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Conservatives attacked on campus: Sucker-punched at UC Berkeley; Tulane U. dorm room door set on fire

Did you see this on TV news?

But the demon MSM persist in portraying the Right, not the Left, as violent loonies.

(1) Assault on U. C. Berkeley

On February 19, 2019, Hayden Williams, a conservative activist was viciously assaulted while recruiting for conservative student group Turning Point USA on the University of California-Berkeley campus.

Williams was passing out information about the group when he was approached by two angry men. A verbal altercation ensued. One of the men, Zachary Greenberg, viciously assaulted Williams with a sucker punch, as seen in this video footage and a GIF I had made from the video.

Donlad Trump Jr. tweeted about the assault:

On March 1, 2019, Zachary Greenberg, 28, was identified and arrested by UC Police — law enforcement booked him into jail at 1 PM. He is a former employee of UC Berkeley as a lab assistant in the Psychology Department who was briefly a non-degree seeking student at UC-Berkeley. (Heavy)

(2) Arson in Tulane University

Just after midnight on Saturday, March 25, 2019, three students set fire to the dorm room door of Tulane University sophomore, Peyton Lofton, whom university spokesman Mike Strecker “confirmed” as the president of Tulane’s chapter of the “right wing group Turning Point USA” and a member of a Libertarian organization called the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL). (WVUE Fox 8)

Fortunately, flames were quickly put out. No injuries were reported, and the door only had “minor damage.”

Strecker said the incident was caught on security cameras, and the suspects were identified as Tulane University students Robert Money, 21, and David Shelton, 20, and Brown University student Naimi Okami, 20.

All three were arrested late Saturday for aggravated arson — a crime defined by Louisiana statute as intentionally setting a fire where it is foreseeable that human life is endangered — and booked into New Orleans Justice Center jail. They appeared in court the next day, where Orleans Parish Magistrate Commissioner Robert Jonathan Friedman set their bonds at $10,000 each. As of Sunday night, it appeared all three had been released on bail.

Lofton’s roommate, Jackson Arnold, told the university’s student newspaper Tulane Hullabaloo: “I think it was probably a drunk prank. I don’t want to rule out the idea that it was politically motivated. Don’t have any proof that it is, don’t have any proof that it isn’t.” Arnold said he did not have a relationship with any of the charged individuals and doesn’t believe Lofton did either.

According to Strecker, Tulane Police are still investigating the incident, and as of Sunday night, the reason for the crime was “not yet clear.” Strecker insists there is “no indication” the act was politically motivated, despite reports Lofton was targeted for his involvement in multiple conservative groups on campus. However, Strecker said the university is taking the incident very seriously and campus police are “thoroughly investigating” it:

“Tulane University is committed to protecting the safety of all in our community and to protecting free speech on campus. Our campuses are and should remain places where ideas can be expressed free of disruption, intimidation and violence.”

In a statement released by YAL, however, Lofton called the arsonists “radical activists”. He said:

“It’s a sad day in American when radical activists are lighting dorm room doors on fire because they disagree with you politically. I’m proud of the work I’m doing on and off campus with YAL and TPUSA to bring students to the principles of the Constitution and individual liberty. This only encourages me to continue the battle to reach my classmates with the message of freedom.”

Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) claims the door was set on fire after Lofton was identified as a member of YAL online. In a tweet, Turning Point USA executive director and founder Charlie Kirk also says Lofton was “doxxed by the violent left for being a conservative.” and calls the suspects “sick and dangerous”.

Donald Trump Jr. retweeted Kirk’s post, calling the incident a “horrible crime” and asks “Wonder if the media will report this horrible crime against a campus conservative?”.

Doxxing refers to the publishing of an individual’s personal information (e.g., name, address, phone number) online, which is typically done to encourage harassment or even physical harm.

Strecker would not comment on any possible disciplinary actions that may be taken against the students involved, saying federal law prohibits universities from disclosing such matters.

(3) President Trump Executive Order to Protect Free Speech

All of which finally prompted President Trump, on March 21, 2019, to sign an executive order to protect free speech on college campuses and universities, directing his cabinet agencies to tie federal grants for education and research to more aggressive enforcement of the First Amendment. (See Executive Order on Improving Free Inquiry, Transparency, and Accountability at Colleges and Universities)

But as noted by The Daily Wire‘s Ashe Schow, the executive order was largely ignored by the mainstream media.

H/t Big Lug


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Moonbats at Berkeley hold vigil for robot that burst into flames

Vigil for a ROBOT/Photo from Twitter

From SF Gate: This story originally appeared on The Daily Californian.

Describing the robot as a “hero” and a “legend,” UC Berkeley students expressed their grief on Facebook as news of a fallen KiwiBot reached the campus community.

About 2 p.m. Friday, a KiwiBot — one of the more than 100 robots that deliver food throughout the campus and city — caught fire outside the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union.

According to Sasha Iatsenia, head of product at Kiwi, the company is still working with UCPD to investigate the cause of the fire. Nothing like this has ever happened before, Iatsenia said.

UCPD could not be reached for comment as of press time.

Footage from the scene shows one person putting out the flames with a fire extinguisher. The fire drew a small crowd of curious onlookers, and videos of a slowly blackening KiwiBot were soon thereafter uploaded to Facebook’s Overheard at UC Berkeley page.

Garnering more than 300 reactions and more than 90 comments within an hour of uploading, the video of the robot in flames made waves on the page. Students have called for a moment of silence, suggesting finals week may have finally gotten to the robot as well.

While the KiwiBot may have been scorched, Iatsenia assured The Daily Californian that it was not delivering a meal when it caught fire — no one saw their order lost.


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Acid attack comes to America: Homeless man hurls caustic chemical at UC Berkeley janitor

Acid and other corrosive chemical attacks are increasingly frequent in gun-control UK. See:

A victim of acid attack in Southampton, England, September 2015 (BBC photo)

Now acid attacks have come to America as well.
On April 3, 2018, at 1:35 a.m., a female janitor of the University of California, Berkeley, found a homeless man in a restroom in Wheeler Hall. She told the man he had to leave because the building was closed.
The man followed her out of the bathroom, then “threw a caustic chemical at her,” before fleeing the scene, according to a statement by UCPD (University of California Police Department).
The Berkeley Fire Department took the woman to a local emergency room for treatment of chemical burns.
Police searched the area for the suspect but could not locate him, said UCPD spokesman Sgt. Nicolas Hernandez. Hernandez declined to say whether UCPD has leads in the case or whether there might be surveillance video that could help detectives identify the assailant, also due to the ongoing investigation. Hernandez indicated that this type of assault is not a common occurrence on campus: “I’ve heard of it in my career before but I couldn’t tell you what the numbers are.”
According to recordings of police scanner activity that morning, paramedics said the bottle of fluid used in the assault was “essentially ammonia concentrate” and that the woman received burns on her torso.
The suspect is described as a white man in his 50s, 5′ 6″ to 5′ 7″ tall, with a white “scruffy” beard and white hair. He appeared to be homeless.
Anyone who has information about the crime is asked to contact the University of California Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Bureau at 510-642-0472.
Sources: Berkeleyside; CBS SF
See also:

Update (April 20, 2018):

The assailant is William Kearney, 62, a convicted pedophile. More here.
William Kearney

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Public nudity is just "self-expression"

A 49-year-old woman was arrested in Saratoga Springs, NY, for strolling through a lumber store in the nude.
The UK’s Daily Mail reports, May 17, 2012, that last Tuesday, Barbara Lefleur shocked the customers at Curtis Lumber Store as she traipsed through the aisles stark naked, told an employee to “have a good day” and asked for the time.
A photo of the incident, obtained by TimesUnion.com, was shared on Facebook later in the day and instantly swept the web.

Born free: Barbara Lefleur, of Saratoga Springs, New York, strolls into Curtis Lumber shop on Tuesday - to the shock of employees and customers

Police received a call after the naked woman was seen again at nearby Stewart’s Shop along Route 67, where she was approached by a manager who asked if she was aware she was naked. By the time the police arrived, she had put some clothes on.
LeFleur brushed off the incident, insisting it is her right to walk freely in the nude as a form of “self-expression.”
Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy said LeFleur is charged with misdemeanor public lewdness and could face 90 days in jail. Murphy said in a statement: “While the defendant claimed she was merely expressing her freedom to be fully liberated by walking nude into Stewart’s and Curtis Lumber, this alleged conduct is actually a crime under the penal law.” He added: “Surprisingly, mental health found no psychiatric issues whatsoever.”
Lefleur is a massage therapist and singer-songwriter who is self-employed. According to her LinkedIn profile, she also claims to be a longtime content product manager at Delmar Cengage Learning, where she helps “shepherd projects through the production process.” She writes on her profile that her goal is “to enjoy life fully by maximizing my potential in all areas of interest and expertise.”
Lefleur’s mistake was to roam naked in Saratoga Springs. If she were in Berkeley Berserkley, California, no one would bat an eye.
Naked people were among those in 2007 who sat in trees to protest the cutting of a small grove of oak trees to make way for the earthquake retrofitting of a sports stadium at the University of California, Berkeley.
The World Naked Bike Ride in 2010 was held on June 19 in Berserkley.
Every year, Berserkley holds the Annual Nude and Breast Freedom Parade. You can see pics of very ugly naked people at the 9th Annual Parade here.
And then, of course, there’s Berserkley’s famous Naked Guy, aka Andrew Martinez.
Martinez began appearing naked in public in September 1992, his second year as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley. He led a campus “nude-in” to protest “social repression,” insisting that clothes were a tool for class and gender differentiation. Campus police first arrested him that fall for indecent exposure when he jogged naked near dormitories late on a Saturday night. But the county prosecutor refused to prosecute, concluding that nudity without lewd behavior was not illegal.
The university then banned nudity on campus. But, being feckless wimps, the university did not enforce its own policy. So The Naked Guy, which became Martinez’s official moniker, continued to stroll around campus naked, including sitting naked in lecture halls.

Naked Guy Martinez in a Berkeley lecture hall. Imagine what it must be like to be the unfortunate student sitting next to him, even worse to be the next student sitting in his chair!

He dropped out of college but continued living in Berserkley and eventually was arrested for public nudity by the city police. He fought those charges and won. For many months, it was legal to walk around nude in Berserkley. That summer, I saw two women walking on Bancroft Avenue on the south side of the UC campus, all naked except for clogs. A man in his 60s was also seen leaving a coffee shop on Bancroft, all naked, except for a trail of toilet paper stuck to his behind.
There is nothing less sexy than the naked human body, in daylight, especially under the noon day sun.
After Martinez attended a City Council meeting naked, the city council finally adopted an anti-nudity ordinance in July 1993.
As the years went by, Martinez’s mental illness became more evident (as if it wasn’t evident before!). On January 10, 2006, he was arrested after a fight at a halfway house and charged with two counts of battery and one count of assault with a deadly weapon. He was placed in maximum-security custody in Santa Clara County Jail in San Jose, a city south of Berserkley.
On May 18, 2006, 33-year-old Martinez was found with a plastic bag cinched around his head. He was taken to Valley Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead of apparent suicide.
See also my post, “Being Left and Going Naked“!

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Berkeley College Republicans Plan Satirical Bake Sale – Libs Go Berserk

This is going to make you smile.
Via dailymail.co.uk:

An ‘Increase Diversity’ bake sale planned by a group of students is being branded racist because the prices are based on the buyer’s gender and race.
The fury over the sale in California, however, is exactly what the organizers, the Berkeley College Republicans, wanted.
Campus Republican president Shawn Lewis said the bake sale was organized to protest SB 185.
That is a bill currently being considered by Gov. Jerry Brown, which would authorize California public universities to consider race, gender, ethnicity, and national/geographic origin in the admissions process.

You can read the rest here.
Liberals are such utterly humorless drones.
(h/t: My very bestest NewsBusters bud J)

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Obama's Economic Advisor Thinks America is "Pretty Darn F*cked"

Christina Romer, 52, was appointed by Barry Soetoro to be the chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisers. After she [social]engineered Obama’s and the Democratic Congress’ “job-creating” stimulus package, she quit and returned to being Garff B. Wilson Professor of Economics (an endowed chair) at the University of California, Berkeley.
The stimulus ended up decidedly unstimulating to the US economy. Instead, according to none other than the Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus cost the federal government another $787 billion in deficits.
Last Friday Night, August 5, 2011, Romer decided she’s now a comedienne and used the crashing U.S. economy — that she had a hand in crashing — as her “ha ha” act.
Appearing on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”, Romer said that the S&P credit downgrade was a sign that the country is “pretty darn fucked.” (at the 0:29 mark)
At which, the audience laughed and laughed, and Romer’s fat face scrunched up in a big smile — ’cause, you know, it’s just so darn funny that America our country is in such economic dire straits! Yuck, Yuck! Hardy har har!
Then Romer says, “Policy would be better if we listened to the experts” such as herself.
When foul-mouthed Maher lashes out at Romer for her dogged defense of the president, saying to her, “Fuck you! He fucked up. He’s not your boyfriend,” Romer defends Skippy: “He made lots of good decisions, and they were based on science, they were based on the evidence, they were based on the best evidence that he had.”
Then Romer declares that the problem with the stimulus is that “it should have been even bigger” and recommends a second even bigger stimulus.
Einstein was right. Truly, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.
H/t Daily Caller, via Uncoverage.

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