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DC councilmember pushing for legislation for early release of hundreds of violent gun offenders

Councilmember Charles Allen/WUSA9 photo

DC Councilmember Charles Allen (Ward 6, demorat) was elected to council in 2015 and has been in politics since 2003.

He is Chair of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety and back in July 2019 was very concerned about gun deaths in the district. From a statement he issued:

“My heart goes out to the seven families who are grieving the sudden and tragic murder of a loved one. There are thousands of families living in neighborhoods where shootings are all too common. We can’t even quantify the damage that trauma is doing to each resident, even those who simply hear the gunshots from inside their home or on their way to school or work.

As Chair of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, I will continue to work collaboratively with Mayor Bowser, our Metropolitan Police Department, my Council colleagues, and our criminal justice partners to make progress toward no more gun deaths.

This is meant to be just one more tool to reduce and end gun violence – something all of us in government and in the community are working together to achieve.

Fast forward to November 2020 and apparently one of the “tools” to reduce and end gun violence is to….wait for it…provide for the early release of hundreds of violent gun offenders!

From the DC Police Department:

Last year Allen co-sponsored the Second Look Amendment Act of 2019 which is still stuck in Committee (most likely was on hold for some time due to Wuhan virus lockdowns/shutdowns).

According to The Daily Signal, this legislation would allow violent felons to get out of prison early—even if they haven’t had a parole hearing—and would prevent the judge from considering the nature of the crime(s) they committed. They also note that, “This isn’t Allen’s first time doing this. In fact, this would be the third time he’s urged the D.C. Council to pass similar laws.”

Read their whole story here.

I’m sure this piece of legislation will do wonders for making progress toward no more gun deaths.

Remember, when demorats talk about “gun control” it’s not about preventing gun deaths. It’s all about control.


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