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Not sure I like this idea: University of Arizona screening for Wuhan virus via dorms’ raw sewage

I find this a little problematic as it relates to personal privacy and your health information. Seems rather intrusive to make someone take a Wuhan virus test especially when it’s not that deadly for the majority of college-age kids and especially given this:

But what do I know? I’m not a “medical expert” nor am I a bureaucrat.

From NY Post: The University of Arizona is studying the feces in its sewer system to test for COVID-19, and it might have already stopped a possible outbreak.

Researchers found in May that studying human feces in sewer systems worldwide could be the secret to curbing a second wave of COVID-19 until widespread testing is available. (I don’t know what they’re implying here…even in my small town in Oklahoma we’ve been able to get free testing done for months.)

The university is preparing for a variety of periodic tests to help curb the coronavirus — including one that involves screening raw sewage from the dorms to see if it is found in students’ poop.

School officials told The Washington Post that the technique has already been in use during move-in week for its 5,000 students and it might have already stopped a big outbreak on the campus after a sewage sample came back positive from one dorm. All students were quickly tested individually and two asymptomatic students tested positive and were quickly quarantined.

“With this early detection, we jumped on it right away, tested those youngsters, and got them the appropriate isolation where they needed to be,” said Richard Carmona, a former US surgeon general who is directing the school’s reentry task force, according to the paper.

Carmona lauded the university’s system. “You think about if we had missed it, if we had waited until they became symptomatic and they stayed in that dorm for days or a week, or the whole incubation period, how many other people would have been infected?” he said.

“I really do think [the University of Arizona is] a good demonstration of the technique and technology because all the researchers working in this space internationally have come to the conclusion that is a very good early warning system,” Kevin Thomas, director of the University of Queensland’s Alliance for Environmental Health Sciences told The Washington Post.

Since the outbreak, it has been found that COVID-19 can be spread through “aerosolized feces,” and farts, and has the ability to waft through toilets into other apartments.


Great, now the next thing that “Karen” will be harassing you for is farting!


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U. of Arizona protected students who harassed Border Patrol agents until Judicial Watch complained

The Left corrupt everything they touch.

America’s colleges and universities are awash with Leftism. In the case of the University of Arizona (UA) in Tucson, a public, i.e., taxpayer-funded university, its president defended and protected students who harassed, stalked and publicly berated invited U.S. Border Patrol agents, calling them the KKK and “Murder Patrol”.

It was only when Judicial Watch, the Washington, DC-based citizen watchdog group, made a formal complaint that UA President Robert C. Robbins finally relented and acceded to having the students be “formally investigated” for potential violations of the UA Student Code of Conduct.

On March 19, 2019, as part of University of Arizona’s Career Day, two U.S. Border Patrol agents were invited by the university’s Criminal Justice Association to give a class presentation.

Student William Hertel took the brief video below of a group of students chanting “Murder Patrol! Murder Patrol!” outside the open door of the classroom in which the agents were giving their presentation. Incredibly, Hertel, a delicate snowflake, blames the agents. He uploaded the video to YouTube on March 19, with this comment: “My class had to evacuate our class because of these two [Border Patrol agents]. We legit felt uncomfortable having class as this happened.”

As recounted by Judicial Watch, during the Border Patrol agents’ presentation, a student named Denise Mureno-Melchor, a Mexican-American studies major, disrupted class and yelled “Murder Patrol” and profanities in Spanish at the agents, likening the agents to the notorious hate group Ku Klux Klan. Shouting “Murder Patrol!,” she followed the agents for nearly a minute as they walked down a hallway and outside the building to the parking garage. In a video, recorded on her cell phone, Mureno-Melchor proclaims that there are “murderers on campus” as the camera pans on the two Border Patrol agents. “We have the KKK and their supporters here at the U of A,” she says, referring to fellow students in the classroom.

As Judicial Watch puts it:

[U.A. President] Robbins, who earns more than any other university president in Arizona history ($988,000 a year), initially protected the student who harassed and stalked the federal agents. He also seemed more concerned with comforting illegal immigrants on campus than confronting the wrongdoing. In the first statement addressing the ruckus, UA’s president assured that “the university will always protect students’ confidential information, including their immigration status.” Robbins goes on to write that “all members of our campus community should be able to engage with a variety of viewpoints and positions and express themselves as well. That requires we respect others’ right to speech and that they respect ours.”

Judicial Watch held Robbins’ feet to the fire, calling on him to do his job as president by enforcing the Student Code of Conduct. The complaint listed the specific policy that Mureno-Melchor’s behavior appeared to violate, Policy 5-308 of UA’s code of conduct, which clearly states the following: “The educational process is ideally conducted in an environment that encourages reasoned discourse, intellectual honesty, openness to constructive change, and respect for the rights of all individuals.” Judicial Watch’s complaint further points out that the same policy also defines code of conduct acts demonstrated by Mureno-Melchor. The acts include but are not limited to: endangering, fabrication, stalking, causing reasonable apprehension of harm or engaging in conduct or communications that a reasonable person would interpret as a serious expression of intent to harm, unauthorized presences, engaging in discriminatory activities, including harassment and the commission of any offense prohibited by state or federal law or local ordinance.

Under pressure, Robbins changed course days later. He apologized to the U.S. Border Patrol for the student’s atrocious behavior, sources inside the agency told Judicial Watch. Then he got the campus police to do its job. “The incident between the protesting students and the Criminal Justice club members was a dramatic departure from our expectations of respectful behavior and support for free speech on this campus,” Robbins writes in an a follow-up announcement posted on UA’s website. “University police determined today they will be charging two of the students with interference with the peaceful conduct of an educational institution, a misdemeanor.” The student club and the federal agents invited by the students should have been able to hold their meeting without disruption, Robbins writes. “Student protest is protected by our support for free speech, but disruption is not.”

Shuvvu Batta of World Socialist Web Site has a follow-up report, April 8, 2019:

In a vicious attack on free speech last week, three University of Arizona (UA) students were arrested and charged with criminal offenses for verbally “disrupting” a career fair featuring US Border Patrol agents.

Denise Moreno Melchor, a 20-year-old University of Arizona student, alongside fellow students Mariel Alexandra Bustamante, 22, and Marianna Ariel Coles-Curtis, 27, have all been charged by the UA Police with a Class 1 misdemeanor for “interference with the peaceful conduct of an educational institution.” In Arizona, a Class 1 misdemeanor is the most serious misdemeanor offense. It is punishable by up to six months in jail and three years’ probation, along with a $2,500 fine plus surcharges.

UA’s police will also conduct an investigation to uncover more potential criminal violations. Additionally, UA’s Office of the Dean of Students will finally review the students’ potential violations of the Student Code of Conduct, which could result in academic sanctions.

H/t Big Lug


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Ariz. prof. says U.S. soldiers are anti-Muslim rapists, greater threat to world peace than ISIS

The whacky professor...

The whacky professor…

Campus Reform: University of Arizona (UA) professor claims that American soldiers are anti-Muslim rapists who pose a greater threat to world peace than ISIS.
Musa al-Gharbi, a UA instructor and affiliate to the Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts (SISMEC), asserts that the U.S. military is “heavily infiltrated by white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other hate groups,” in an article titled “ How Much Moral High Ground Does the U.S. Have Over ISIS.” Al-Gharbi also affirms that Americans are “hypocritical” for their detestation of Islamic State, according to The Washington Free Beacon.
Look what those whacky US soldiers did...

Look what those whacky US soldiers did…

It would not be a stretch to say that the United States is actually a greater threat to peace and stability in the region than ISIS – not least because US policies in Iraq, Libya and Syria have largely paved the way for ISIS’s emergence as a major regional actor,” he wrote.
More whacky US soldiers?

More whacky US soldiers?

“But perhaps more disturbingly, many of the same behaviors condemned by the Obama administration and used to justify its most recent campaign into Iraq and Syria are commonly perpetrated by US troops and are ubiquitous in the broader American society. Until these problems are better addressed, United States’ efforts to undermine ISIS will be akin to using a dirty rag to clean an infected wound.”
Al-Gharbi insists that isolated instances of American soldiers committing rape, for which they are harshly reprimanded, are equal to systematic killings committed by ISIS.
behead infidels“Iraq’s refusal to grant US soldiers immunity was the reason the US ultimately abandoned the pursuit of a status of forces agreement there, contributing significantly to the security vacuum that allowed ISIS to rebuild in Iraq and expand into Syria,” writes al-Gharbi. “That is, ISIS’s crimes were largely enabled by America’s refusal to face up to its own.”
UA’s Southwest Initiative for the Study of Middle East Conflicts says al-Gharbi’s words are not representative of its views.
“SISMEC is a consortium of researchers, instructors and intellectuals who work both collaboratively and independently on critical issues related to the MENA region,” a spokesman for the organization wrote to The Beacon. “We stand behind all work published on the SISMEC website, to include the research of al-Gharbi. However, those works published externally represent the views of the author and do not represent the initiative.”
Al-Gharbi told The Beacon his efforts are focused on challenging America grow better and stronger. “The goal of all of my work is to render U.S. policy more effective, efficient, and beneficent. I do this work out of my commitment to challenge America to grow better and stronger,” said al-Gharbi.
According to Fox News, al-Gharbi formerly wrote for Al Jazeera, where he contended in an article published last July, that Israel provoked Hamas to attack in order to justify invading Gaza.
Hey al-Gharbi:

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Coma Patient Wakes Up — Surprised Doctors Planning Organ Harvest

 Readied To Donate Organs, 21-Year-Old Emerges From Coma

By SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES | Good Morning America – 7 hours ago


  • Sam Schmid, an Arizona college student believed to be brain dead and poised to be an organ donor, miraculously recoveredjust hours before doctors were considering taking him off life support.

Schmid, a junior and business major at the University of Arizona, was critically wounded in an Oct. 19 five-car accident in Tucson.

The 21-year-old’s brain injuries were so severe that the local hospital could not treat him. He was airlifted to the Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Phoenix, where specialists performed surgery for a life-threatening aneurysm.

As hospital officials began palliative care and broached the subject of organ donation with his family, Schmid began to respond, holding up two fingers on command. Today he is walking with the aid of a walker, and his speech, although slow, has improved.  Full Story with Video Here

H/T Kelleigh

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