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Atlanta to Cheating Teachers/Principals: Resign or be Fired!

Remember the news in early July that for the past 10 years, 80% (or 44 out of 56) of the public schools in Atlanta had cheated on tests? More shocking still is the fact that the cheating wasn’t done by students, but by 178 principals and teachers.
Dozens of so-called educators erased wrong student answers on state standardized tests, and inserted the right ones. In all, investigators accused 38 principals of cheating and said 82 of the 178 educators they identified as part of the scandal had confessed.
Now comes good news.
Two of the Atlanta public schools “educators” had been forced to leave their jobs. 176 others also will be held accountable.
Vivian Kuo reports for CNN, July 18, 2011, that Keith Bromery, director of media relations for Atlanta’s public school system, said that the two educators stepped down after being issued an ultimatum to quit or be fired. One resigned in person and another went into retirement.
The two were among 178 Atlanta Public Schools employees, including 38 principals, whose jobs are on the line after allegedly being involved in a widespread standardized-test cheating scandal that has caught the attention of federal officials. U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said, “We’ve been in conversation with the inspector general about these cheating scandals and I believe they are looking at them.”
The Department of Education has the power to withhold or add preconditions on federal funding provided to states if it believes efforts to rectify corruption aren’t enough. So far, no federal investigation of Atlanta Public Schools has been launched, but officials say they are weighing several options to support state-led measures to protect against cheating.
Bromery said the 178 educators implicated have been given notice to resign or face termination proceedings. They can resign in person or online and must turn in their keys, access badges and other materials provided to them as employees of the schools.
Already, four area superintendents and a school principal have been replaced. The school board has also mandated ethics training for employees and provide remedial help to perhaps thousands of Atlanta Public Schools students who may have improperly advanced because of the cheating.
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said prosecutors will decide whether to bring criminal charges against those involved. The state investigation confirmed widespread cheating in city schools dating as far back as 2001, and said 82 employees acknowledged involvement. The educators implicated were either directly involved in erasing wrong answers on a standardized test, or they knew or should have known what was going on.
Six principals declined to answer investigators’ questions and invoked their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, Deal said.

Beverly Hall (photo: AJC)

Hold this woman accountable! Beverly Hall was Atlanta’s schools superintendent during the cheating.

The state’s report indicated there was a climate of cheating and a performance-at-all-costs atmosphere during the tenure of previous Superintendent Beverly Hall. Hall has denied the allegation.
The cheating was brought to light after the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported about unusual test-score gains at some schools. Investigators discovered a pattern of incorrect test answers being erased and replaced with correct answers.
UPDATE (Aug. 28, 2012):
One of the cheaters, former 5th grade math teacher Shayla Smith, was handed a “guilty” verdict by a tribunal today after just one hour of deliberation. Reportedly, Smith told another teacher that she gave students answers to a test they were taking because she thought them to be “dumb as hell.”

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California Businesses Are Calling the Moving Vans

193 businesses in California decided o Disinvest and/or Relocate last year  and  79 more followed suit  in California so far this year.  This represents thousands of  lost jobs, high unemployment costs and huge revenue loss to the state.   
There’s a FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET DEFICIT  Yet, the teachers, through their unions, are demanding more money  and job security from Sacramento?  Where do they think money comes from?   Yeesh!
If you want to track the disaster that is the California business climate, Joe Vranich’s blog ,The Business Relocation Coach is a great place to start.  He lists the companies  that are moving, where they’re moving to, and how many jobs they will be creating in their new, business-friendly locations.    This guy really knows his onions!

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California Teachers Protest -State of Emergency

California teachers are ready to rumble!  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, they are planning a week-long protest in Sacramento over budget cuts due to a $15 BILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT 

(05-08) 09:00 PDT Sacramento, Calif. (AP) —

Calif. teachers call for week of budget protests

 Thousands of California teachers are expected to take part in a weeklong series of rallies and sit-ins this week at the Capitol and throughout the state to protest possible spending cuts in the state budget.
Teachers face the threat of mass layoffs, larger classes and the elimination of myriad programs because of California’s $15.4 billion budget shortfall.
The California Teachers Association is pressing Gov. Jerry Brown to back off his call for a special election and instead push GOP lawmakers to directly approve an extension of higher sales, income and vehicle taxes.
Union President David Sanchez says if the taxes aren’t approved, 21,000 teachers will lose their jobs next fall. They’ve already received pink slips.
Freeway billboards bearing the campaign’s tagline, State of Emergency, are up throughout the state.

Read more: https://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2011/05/08/state/n090019D70.DTL#ixzz1Lnze4vXI

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How Teachers Handle Unruly Students

On November 30, 2010, I posted a video of a Cornell University lecturer, Mark Talbert, who lost his temper when a rude student repeatedly made loud yawns in his classroom.
New fellow Bloomergal sent me this video with this note:

“A friend just sent me this video of teachers handling classroom disruptions and I thought you might get a kick out of them.”

A warm welcome to the Fellowship, Bloomergal!

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