote in Harris County. The group provided Justice with the actual voter registration forms where applicants marked “NO” to the question: “Are you a U.S. Citizen?” The group also provided the voter registration numbers of these confessed noncitizens. Yes, astonishingly, Harris County registered them to vote anyway. They are now on the rolls and able to participate in the upcoming midterm elections.
The Help America Vote Act of 2002 was supposed to stop this from happening. But this federal legislation is only as good as the Justice Department’s willingness to enforce it. If Harris County is registering noncitizens, then it is violating numerous provisions of federal law, including those that prohibit the registration of foreigners to vote in federal elections.
True the Vote uncovered other types of fraud as well. The group forwarded to DOJ seven voter registration forms with applicant names different from the signature name. For example: Ta’mackayn Harrison’s application was signed by “Bra Kelly.” Jason King’s was signed by “Jemma Noel.” Yet Harris County inexplicably approved all of these applications. Jason King, aka Jemma Noel, is now on the voter rolls in Houston.
The citizens group also found multiple registrations for individual voters. For example, True the Vote provided the Justice Department government documents showing that at least four persons, including Jose Gomez and Victor Nickerson, had registered to vote multiple times successfully.
These problems were found by True the Vote in just a small sampling of the county’s voter registration list.

In Kentucky, there’s not much detail, but state and FBI officials are investigating voter fraud in Breathhitt County.
In Illinois, disgraceful officials have reportedly been caught lying about the status of military ballots while DOJ twiddles its thumbs.
In Ohio, it’s Cincinnati schools under fire for busing students to vote and handing them Democrat-only sample ballots:

Three van loads of Hughes High students were taken last week – during school hours – to vote and given sample ballots only for Democratic candidates and then taken for ice cream, a Monday lawsuit alleges.
The complaint was made by Thomas Brinkman Jr., a Republican candidate for Hamilton County auditor, and the Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending & Taxes against Cincinnati Public Schools.
“They plan to bring four more high schools (to vote) this week,” Christopher Finney, COAST attorney, said Monday after filing the suit. It seeks a temporary restraining order to prevent school officials from participating or helping students participate in partisan politics during school hours or with school property or employees involved.

These cases underscore the need for voters to put secretaries of state into office who will protect election integrity from radical left-wing groups. I’ve said before we need candidates like Kris Kobach, running for secretary of state in Kansas on an anti-fraud, anti-corruption, anti-ACORN platform, in every state in the nation.
In the meantime: Vigilance plus citizen media plus the willingness to be sued for blowing the whistle equals the best defense for voter fraud. We must all be voter fraud watchers now.
H/t beloved fellows Tina, May, and Steve!

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