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Unbelievable: 22-year-old man in Oregon sentenced to just 14 months for raping three teens

Bonus: The rapist could be eligible for a reduced sentence or work release!

KATU reports that 22-year-old Joseph Myers was sentenced to just 14 months in prison after he pleaded guilty to raping three teens. He was originally charged with 12 counts of third-degree rape, one count of third-degree sodomy and three counts of unlawful delivery of marijuana to a minor.

The perp’s father called Keizer Police to report that his son had sex with “half a dozen underage girls.”

Read the full KATU story here.

The Statesman-Journal has more details:

“The Keizer Police Department to conduct a months-long investigation into Myers, eventually uncovering the disclosures of six different underage girls. An indictment was later filed naming three different victims.

According to court records, Myers targeted young runaways and would supply the teens with marijuana.

He met one of his victims when she was 15. Another was 14. A third was 13 years old when Myers first had sexual intercourse with her. Due to the victims being under 16, the acts were considered third-degree rape.”

Read the whole story here.

I’m sure this punishment will really teach this guy a lesson.


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