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Oregon grandmother faces eviction over U.S. flag


KGW.com: Elodia Royce has always displayed our nation’s flag in support of her family members and friends serving in the military. “They fought for our freedoms and this is a freedom I should have,” said Royce.

Last week she got a notice from her landlord that the flag in her window must come down or she could be evicted. “It says all colored drapes need to be removed from the windows, but our flag is not a drape,” said Royce.

Royce said her apartment manager actually approved the flag the day she moved in the the Happy Valley complex nearly six years ago. “I asked if I could put it out on a pole and she said no, but when I asked if I could hang it in my window she told me OK,” said Royce.

Flags are not mentioned in the lease agreement Elodia showed KGW.

Troy Pickard is an attorney specializing in landlord-tenant law.  He pointed to an Oregon statute that appears to point in Elodia’s favor.

“It says when a tenant is breaking some kind of rule and the landlord knows about it, but keeps accepting rent for three rental periods, then the landlord gives up the right to terminate that tenancy because of that rule violation,” said Pickard.

Elodia has been displaying the flag for nearly 6 years.

The grandmother of nine said she’s a quiet person who hates conflict, but she’s not backing down.  Her daughter and grandson also live in the same apartment complex.

“I did tell my daughter I may have to move and my grandson started crying, then my daughter said if you have to move, we will move too,” said Royce.

The notice says her flag must come down by Monday or she may face possible eviction.

Newschannel 8 left messages with Royce’s landlord, Cascade Rental Management, but have not heard back from them.



For tenants like Royce facing possible legal issues, Oregon does have a statewide tenant’s rights organization.

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US Flag is an "unapproved visual" at Clackamas Town Center (Update)

Update: We won this one!

I just received this email from the General Manager of Clackamas Town Center mall:


Thank you for contacting me with your feedback.

We honor, support and respect what the United States flag represents. The actions and letter that were communicated certainly did not convey that. And for this, we apologize. We can see how many were offended. It was never the intent to offend or show any disrespect. The U.S. flag will remain displayed at the kiddie train and in other locations within the mall. We wholeheartedly support those who fight to allow us and everyone else to display the flag. Clackamas Town Center hosts and sponsors events every year that recognize and honor these and other heroes and will continue to do so.

Thank you,

Dennis A. Curtis, CSM
Senior General Manager
Clackamas Town Center | General Growth Properties, Inc.
12000 SE 82nd Avenue | Suite 1093 | Happy Valley, OR 97086
Office 503.653.6613 | Fax 503.653.7251 | Email dennis.curtis@ggp.com

Mall says U.S. flags on kiddie train must go

KATU: A fight over the American flag is brewing at the Clackamas Town Center in Portland, Oregon. The manager of the children’s train at the mall says he’s being forced to remove flags that he uses to decorate the train ride. Why? The mall told him the flags are against policy.
Thomas Phelps said he was floored when he got a letter from mall management telling him that the flags were “unapproved visuals.”
That reference didn’t sit too well with Phelps, who also happens to be a military veteran. “That is dedicated to veterans and military, police, firefighters, EMTs – all those people who daily put their lives on the line for us,” Phelps said. “That’s what it’s dedicated to. And if you’re going to call that a Christmas decoration or something, then I’m sorry, I don’t want to be around you. You’re not in my country.”

What’s missing from this picture?

Phelps said he would understand if it was causing a problem but he said nobody has complained – not once.
And he isn’t alone in his feelings. Connie Marsden, a local grandmother, told us “It’s the United States. That’s our flag. We should be proud of it. Not be forced to take it off a little ride for the kids.”The mall did not allow our news camera on its property but a family who took a train ride on Sunday told us they enjoyed the ride and didn’t understand why the flags were a problem.
The Clackamas Town Center sent us a written response when we asked for comment. General Manager Dennis Curtis wrote in an e-mail “we honor, appreciate and respect everything the U.S. flag represents.”
Still, Phelps said mall management isn’t budging and he’s prepared to lose his job before he takes down the flags. “I may be fired, I may be thrown out of the mall, but I am not taking it down,” he said.
Clackamas Town Center is a private business.  Guess they are entitled to their set their own rules.  Such a shame that in America, the US flag is deemed an “unapproved visual.”
Click here to send a message to Clackamas Town Center. This is what I wrote (feel free to copy and paste to send as your message):
“Attn: General Manager Dennis Curtis
This is to inform you that I will not be shopping at Clackamas Town Center because of your policy of forcing Thomas Phelps to remove the American flag from the children’s train. Since the American flag, the symbol of our country, is unwelcome at Clackamas Town Center, I see no reason why I should spend even a dollar of my hard-earned money at your mall. There are plenty of other places to shop where patriotism and the American flag are still honored.”

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OWS hippies make me sick…

From OWS San Diego on October 24th.  The title of this video? “USA Flag Dog Chew Toy: Best Use of Old Glory to date!”
The OWS hippies claim to represent the 99% – they represent you, me and your neighbor.  Skippy supports their “movement”.  Pelosi has even said, “God bless them for their spontaneity”.
If these people hate the American flag so much and what it stands for, why are they still in this country? 
Don’t let the state run media fool anyone: these anti-American hippies come no where close to representing us freedom-loving Americans.

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Company policies…

Against company policy...

Florida Hotel Fires Employee for Refusing to Remove American Flag Pin

Via Fox News:  A front desk supervisor at a Florida hotel was fired recently when he refused management’s request to remove the American flag pin he was wearing, news4jax.com reports.

Sean May, 26, an employee at Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine, Fla., has been wearing an American flag pin to work every day for the last two years. Last week, he was told to remove the pin because it violates company policy.  “I’ve actually gotten probably more compliments about it than any of the service I’ve actually done at the hotel, which is an interesting concept,” May told the station.

May said Casa Monica recently had a change in command at the corporate level and is trying to revamp its image.  A spokesperson for the hotel released this statement: “Casa Monica has always had the personal appearance guidelines, and they are currently being enforced.”

“It seems silly. It seems so, so silly in the long run,” May said. “They’re so upset about a little pin, and yet I come to work every day and flying over the hotel there’s a gigantic American flag.”
May said he loves his job, but he’s willing to risk it to stand up for what he feels is right.  Just before firing May the day after he was sent home for wearing an American flag pin, the Casa Monica Hotel answered some questions from news4jax.com in an email Friday.
“The Casa Monica Hotel located in St. Augustine, Florida, is an American-based, homegrown historic hotel,” the email reads. “The property reflects its pride in America and great patriotism by flying the Stars and Stripes high over the hotel. The American flag greets every guest and employee with its symbolism of our belief in this great country.”
“However, our employee handbook clearly states, ‘No other buttons, badges, pins or insignias of any kind are permitted to be worn.‘ No matter an individual’s national preference, political views or religious affiliation, it is a standard regulation which ensures equality for all Grand Performers (employees).”
I’m all for abiding by company policies for any firm you work for.  However, why was May allowed to wear this pin for two years and now, all of a sudden, the company chooses to enforce its policies?
I swear, with all the PC madness surrounding our US flag (Olive Garden bans flag, neighborhood association flag rules, kids being told to not have an American flag on their bikes, etc.) it’s going to come to me getting a flag tattooed on my forehead! (Well, I wouldn’t but feel like it might be the only way I can display it.)

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What Did Michelle Say to Skippy?

Last Sunday, at the ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11, something that Michelle Obama said to Skippy is generating a lot of Internet buzz.
After the NYPD bagpipers bring out and unfurl what looks like a tattered US Flag, a choir sings the Star Spangled Banner, the camera pans over to the First Couple.
There are those who say Michelle said this to Skippy:

“All that for a flag”

I want to be fair. We need an experienced lip-reader!
Here are two videos. The first is quite long; I recommend you speeding to the 5:30 mark:
Here’s the looped video:
H/t Patriot Action Network.

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