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De Blasio wants to tax the rich to pay for subway repairs

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Class warfare: Demorats go-to solution to every problem.

NYC’s subway system is in bad shape. According to the LA Times, delays have doubled over the last five years and accidents are on the rise. The governor authorized a billion dollars for improvements, of which few believe will have any favorable impact on the system. Guess that means they’ll need more taxpayer money, from only the wealthy of course.

From NY Post: Mayor de Blasio wants a tax hike​ on New Yorkers​ to pay for repairs to the city’s subway system, according to a proposal released Sunday.

The tax plan, which would target the ​wealthy ​to raise nearly $800 million annually, would bankroll improvements to the subway signal system, track repairs and reduced fares for poor New Yorkers.

De Blasio press spokesman Eric Phillips released details of the proposal to fund ​the “long-term fix​.​”

​The tax would require approval in Albany, which might be tough to lockdown given Republican control of the state Senate and the ongoing feud between Hizzoner and Gov. Cuomo over how to fund repairs.

​Under the plan, the city’s tax rate on individuals making more than $500,000 a year and married couples earning above $1 million would jump .5 percent from 3.876 percent to 4.41 percent. ​​ More than $500 million of the revenue generated would go to subway and bus system upgrades, while about $250 million would subsidize half-priced MetroCards for about 800,000 living at or below the federal poverty level.

Officials at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which runs the city’s subway and bus systems and is overseen by the state, did not learn about de Blasio’s proposal directly from City Hall, but through the ​New York Times’s website, ​which first published the tax-the-rich plan, ​according to an MTA spokesperson.

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota framed the proposal as a reversal from de Blasio, who has argued the MTA should use money the city has already allocated to ​the agency. “After saying the MTA doesn’t need money, we’re glad the mayor reversed himself,” Lhota said in​​ a statement.

Lhota then highlighted the MTA’s need for “short-term emergency financing” and pressed de Blasio to immediately match the state’s cash outlay for the system.

“The mayor should partner with us and match the state funding now so we can turn the trains around,” he said. “There’s no question we need a long-term funding stream, but emergency train repairs can’t wait on what the state legislature may or may not do next year.”

De Blasio’s proposal, which comes as he’s fighting for re-election, repeatedly emphasizes the added burden it will mean for the city’s highest earners.

The top 1 percent can afford to do a bit more—and should, because a transit system that works makes New York City’s economy strong and benefits us all,” according to a fact sheet Phillips sent.

“Rather than sending the bill to working families and subway and bus riders already feeling the pressure of rising fares and bad service, we are asking the wealthiest in our city to chip in a little extra to help move our transit system into the 21st century,” de Blasio said in a statement to The Times.


How Romney Can Win

My pal, Roger Fredinburg, hit the nail on the head with this.  All it requires is guts and chutzpah from the GOP leadership business community.  Roger sent this out as an email over the weekend.  We need to make it go viral.



There is a way the Romney can beat Obama but it would require the American business community to stand tall and be counted for once.. 
I am completely convinced that Obama owns the population centers and major Metro’s and for Romney to unseat Obama, it will take nothing short of a miracle.
The greatest challenge the GOP faces in 2012 is convincing Americans that Romney will be more effective at turning the economy around than Obama has been.
Even conservatives doubt that Romney will make much of a difference, and I expect that a VP choice like Ryan will have little if any effect on eliminating those doubts nationally.
This is where GOP and Romney friendly business owners and Campaign Pac’s must step up their messaging and put some red meat on the table for the loyal and for the undecided.
The very first thing that MUST be done is that multitudes of business owners and corporate  leaders need to come out publicly and announce that they will be hiring people the day after Romney wins. Businesses, large and small must go on camera, on radio, nationally and locally to denounce Obama’s policies and blame him for their economic uncertainty and lack of confidence. They must convey that those concerns are the main reason they aren’t hiring currently. They can also put up HELP WANTED signs with a message “Applications accepted on November 7 if Romney wins”.
Then they must express a genuine confidence in Romney and Paul Ryan to fix it and again, let me repeat… They must promise to start hiring the day after Romney wins, and of course they must follow through. This single gesture will start an unstoppable grass roots movement to oust Obama and build confidence in a Romney administration.
Second, there must be a TV and Radio campaign specifically designed to inform average folks about what happens at the organic level of economics when the government raises taxes on business and investment capital (The Rich).
They need to see and hear an endless stream of commercials depicting suppliers and wholesalers warning shop keepers and small business owners in advance about how much prices will go up if Obama is re-elected and taxes are raised. There needs to be a clear message that increased taxes will eventually come from the consumer’s pocket.
These ads must deliver a simple and clear message about how increased expenses like higher taxes or increased fuel and transportation costs due to our dependency on foreign oil always get passed on to Americans through higher prices and inflation.
People need to learn how inflation works and why higher prices are always the end result of “Taxing the rich”. It must be explained in detail to the undecided and un-informed just how the people who take the risks and feed into the National economy as entrepreneurs are subject to immutable business forces that demand increased costs be passed down the line to the end user and then make sure they connect that that means them personally.
Make it clear to Joe six pack that a “rich guy tax” is actually a tax he pays in the end.
Once people understand that higher taxes mean higher prices for them personally, and once the illusive independent voter “gets it” they will be immune to the constant whining on the far left to “tax the rich”.  When they connect to the fact that the “fair share” Obama speaks about will actually come out of their own wallets, they will turn on Obama and toss him out.
These false notions of economic parity through taxing the “rich” must be properly explained to voters in laymen terminology. This Obama style class warfare machine must be countered with real substance. The GOP and their supporters must patiently and methodically educate people on the way our economy really works if they expect to win in November.
It must be explained that the only solution for America’s financial woes is to radically cut spending. The fact is, most Americans do not grasp it and The GOP must do their best to change that or they will lose.
If the GOP and the Romney friendly Pac’s fail to accomplish these important voter educational tasks, the sad and lingering outcome will be America’s undoing. The voice we must silence is chanting the sounds of American ruin; 4 more years! 4 more years!
 Roger Fredinburg is a talk radio personality and businessman, His radio show was once syndicated in over 200 markets nationwide. Roger owns a successful food storage company www.survivalfoodguys.com  an ad agency at www.hohumproductions.com He can be reached at radioroger@aol.com

Do Occupy Protesters Even Know What They Want?

Occupy Los Angeles protesters are so ignorant, they signed a petition demanding four things that we already have:

  • A currency backed by the government, and not by gold.
  • A central bank to fund the government and fix prices.
  • A 35% income tax for the wealthy.
  • Government aid for housing, e.g., FHA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Workers Know-Nothings of the World Unite!


Most of America’s Rich are Self-Made

Spread the wealth! Demonize the rich! (AP photo by Michael Dwyer, Oct. 16, 2010)

Obama and the Democrats are in a deadlock with Congressional Republicans on raising the U.S. debt ceiling. So he’s now turning to the classic Marxist ploy of class envy and class struggle.

In a press conference on July 11, Obama revealed his true communist nature when he breezily declared that rich people shouldn’t keep money they “don’t need” when there are people “out there” who are “struggling”. That, of course, is a paraphrase of Karl Marx’s famous dictum of utopian communism being a society of “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Yesterday, Obama conjured a statistic from thin air, claiming that 80% of the public support the Democrats’ demand for tax increases on “the wealthy” and business corporations. “The American people are sold,” Obama said. “The problem is members of Congress are dug in ideologically.”

So who exactly are these selfish evil “wealthy” Americans?

In January-February 2011, U.S. Trust conducted one of the most in-depth nationwide surveys on the “high net worth and ultra high net worth” in the United States. The independent research firm Phoenix Marketing International surveyed approximately 450 wealthy Americans, defined as those with $3 million or more of investable assets, excluding primary residence but including retirement assets. The survey was administered online and lasted an average of 20 minutes. 457 questionnaires were completed; all respondents had stated liquid assets of at least $3 million, their self-reported asset information was verified by “algorithms in place” and “confirmed with questions in the survey itself.”

Here are the highlights of what the survey found:

  • The majority of wealthy Americans are self-made — they earned their money on their own. Nearly all respondents are wealthier than their parents. Over three-fourths of respondents accumulated their wealth through earned income from their occupation and investments. Only 27% accumulated any of their wealth through inheritance.
  • The majority (84%) attribute their wealth primarily to focus and hard work. Nearly 50% also believe intellect and personal values played a key role. Even three quarters of those who received large inheritances say their wealth is the byproduct of focus and hard work. Only 14% of respondents attribute their wealth to being part of a family that is financially fortunate.
  • 4 in 10 still do not consider themselves wealthy.
  • In many cases, their wealth was accumulated at a personal cost. 47% say there are consequences associated with accumulating the wealth they have, including not taking enough time off, being too busy to spend time with family, mishandling personal relationships and even letting their physical health suffer.
  •  About half of the respondents do not expect their heirs to attain the same level of wealth, in part because they don’t think heirs are prepared to handle family money, nor are the respondents looking for advice to turn their wealth into multi-generational assets. Only 12% of those surveyed said it is highly likely that next generation heirs will attain the same level of wealth or more.
  • Most of the respondents do not measure their self-worth by how much money they have. Only one-third consider the value of their assets to be a very important measure of their personal success and self worth. Instead, the most important measures of personal success/self worth are the quality of relationships with family and friends and the success of children.

You can read the survey findings for yourself by going HERE.

The left’s standard ploy of demonizing “the rich” is working. The Palm Beach Post reports on July 14, 2011, that a Quinnipiac University nationwide survey of 2,311 registered voters, conducted from July 5 through July 11, found that:

  • 67% sided with Democrats that an agreement to raise the debt ceiling should include tax hikes for the wealthy and corporations, not just spending cuts.
  • By a 2-1 margin, the survey’s respondents blamed former President George W. Bush rather than Obama for the economy, although Obama is now more than 60% through his term of office.
  • 48% would blame Republicans if the debt limit is not raised, compared to 34% who would blame Obama.