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We have a winner!

After a week of voting, our readers have chosen the winner of FOTM’s “Name You Know Who” contest!

Drumroll please…..

With 29 votes, the winner is Scott’s “Traitor in Chief”!!!!!

Congratulations, Scott!


~Eowyn (Jan. 6, 2013)

A week ago, FOTM started a new contest for the best moniker for the POS occupant in the White House.


The entries that have received at least five “thumbs up” thumbs-upfrom readers are our 13 finalists. (Including entries that have received 3 or 4 “thumbs up” would have added another 14 to the list of finalists. Too many!) Entries that contained multiple nicknames were disqualified.

Now it’s up to YOU to choose the winner! — by voting in the poll below. There are 13 nicknames to choose from; each nickname is followed by the alias of the entrant who submitted the nickname for the contest.

Note: Mwongo is the Swahili word for “liar.”

This poll will be closed a week from today, at the end of Saturday, January 5, 2013.

For the entries that didn’t make the finalist list, go here.