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Alleged MS-13 gang member asks Canadian court to reverse deportation because he’s afraid tattoos will get him killed

From Fox News: A Toronto man scheduled to be kicked out of Canada for being a member of MS-13 has asked officials not to deport him because his skull, knuckle and body tattoos could cost him his life in his native El Salvador.

René Pacheco was granted a temporary reprieve after successfully arguing that his tattoos would make him the target of rival gangs and law enforcement officials in the small Central American country.

Pacheco is a permanent resident in Canada and has not lived in El Salvador for 20 years but is not a Canadian citizen.

The 25-year-old, who goes by the nickname “Machete,” was arrested in 2016 on a number of criminal charges. While in custody and awaiting trial, Canada Border Services Agency officers interviewed him.

It was during that meeting, the National Post first reported, that Pacheco allegedly bragged to agents about his ties to the notorious gang. MS-13, short for La Mara Salvatrucha, is primarily composed of immigrants and descendants from El Salvador and is widely known for their extreme brutality.

Pacheco allegedly showed officers a tattoo of the number 13 on the back of his hand, a teardrop inking on his face as well as a number of other permanent markings on his body. He told agents he was initiated into the gang by surviving a 13-second beating. His Facebook page even featured gang graffiti and signs.

Pacheco’s story was believable enough for officers to order his deportation for being a member of a criminal organization. But he then changed his story and denied all ties to the gang.

“I made a bad decision getting these tattoos not knowing it was going to relate to this,” Pacheco said at an immigration hearing in 2017.

He claimed the number 13 tattooed on him was merely his “lucky number” and said the teardrop on his face was a tribute to his father who was murdered in El Salvador. Pacheco also claimed he learned about MS-13 by watching YouTube videos and said he was on drugs when he spoke to CBSA agents from his jail cell.

“I am not a member,” he said. “I made a mistake… Innocent people are dying back in my country and here I am getting these tattoos thinking it’s a joke not realizing the consequences that it brings.”

A federal court judge didn’t buy his reversal and upheld his deportation sentence.

Running out of time, Pacheo applied for a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment, a last-ditch effort to remain in the country.

“I understand that if someone arrives in El Salvador with tattoos and they think they are in a gang they can kill them, torture them or immediately throw them in prison,” he said in his appeal. “I can be the target of gangs there for trying to impersonate them. Therefore my life is in danger and I have no hope of being protected.”

His petition was denied.

He appealed the decision to a federal court and was granted a temporary stay. Judge E. Susan Elliott noted that Pacheo’s tattoos were a catalyst for a perceived risk and ordered a new assessment by a different officer.

In coming to her decision, Elliott noted a U.S. Department of State report that highlighted the “arbitrary deprivation of life” gang members face by authorities.

“This was particularly important as he would be returned to El Salvador for being a member of the MS-13 gang, despite his post-interview denials of such membership,” she wrote in her decision.


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Canadian landlord fined $12G for not taking shoes off in Muslim tenant's home

john alabi

Landlord John Alabi/Toronto Sun photo

From Fox News: A Canadian landlord who was fined $12,000 for wearing shoes in a Muslim tenant’s home said he felt “humiliated” by the harsh penalty levied by a national human rights tribunal.
In an interview with the Toronto Sun, John Alabi, 52, of Brampton, recounted how he went above and beyond trying to accommodate the Egyptian-born couple who lived in the apartment for two months – just to be slapped with a steep fine for the shoe incident.
“I go beyond all that. I just see everybody as human beings like me. That’s why I took them in,” Alabi told the Toronto Sun in May. “We got along. And then all of a sudden I’m a racist?”
The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario ordered Alabi in April to pay the tenants $6,000 each after he failed to take his shoes off in the bedroom where the couple prayed while he was showing the home to potential renters. The couple, who moved into first floor of the home in December 2014, terminated their lease on Feb. 28, 2015.
The tribunal also said Alabi “harassed” the couple and “created a poisoned housing environment.” Though he would give them 24-hour notice of the showing, he would often fail to provide a 5-minute warning, according to the Toronto Sun.
“I was humiliated, I was made to feel I have no rights, I was made to feel that I’m not wanted in society,” Alabi said. “I feel powerless. They rented my place for only two months. Two months! It’s just not fair.”
Alabi told the news site the couple never had an issue when he wore his shoes in the home to do repairs. Then they filed a grievance eight months after the last incident, the Toronto Sun reported.
“I have been victimized,” Alabi said. “They are using their religion to victimize me.”
The couple even found a Facebook post on Alabi’s page to help their case. (According to The Sun: “They even searched his Facebook page and found a joke they considered offensive to bolster their case.)
The landlord claimed he doesn’t have the money to pay the fine on top of legal fees.
“I don’t have the money. I work very hard. If they go into my bank account right now, I don’t have $12,000 there,” Alabi said, adding that he has rented the space for 15 years to help pay his mortgage.
Last week (this was originally published in May) news site Rebel News Service launched a crowdfunding page to help Alabi pay for the fine.

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Project aiming to push ‘LGBTQ2S’ picture books into pre-K classes

Author and activist Bergman

Author and activist Bergman

LifeSiteNews: An online fundraising project to publish new LGBTQ2S picture books for children aged 4-8, with the hope of having the books picked up by schools, has recently met its fundraising target. 693 backers pledged a combined $56,793 to the project, called the “Flamingo Rampant Book Club.”  The fundraising goal was $49,000.
The books will “celebrate a great and wide variety of LGBTQ2S kids, families, and communities,” according to the description of the project.  The books will also “celebrate gender-independent kids and adults.”
J Wallace

J Wallace

The individual behind the project is S. Bear Bergman (a trans man, storyteller, a theater artist, an instigator, a gender-jammer, and a good example of what happens when you overeducate a contrarian)Given that his same-sex spouse, who goes by the name “j wallace,” is an employee of the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), and that these books are being marketed to teachers and school librarians, it is more than likely that these books will end up in elementary school classrooms across Toronto.
The fundraising webpage for the project brags about the positive press the project has gotten, and displays links to articles on websites such as B*tch Magazine (a nonprofit feminist media organization).  According to one of these articles, found at Advocate.com, the books produced by the Flamingo Rampant Book Club “will explicitly feature lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and two-spirited people,” and that the target audience is pre-K to 3rd grade.  Bergman’s own book, which is expected to be titled Is That For a Boy or Girl? “features twelve kids rhyming about their gender binary-defying interests.”
Another of the articles, published on Gayswithkids.com, states that in most currently existing LGBT-themed books, “even when LGBT families are represented, they’re usually white, live in suburbs, and have exactly and only two parents” and that the Flamingo Rampant Book Club will aim to “tell a wider variety of stories.” This has generated speculation that the new books may even portray families with more than two parents.

J Wallace is the student equity program advisor at the TDSB’s gender-based violence prevention office, and a book list on his personal website includes 10,000 Dresses (a picture book about a boy who thinks he is a girl and wears dresses) which he recommends for preschool – grade 2, and My Princess Boy which he recommends for grade 2 children.  Also on the list of books he recommends for primary school children are sex-change books such as When Kathy is Keith, and My Mommy is a Boy – which is about a transgendered mother who transitions from female to male.

Furthermore, the TDSB’s gender-based violence prevention office regularly refers My Princess Boy to various schools.  In addition, according to the TDSB website, both My Princess Boy and 10,000 Dresses – as well as a book previously published by S. Bear Bergman – are being used in elementary schools in the TDSB.

Should these new books from the Flamingo Rampant Book Club make their way into Toronto’s elementary school classrooms, it will only add to the numerous examples of activists exploiting the public education system to push their own radical gender politics.
From the Flamingo Rampant Book Club web site:
The first year of books we have planned is so exciting! Some of these titles are just working titles, and concepts are subject to change, but we’re keen to tell you about what we have in store. They include:

  • M is for Mustache, a Pride ABC book written by playwright, activist, and badass mama Catherine Hernandez. M is for Mustache features not only items of Pride – like beads, flags, glitter and stick-on mustaches – but also values of pride: liberation, justice, community and magic.
  • a Onkwehon:we (Indigenous) story of a gender-independent young child finding the power in his long hair by Mohawk and Cayuga artist and shaman Kiley May. In this book, a young boy who values his long hair and femme ways finds the strength to peacefully affirm his own expression of gender.
  • Is That For A Boy Or A Girl?, by S. Bear Bergman (that’s me!) an inclusive and feminist book showing twelve awesome kids speaking in first person rhyme about how they and their activities/interests/ clothes interrupt the pink/blue dichotomy in some way.


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"Can't We All Just Get Along"

Jiggs McDonald,(Probably not)   Or ( Mythbusterzzz) Or somebody
 NHL Hall of Fame broadcaster speaking in Orillia, Ontario, says, “I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in Toronto. I think it should be the goal of every Canadian to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs. Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance.”
“That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque, thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque. We could call one of the clubs, a gay club, ‘The Turban Cowboy,’ and the other a topless bar called ‘You Mecca Me Hot.’”

“Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called ‘Iraq o’ Ribs.’”
“Across the street there could be a lingerie store called ‘Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret,’ with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods.”
“Next door to the lingerie shop there would be room for an adult sex toyshop, ‘Koranal Knowledge’ its name in flashing neon lights, and on the other side a liquor store called ‘Morehammered.’”

“All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us, so their mosque issue would not be a problem for others.”
~  Steve ~                                           H/T     Big Bad  I_Man              😀
Yes we should promote tolerance, and you can do your part by passing this on…
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Anarchists sue Toronto Police

Leave the black hoodies alone!

Toronto police sued for $1.4 million for wrongful arrest, illegal detention and  sexual assault  during 2010’s G20 summit

NY Daily News: The Toronto police face massive injustice allegations that, if proven true,  could cost the force more than a million dollars.
A group of protestors is suing the Toronto police for $1.4 million for  wrongful arrest, illegal detention and sexual assault. The group of seven  protestors arrested at a G20 summit in 2010 accused the police of profiling  people with black clothing or backpacks, as well as women with hairy legs. Their  attorney submitted a 44-page statement detailing the group’s many allegations  against the Toronto police.
The group from Hamilton, Ont. addressed the press on Wednesday. They claimed  that, on June 27, 2010, they were arrested without reason, confined in a  detention center for longer than a day and sexually assaulted, in a few  instances. Alicia Ridge said that she was sexually abused during a strip search  from male officers, despite the presence of female officers, according to CTV.
“It was a fairly pathetic rendition of a search,” Ridge said, “in that it was  just a quick run of a hand up the leg followed by a swift ass grab. And there  were lots of sexualized comments that went along with it.”
The alleged sexualized statements extended from lascivious to homophobic. An  officer yelled at Ridge to shave her legs, she said. A constable involved wrote,  “all parties appear to be protesters; back packs; clothing and females all have  hairy legs,” as verified by the Ontario Independent Police Review Director. The  constable said that he associated hairy-legged women with G20 protestors.

Reckless disregard…

After the group was released without charges, they turned to lawyer Davin  Charney, who characterized himself having a passion for social justice and the  Toronto police as having “reckless disregard for people’s fundamental  rights.”
Officers arrested the group when they exited a downtown pizzeria. Beforehand  the group was at Allan Gardens, a staging area for the protests, reports CTV.  The lawsuit was filed June 26. The group’s allegations have not been  substantiated in a court of law.
Anarchists at the Summit firebombed a bank,  individuals dressed in black damaged windows of particular businesses, set police  cars on fire, and damaged media vehicles. Talk about reckless disregard.

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Judge rages at pro-life activist: "Your God's wrong!"

A pro-abortion judge shows the arrogance of the Left when he declares in court that the Divine Trinity (of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit) is wrong.
Last Wednesday, March 21, 2012, a judge in a Toronto courtroom declared that when he erupted in an angry tirade against the defendant, pro-life activist Mary Wagner: “You’re wrong and your God is wrong!”
Tony Gosgnach reports for LifeSiteNews, March 22, 2012, that Wagner was on trial for violating “bubble zone laws” by (peacefully) entering a Toronto abortion facility — the Bloor West Village “Women’s Clinic — where she then presented women in the waiting room with a rose and offered them pro-life counseling.

Mary Wagner (right) with fellow pro-life activist Linda Gibbons

After Crown attorney Derek Ishak and defense counsel Russell Browne made a joint submission to the judge, S. Ford Clements, for time served plus a three-year probationary term for Wagner, Clements emphatically rejected the submission and went into a tirade.
Clements called Wagner “cowardly” for “abusing other human beings” and not having the courage to make her views known through other channels. Then he exploded:
“She can sit in jail, if that’s the only way to protect people. This is an extraordinary waste of resources. Get a grip! You don’t get it, do you? What’s the rule of law? You’re required to abide by it … You’ve lost the right as a citizen to be anywhere near an abortion clinic or to speak to an employee. You’re wrong and your God’s wrong. You have complete contempt … There is a right to (abortion) in this country … You don’t have a right to cause (abortion-seeking women) extra pain and grief the way you do. [Abortion] is legal, that’s all you have to understand … You start causing people emotional pain and harm, you think that’s okay?”
He then asked Wagner whether she would stay away from abortion sites for three years as required by the proposed terms of probation.
“I will not,” Wagner replied firmly.
“Then you’re going to jail,” said Clements.
Asked whether she had anything to say prior to sentencing, Wagner said she saw the rule of law as a guidepost, not an absolute. “The letter of the law does not always maintain justice … abortion is a short-term solution but causes long-term pain,” she said.She added she never acts out of a lack of sensitivity, but rather attempts to love the women to whom she speaks. She also pointed to examples from history where people who were initially regarded as criminals were later found to be in the right.
Clements was unmoved. “You have, in some measure, displayed utter contempt for the courts and the rights of others,” he said. “You appear to be governed by a higher moral order than the laws of our country. Your determination to break the law is a potential threat to the well-being of society and plants the seeds of lawlessness, perhaps even anarchy … You are unable to accord some civility and respect to others. Your view in law is wrong.”
In concluding, Clements accepted the testimony of abortion site co-owner Patricia Hasen, who filed a victim impact statement that claimed financial hardship caused by Wagner’s actions, including the necessity to hire a “counselor” from another abortion site. Hasen also said she was “scared a bit” when Wagner allegedly held a door open, adding she “doesn’t trust this woman’s peaceful demeanour” and worries about potential aggression. “These people do not work alone.”
To write to Wagner in prison:

Mary Wagner
Vanier Centre for Women
655 Martin St., Box 1040
Milton, ON   L9T 5E6


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