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#DeepStateUnmasked: IRS officials, “You should give increased scrutiny to conservatives”


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Pathetic: ABC News suspends Brian Ross for four weeks for spreading fake news

brian ross fake news
Wow, he gets to enjoy the holidays with his family. Such a serious punishment. Wretched hacks.
From MSN: ABC News has announced that Brian Ross would be suspended for four weeks without pay “effective immediately.”
“It is vital we get the story right and retain the trust we have built with our audience – these are our core principles. We fell far short of that yesterday,” the network said in a statement on Saturday. “Effective immediately, Brian Ross will be suspended for four weeks without pay.”
Ross came under considerable fire on Friday after he erroneously reported on live television that then-candidate Donald Trump had instructed Michael Flynn to make contact with the Russians. In a correction seven hours later, the channel admitted that it was “President-elect” Trump who had made the request of Flynn — a pretty significant difference.
ABC issued a correction on Twitter and also updated their original article.
ABC has sustained withering criticism from all corners of the internet since the error first became known Friday.
“We deeply regret and apologize for the serious error we made yesterday,” the network continued in its latest statement. “The reporting conveyed by Brian Ross during the special report had not been fully vetted through our editorial standards process.  As a result of our continued reporting over the next several hours ultimately we determined the information was wrong and we corrected the mistake on air and online,” it concluded.
It’s not the first time Ross has come under fire for playing fast and loose with the facts, either. In 2012, he falsely suggested that the Aurora shooter Jim Holmes had been a member of the Colorado Tea Party — he was not.

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Wayne Allyn Root on Football & Politics

imageThe Tea Party is the GOP’s “12th Man”
Posted by Wayne Root on February 5, 2014
By Wayne Allyn Root

My Seattle Seahawks just won the Super Bowl in one of the most lopsided beatings in sports history. And few saw it coming. Over 70% of the $10 billion bet on the Super Bowl in Las Vegas and across the USA was bet on Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos. But I knew better.

Perhaps many of my Blaze fans don’t realize that my career began as a Las Vegas oddsmaker and sports handicapper. It was so successful I was dubbed by the media as “the King of Vegas” and was awarded my own 180 pound granite star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. This was all before my political career began. Football was my life back then.

Today my career centers around politics. But I still have a thriving sports prediction business with thousands of clients who pay for my advice. I gave them my strongest possible “buy” on the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl. Seattle’s Super Bowl victory was one of the great wins of my career. How did I know? There is a fantastic lesson here for the GOP.

Politics has much in common with sports. In both politics and sports, winning is everything. And in both these endeavors, winning is about energy and enthusiasm. There are 32 teams in the NFL. The difference between winning and losing is razor thin. How did one team- the Seattle Seahawks- rise about the battlefield and dominate this season? The Seahawks are a “model” for the valuable and unique role of energy and enthusiasm providing a winning edge.

Seattle gets its energy and enthusiasm from “the 12th man”- their crazed fans. There are 11 men on a football field at any one time (for each team). The “12th man” is an invisible energy force produced by the fans, that gives a team energy, inspiration, and momentum. It is a well-known fact in sports- fan intensity creates momentum. It changes the outcome of games.

Seattle has the loudest proudest craziest fans in all of sports. They are so loud they caused an earthquake- literally. https://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2013/12/03/248566190/seahawks-fans-cause-earthquake-set-noise-record They own the Guinness Book of World Records for loudest fans. https://www.guinnessworldrecords.es/news/2013/9/seattle-seahawks-break-record-for-loudest-stadium-crowd-roar-51331 They are the only NFL team to fly a “12th man” flag- to represent and acknowledge the importance of their fans. https://www.seahawks.com/12th-Man/flag-raisers.html Boeing has even created a “12th man” 747 airplane. https://travel.yahoo.com/blogs/compass/boeing-celebrates-seahawks-with-12th-man-747-235234752.html Seattle celebrates and embraces it’s most loyal fans. The Seahawks understand that without the energy of their crazed fans, they’d be just another NFL team. That “12th man” is the razor thin edge Seattle needed to win the Super Bowl and become one of the great teams in NFL history.

Who is the GOP’s 12th man? Well it sure isn’t the green jacket wearing country club Republicans. Or the “moderate” wishy-washy, stand-for-nothing Northeast Republicans. Or the cowardly Republicans who want to apologize to Obama every time he walks in the room.

To paraphrase the famous line from the days of Bill Clinton…It’s the Tea Party, stupid. The GOP’s energy, enthusiasm and courage is found in the true blue, patriotic, conservative base called the Tea Party. The GOP’s “12th man” has the same qualities as the Seattle Seahawks fans- a faith in victory…a belief in the right principles…a love for party and country…a passion for the fight to save America…an intensity…and energy found nowhere else. They are the razor thin edge of the Republican Party.

Like the NFL, winning is very difficult in American politics. We are living in a nation sharply divided. Every election is fought and contested in a few key districts and battleground states. Elections are won based on intensity, energy and turnout.

Like Seattle’s “12th man” the Tea Party led the GOP to an earthquake- literally. In 2010 the GOP shocked the experts by winning a historic record-setting landslide. It was due to the incredible energy and intensity of the Tea Party.

But this is where the story changes. The GOP needs to learn a lesson from the Seahawks. Seattle embraces their most loyal and intense fan base. Whereas the GOP establishment does not.

The biased leftist mainstream media has painted the Tea Party as “extreme,” “radical” “crazy” and even “terrorists.” This was a purposeful plan right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. They needed to slander, denigrate and destroy the Tea Party, before the Tea Party destroyed Obama’s agenda.

But Obama and the Democrats weren’t alone in this goal to destroy the GOP’s “12th man.” Big business was central to the plan too. Big business loves big government and the crony capitalism that comes with it. Big business loves corporate welfare and thousands of new regulations. They have the armies of lawyers, lobbyists and accountants to deal with them. But it puts small business (their competitor) out of business. So big business, big GOP donors, lobbyists, lawyers, and the Chamber of Commerce all got into bed together with Obama and the mainstream media to try to slander and ruin the Tea Party.

Now the GOP establishment is running away from their own base. They want their most loyal supporters to go away. Leaders like John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Karl Rove, and Chris Christie hate the Tea Party. But there’s a problem- the GOP can’t win elections without their “12th man.” Without our energy, passion, enthusiasm and intensity they are just another losing political party. We are the GOP’s winning edge.

The GOP needs to learn a lesson from the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks. The GOP must celebrate and embrace their loyal base of fans. Love your “12th man.” Feed off our intensity. Only our energy, enthusiasm and passion will lead you to victory. We are the GOP’s pounding heart…on steroids.

Without us, you’re just another losing party.

  • See more at: https://www.rootforamerica.com/webroot/blog/#sthash.eEkoAyWd.dpuf
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2 Hollywood libs mouth off on conservatives

What is it with Hollywood actors who think they know it all? If they weren’t so arrogant and contemptuous, I’d ignore them.

65 yo Cher in 2011

First, it’s high-school dropout Cher, born Cheryl Sarkisian.
On the Randi Rhodes radio show last week, the 66-year-old entertainer whose face now resembles a plastic mask after surgical implants, collagen, skin peels and facelifts, mouthed off about “the racist GOP” and called for a “revolution.”
You can hear the interview on Breitbart.com. Click here.
Message to Cher: “Revolution? Careful what you wish for. We conservatives take seriously the 2nd Amendment and are well-armed.”
Then there’s actress Emily Mortimer.
I know, I know. You’re saying “Emily who?” I’d never heard of her either, until I saw the news link on Drudge Report.
Anyhoo, Emily Mortimer is a British actress in Aaron Sorkin’s new TV series “The Newsroom” — the critically panned show that’s described as “set behind the scenes of a crusading cable news show.” (Just what America needs — yet another liberal TV show by the left-wing Sorkin, on journalists as left-wing “crusaders” instead of reporting the news. I’ll make a note to myself never to watch “The Newsroom,” not that I was going to anyway.)
In an interview with Salon.com, Mortimer called Americans uninformed and the TEA Party movement “lunatic”:
“I was very interested in the politics. I am kind of a political person. There was a time when I was in school when I thought maybe that’s what I was going to do. I got all into the idea of politics and anarchists and Kropotkin, this Russian guy who founded the anarchist party. I got completely besotted by the idea of anarchy as the way that we should all live our lives and I was ready to kind of go fight for my belief, but then I got to university and did lots of plays and kind of forgot about that.
I can remember when Bush got in for the second time, just feeling like so much of the problem about the way that politics go here is that people are improperly informed. That they didn’t know that they had been lied to, or they didn’t understand exactly to what extent they had been, and they still thought that there were weapons of mass destruction. And that was just crazy to me that people could be so under-informed. I do think that there’s a difference in America to where I’m from. There’s so much wrong with England, but I think people are informed in general. I’m going to make a huge sweeping statement, but you just get the news much more [in England]. Listening to radio stations that play pop music all day and all night, the news will come on every two hours, foreign news too. It’s part of your daily routine, being informed about what’s going on in the world. Whether you like it or not, you can’t really escape it. I don’t think the same is true here, and television broadcast news especially seems to me to be a pretty dicey area. You can’t rely on getting the facts, or getting them presented in a way that is actually objective and makes sense and puts people in a position where they can make informed decisions about who to vote for. It’s just over-sensationalized and, as our show keeps pointing out, one of the big problems is that they act like there’s just two definite sides to every discussion — and that’s just not necessarily the case, but it feeds into the way this country has just become completely polarized. This Tea Party is presented on the television as the viable alternative instead of like a lunatic fringe.”
Like so many faux revolutionaries, whether anarchist or Marxist (same difference!), 40-year-old Emily Mortimer was born into wealth and privilege, the daughter of Sir John Mortimer. Her education consisted of studying at St Paul’s Girls’ School in west London “where she appeared in several student productions,” followed by a stint (but not graduating) in Oxford University, “where she read Russian at Lincoln College and performed in several plays.”
Wow. Those sure are learnéd credentials! Compared to Mortimer, my B.A., M.A., Ph.D. and Full Professorship in Political Science definitely pale into insignificance!
Mortimer is married to a no-name American actor (Alessandro Nivola), with whom she has two kids. In 2010, Mortimer naturalised as an American citizen for “cynical reasons” in order to avoid paying inheritance tax in the event of anything happening to her husband. She now holds dual British and American citizenship. Mortimer is an atheist.
Her maternal grandfather was a pig farmer.

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Yet Again Glenn Beck derides his audience. Out of touch on BC issue.

To add to Dr. Eowyn’s post about MSM ignoring Sheriff Joe.
Once again Glenn Beck is completely out of touch with what his viewers believe.
Beck has done some good work, and seems he played with Fire going after Soros.
Beck once again rips Birthers. Hell we may be wrong about something, but there is just to much going on to not believe something is rotten in Denmark. Here is part of story and link. Please read the comments and see just how in sync Glenn is with his audience.                           ~Steve~
Taken from Glenn Becks GBTV site.

Just when Obama was starting to run out of things to say about Republicans, Sheriff Joe Arpaio decides to come out and launch a big investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Why he decided to bring this ridiculous issue, one that only gives Obama an opportunity to call the right (justifiably so, in this case) ‘crazy’ – is beyond explanation. But, he’s doing it anyway.
“Okay. Look, I am a fan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I am a guy who has supported him in the past. I like him, I… I think he’s great on illegal immigration. But Joe, have you gone nuts?” Glenn said as he opened the show.
The birth certificate has long been a tool of the Obama administration to distract people from real issues, like inflation, and to paint the Tea Party as racist and insane. Most of the outcry over the birth certificate had died down after Donald Trump faded into the background of the latest The Apprentice season and Obama releasing a copy of the birth certificate. Sadly, Sherrif Arpaio had to bring it up again.
Glenn treated the whole thing as a joke, presenting some wild theories of his own. Could the Obama administration have presented a forgery only to leave the real one in a vault just to screw with people? Or could he be the grandson of Sally Hemmings and Kruschev?
Even though Stu was really, really , really sick of having to talk about the “birther” issue on air once again, Glenn felt like he had to explain why it’s such a ridiculous story.
“Here’s the thing. You have two newspapers that ran the birth announcement,” Glenn Said.   For Rest of story, ( Pls Read Comments) pls go HERE!!!!

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The Welfare Nation is Upon Us

“America is going to Hell in a handbasket.”
That statement, or some variation thereof, has been around long before any of us were born. Like most of you, I have heard it repeatedly uttered by my older relatives as well as my parents ever since I can remember. Now my friends and neighbors are saying it, too, and with increasing frequency – well, at least those who are actually paying attention, anyway.
Of course, asserting that something is going somewhere implies that eventually it is going to reach its destination.  In the case of our beloved America, I believe we have now reached the very edge of the smoldering abyss itself.
Via americanthinker.com (emphasis and highlights are mine):
January 24, 2012
Takers Taking Over
By Jeffrey Folks
In case anyone hasn’t noticed it yet, Europe is in crisis. Faced with violent protests and general strikes, European politicians seem unwilling to take the necessary steps of structural reform that would save their economies. With rigid labor laws, bloated government workforces, declining birthrates, and universal welfare schemes, Eurozone economies have experienced subpar performance for decades and are now sliding into recession once again. The model of the European-style welfare state simply does not work.
Unfortunately, when the percentage of those receiving government aid exceeds 50%, it is difficult to cut benefits. The threat of cutbacks in Greece has brought chaos to that country. The sight of thousands of left-wing thugs, marching in close ranks and armed with large batons and Molotov cocktails, is now a common one in central Athens. These blackshirted youths form a paramilitary force of a sort that has appeared in other European nations as well, adding a dangerous element of uncertainty to the future.
Government’s response to civil unrest has been to appease the protesters. Greek officials have dragged their feet finalizing proposals for “voluntary” write-downs of 50% on their sovereign debt since those write-downs come with stringent conditions of structural reform. From all appearances, it looks like the Greeks are angling for debt forgiveness with no substantive change in the Greek welfare state. In other words, they are asking investors to continue subsidizing their enormous deficit spending.
If all this sounds a lot like what’s happening in the U.S., it is. Like the socialists who govern Greece, Obama’s left-wing administration depends on the support of left-wing activists, unionized government workers, radicalized students, and welfare recipients. All of these groups have been pressing for more government spending, and Obama has not disappointed them.
In just three years, discretionary spending has increased by 24% (not counting an additional trillion dollars of stimulus spending plus two rounds of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve), all of it funded with deficit spending. Obama’s 2012 budget, which was rejected by every member of the Senate, called for continued spending at 2011 levels, even as his own budget supercommittee struggled to come up with $1.5 trillion in cuts.
It is clear that Obama’s priority is not fiscal responsibility. In fact, the single-minded focus of this administration has been the expansion of government benefit programs designed to foster dependency. From the beginning, Obama’s political strategy has centered on the restoration of “welfare as we know it.” The clients of welfare are always reliable supporters of the Democratic Party.
If Democrats can expand the percentage of the population dependent on benefits above 50% of the population, they will have achieved a permanent grasp on power. If anyone doubts this, let him look to the European welfare states. In none of these countries have social welfare programs been eliminated once they’ve gained their footing.
America stands at a crossroads in 2012, for this is the year when the American people will decide irrevocably whether they wish to see their country transformed into a European-style welfare state.
Ominously, the percentage of takers, those who collect benefits and pay no federal income tax, now sits at 49%. Anything beyond that and the country is lost forever.
You will find the entire article here.
I hate to say it, but I believe 51% is the proverbial “tipping point,” and we as a nation are now staring it squarely in the face.
I have to disagree in one area with Mr. Folks, and that is I do not believe we are headed for Western European socialism, but more toward a split somewhere between Venezuela and Zimbabwe.
I am praying enough of the American sheeple will awaken from their slumber between now and November (assuming we have that long), and run Barack Hussein Obama off into the weeds, flip the Senate as well as add enough true conservatives to effect a change in the currently useless House leadership.
And even if all that happens, the battle so save the America we all grew up in will only be just beginning – as merely halting the slide is not going to be enough this time.
Not even close.

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Yes, It's a Stretch

But it may be the only hope remaining of ridding our ailing nation of the cancer that is Barack Hussein Obama before the patient expires, as I have no real confidence the sheeple electorate is going to do the right thing come November:

I am planning to attend, if it is in any way possible.
(h/t: tina and Steve)

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"Those Diabolical Tea Partiers Ruin Our Meetings" Cries Urban Planner

Disrupting the Delphi Technique is Working

The following are small excerpts from a much longer article by an Urban Planner -Smart Growth guru complaining about how the Tea Party is ruining everything!

I highly recommend reading it as a quick pick-me-up for those discouraged in the Agenda 21 battle.    There are tons of sassy comments from ornery tea partiers!   ~LTG

How the Tea Party Is Upending Urban Planning

…Across the country, Tea Party activists have been storming planning meetings of all kinds, opposing various plans by local and regional government having anything to do with density, smart growth, sustainability or urbanism. In California, Tea Party activists gained enough signatures for a ballot measure repealing the state’s baseline environmental regulations, while also targeting the Senate Bill 375, the 2008 law that seeks to combat climate change by promoting density and regional planning.
…We’ve spent a lot of time and effort on fostering civic engagement, through a program for mediating land use disputes, or helping community residents visualize future scenarios. Since Jacobs, giving people a voice has been paramount in planning. Local Tea Party leaders attack those kinds of efforts as a ruse – that planners have draped the public process with the trappings of citizen input, while in fact all the decisions to promote smart growth have already been made. Some might wonder whether there’s some truth to that.
Yet, as in national politics, the Tea Party view doesn’t leave room for compromise. Even the most open-minded and free-speech supporting planner can’t operate when the framework for the dialogue itself has been invalidated. Where does one go from there? The skirmishes at town halls around the country over the past year or so means that planners will have to try even harder to make their case. But in the mean time, the chairman of that sleepy planning board hearing might be eying the exits, looking for a black helicopter, to make a run for it.       Full Article


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The Dear Ruler Wants Mo Money!

Of course, we of the sheeple pursuasion are supposed to completely ignore the fact that this Kenyan Muslim commie fraud is on a pace to add $5 trillion to our accumulated national debt by the end of his first (and hopefully only) term.
Via thehill.com:
Obama to ask for increase to debt ceiling in a ‘matter of days’
By Amie Parnes – 01/10/12 04:27 PM ET
The Obama administration will be asking Congress to raise the debt limit in the coming days, White House press secretary Jay Carney said on Tuesday.
“I’m confident it will be executed in a matter of days, not weeks,” he told reporters.
The notification by the administration — which had been scheduled for last month — was delayed because Congress has been holding only pro forma sessions.
The White House will be asking Congress to raise the U.S. borrowing limit by $1.2 trillion. The move would mark the third and final increase from the debt-ceiling deal reached last year by Congress.
The United States reached the $15.194 trillion debt limit on Jan. 4, according to Treasury statements.
Since that time, Treasury has employed the “extraordinary measure” of tapping into its Exchange Stabilization Fund in order to avoid exceeding the limit.
I wonder how long it will take Bonehead & Co. to cave like a $5 tent?
I am guessing all of about five minutes – if even that long.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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Amerika Here We Come

It is not much of a secret that I am not a little distressed over the direction this country has taken over the last forty years, and particularly the last three. As each day passes, I find myself less and less able to recognize the America I was born into nearly forty-eight years ago this coming March.
Via americanthinker.com:
January 9, 2012
Obama’s Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps
By Timothy Birdnow
Writing back in 2007, Naomi Wolfe catalogued the steps to creating a dictatorship (which she sought to apply to George W. Bush). Interestingly enough, they apply far more to the man who replaced him.
Wolfe’s steps include:
 1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy
Isn’t that precisely what Occupy Wall Street has done with the banks and businesses? OWS has ties to Obama’s friends in ACORN, as well as to SEIU. Isn’t that what was done with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and his attempts to save that state from bankruptcy? Isn’t that what the EPA is doing with its endangerment finding — claimingthat state from bankruptcy? Isn’t that what the EPA is doing with its endangerment finding — claiming that carbon dioxide emitted by industry is going to cause catastrophic climate change? For that matter, isn’t that precisely what was done by the Department of Homeland Security, whereby pro-life citizens, returning military, gun-owners, Ron Paul supporters, Christians, and just about everybody in “Red State America” falls under the category of domestic terrorist?
2. Create a gulag 
FEMA is doing something that bears a disquieting resemblance to concentration camps.
And Madam Wolf worried about Guantánamo Bay, yet Mr. Obama has not closed it.
8. Control the press
Obama is the press.
9. Dissent equals treason
Just look at the “Missouri Truth Squad.” How about the accusations made against the Tea Party , claiming they were inciting violence? How about the claim that Gabrielle Giffords was shot because conservative criticisms of Obama have incited violence?
You will find the entire article at this link.
Do you think Mr. Birdnow is over the top here?
I do not – not even a little bit.
(h/t: boortz.com)

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