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The Senate has Lost its Mind



Okay, not the full Senate – yet, but can there be any doubt this lunacy will fly right through that democrat-controlled body?

Via washingtontimes.com:

Senate panel OKs tax-welfare benefits for newly legal immigrants

By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times
Monday, May 20, 2013
The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Monday to allow illegal immigrants who get legal status to begin collecting tax-welfare payments, as the panel spent a fourth day working through amendments to the massive immigration bill and party-line splits began to emerge.
In one major change, the committee voted 17-1 to make a third drunken-driving conviction a deportable offense for the newly legalized immigrants if at least one of those offenses occurs after they are approved for legal status.
But immigrant-rights groups called that a rollback of due-process rights for the immigrants and said a drunken-driving incident shouldn’t cost someone a chance at citizenship.
“We cannot and will not support hard-line proposals that take away discretion and limit an individual’s ability to pursue the pathway to citizenship,” said Paromita Shah, associate director of the National Lawyers Guild’s National Immigration Project.
Overall, the committee continued to maintain the delicate balance struck by the “Gang of Eight” senators who negotiated the 867-page bill: Quick legal status for illegal immigrants, but delaying citizenship rights until after the administration spends more money on border security, puts in place a new electronic verification system to check workers’ status, and enacts an entry-exit system to check visas at airports and seaports.
In previous days’ action, two Republican members of the Gang of Eight — Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona — joined with Democrats to block a series of GOP amendments to stiffen the bill’s security.
But on Monday, the two Republicans sided with their party colleagues on key questions on giving illegal immigrants public benefits.
The 10 Democrats on the committee still outnumber the newly unified Republicans, but the votes signaled tough fights ahead on the Senate floor.
You will find the rest of the story at this link.



Hopefully the republican-controlled House of Representatives will put a swift end to this insanity, as unlike the idiots currently populating the Senate, all of them will be up for reelection next year.

-But you will pardon me if I refrain from holding my breath.

As for myself, I am getting beyond tired of seeing Americans being treated like second-class citizens in favor of illegal invaders by our own government.

Those on that Senate committee that voted for this idiocy should be ashamed of themselves.

Of course, when you have no shame…


(h/t: Drudge)

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"Merry Christmas" PC Apartheid in Congress

There’s a PC apartheid in Congress.
“Merry Christmas” is banned in the U.S. House of Representatives but not in the Senate.
Mark Tapscott reports for The Examiner, Dec. 16, 2011, members of the House are told they can’t wish constituents a “Merry Christmas” in any mailing paid for with tax dollars.

The congressional franking commission that reviews all congressional mail to determine if it can be “franked,” or paid for with tax dollars, has issued an edict that no holiday greetings, including “Merry Christmas,” can be sent in official mail.
Members of Congress send millions of dollars worth of mail to constituents every year but there are official rules that govern what can and cannot be said in those mailings. Members are barred, for example, from saying anything that might be construed as advocating their re-election.
But saying “Merry Christmas” is also not permitted, according to a Dec. 12 memo from the “Franking Commission Staff” concerning “Holiday Messaging.” The memo explains:

“Members are unable at the current time to use official resources to record holiday greetings, post on social media/website, or send to constituents in franked mail or e-communications.

Member’s Congressional Handbook: GREETINGS-

Expenses related to the purchase or distribution of greetings, including holiday celebrations, condolences, and congratulations for personal distinctions (wedding anniversaries, birthdays, etc.), are not reimbursable.

Franking Manual:

4(a). Example of Nonfrankable Items
-Birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, retirement or condolence messages and holiday greetings are prohibited.

You may make reference to the season as a whole using language along the lines of ‘Have a safe and happy holiday season.’ It may only be incidental to the piece rather than the primary purpose of the communication.”

Franking commission spokesman Salley Wood confirmed to The Washington Examiner that members of Congress indeed cannot wish constituents “Merry Christmas” in any official mailing: “Currently, incidental use of the phrase Happy Holidays is permissible but Merry Christmas is not.”
In other words, the very elected representatives who put “In God We Trust” on America’s currency are prohibited from using the greeting “Merry Christmas” in official communications to their constituents!
But that’s not the case with the Senate.
According to the regulation of the Senate Ethics Committee that handles franking issues for members of the Senate the upper chamber:

“Senators may not use the frank to mail holiday cards. However, Senators may use officially related funds to mail holiday cards to constituents. Holiday cards to friends should be sent with personal funds, not using Senate facilities. Senators also may NOT use the frank to acknowledge holiday greetings that were sent to them. Senators may express holiday greetings at the commencement or conclusion of otherwise frankable mail.

And yet, it is the Senate that has a liberal Democrat majority whereas the House has a Republican majority. Go figure.

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US Debt Ceiling Raised to 101% of GDP

Congratulations, America!
Like a cancer that’s metastasized, the U.S. debt ceiling has just been raised to 101% of our GDP (gross domestic product).
A Senate resolution by Republican Mitch McConnell to disapprove increasing the U.S. Treasury’s debt ceiling was voted down 45 to 52.
Under the debt-ceiling agreement reached between Obama and Congressional Republicans early last month, the Obama administration was authorized to immediately raise the debt ceiling by $400 billion.
Now, because of the failure of McConnell’s resolution, another $500 billion increase was authorized.
This effectively greenlights the increase of the US debt ceiling from the current $14.694 trillion to $15.194 trillion, or roughly 101% of America’s GDP.
Source: ZeroHedge, 9/8/11
According to a recent study by the Bank for International Settlements, national debt becomes a metastasized cancer, choking off economic growth, when it reaches 80% to 100% of GDP.
The United States of America is now officially a debt-ridden third world country.

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