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Bonfire of the Tech Vanities

Burning Free Speech

by Ben Garrison

The authoritarian left continues to shut down free speech and they’re getting away with it.

“…The Deep State and their collectivist media are trying to regain control of the narrative of what is true. They want to again control what people think. They’ve been losing the narrative and the argument. The only way they can win now is to censor conservatives and whistle blowers. It won’t end with shutting down our free speech. PayPal and banking services will be denied to those smeared as ‘hate speech’ purveyors. Not only will their social media access be blocked, their website domains will be pulled. This is probably one of the reasons Obama wanted to hand the Internet over to foreign, globalist hands…”
Read the rest at: grrrgraphics.com/the-burning-times/

I saw this cartoon today on Whatfinger.com, and decided to pass it along to the readers at FOTM. Ben Garrison’s insightful political cartoons are available at grrrgraphics.com.

Happy Meming!

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