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UN: abortion & euthanasia should be universal human rights; one world government in 12 years

Inés San Martin reports for Crux, Nov. 15, 2018, that the United Nations Human Rights Committee wants to make abortion and “assisted suicide” — a euphemism for euthanasia — a univeral human right.

A “General Comment” is a UN agency’s interpretation of the provisions of the treaties to which it is a party.

According to a draft “General Comment” of the UN Human Rights Committee’s International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, UN member governments:

  • Must decriminalize abortion for women and abortionists.
  • Must guarantee “safe, legal and effective” access to abortion when the life of the pregnant woman is at risk, or when carrying the pregnancy to term could cause her “pain or suffering” as in the cases of rape or incest.
  • Must remove barriers that deny access to a safe abortion, “including barriers caused as a result of the exercise of conscientious objection by individual medical providers.” In other words, medical providers must be forced to perform abortion, regardless of their religious or moral objection.
  • Guarantee girls’ and women’s access to post-abortion health care “in all circumstances, and on a confidential basis.”
  • Guarantee access by “boys and girls” to a wide range of affordable contraceptive methods.
  • Allow medical professionals to “facilitate the termination of life of afflicted adults, such as those who are terminally ill, who experience severe physical or mental pain and suffering and who wish to die with dignity.”

An earlier version of the draft was read in July 2017, during the 120th session of the Human Rights Committee and made available online by the UN. “All interested stakeholders” were invited to comment on the draft. Although many pro-life groups submitted comments, their views are disregarded as the current version of the draft, as of October 31, shows that the language calling for governments to guarantee access to abortion and “assisted suicide” remains.

Meanwhhile, writing for American Thinker, Oct. 27, 2018, E. Jeffrey Ludwig reminds us that in 2015, the UN issued a program for world government, entitled Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The 14,883-words document has 91 numbered sections addressing issues under the five headings of People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership; and contains 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to improve life on the planet.

The earlier UN ideas and ideals of rights, freedom, equality, and justice are now subsumed under “sustainability”. The UN World Commission on Environment and Development defines “sustainable development” as:

  • Development “that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” — whatever that means.
  • “Environmentalism” — preventing the depletion of scarce planetary resources.
  • The Marxist axiom that society should be organized around the idea of “from each according to his ability to each according to his needs.”

Ludwig warns:

The entire “Transforming Our World” document is cast in a stream of consciousness of pious platitudes for a utopian future. It is an outsize utopian dream. Five of the 17 items pertain to the environment.  There are goals for the cities, for women, for the poor, and even for life under the water. Absolutely no sphere of human activity is exempt from control by the UN….

The one-worlders of the 1950s and early 1960s are now in the UN driver’s seat, and they have made their move. The overlay of Marxist talk about “meeting needs” has moved to center stage. The UN has assigned itself a time frame for moving forward in its plan for planetary hegemony.

This projected transformation detailing (yet without details) a new world order of environmental responsibility and a significant reduction of poverty and hunger never speaks to the practical dimension of vast manipulations of people by cynical leaders and ignorant bureaucrats who hold their positions through terrorism and bribery. They never discuss incompetence and corruption, twin brothers in the family of venality. The document portrays a sincere world where all those in power want to help humanity despite the daily evidence of the selfishness, corruption, murderous intents, devilish manipulations, thefts, personal immoralities, hatreds, and utter depravity of many governmental leaders in every country in the world, and among the leaders of business as well. Is not the Agenda for Sustainable Development itself one of those devilish manipulations?

The sustainability ideal is not wedded to a Christian worldview; instead, individual liberty is submerged in a scientifically determined collectivist mindset with final decisions in the hands of the devilish, all-knowing Big Brothers. The relevance of the individual is downplayed. It is being put forward by a UN that is no longer pro-western, a much larger body than existed in 1945. Will you accept it, or is it time, more than ever before, to begin rethinking our membership in that unsustainable body?

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Smart Growth and Stealth Zoning

“The goal of this comprehensive plan is to make sure our city is affordable and competitive. We can make the most efficient use of our tax dollars if we plan carefully instead of letting things happen chaotically.” -American Planning Association
“Human habitation as it is referred to now is restricted to lands within the Urban Growth Boundaries of the city. Only certain building designs are permitted. Rural property is more and more restricted on what uses can be on it.” -Rosa Koire, Behind the Green Mask
In East Tennessee, the UN Agenda 21 Smart Growth plan is the five county local “Regional ” program called Plan East Tennessee (Regional Plan for Livable Communities), a plan which will eliminate private property rights in these five counties. (Link) It is the plan for Smart Growth.
The City of Knoxville applied for a federal grant from Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, while Governor Bill Haslam, a Republican, was Mayor of the City of Knoxville. Link

HaslamTennessee Gov. Bill Haslam (R)

These grants, part of the Obama administration’s Partnership for Sustainable Communities, bring together HUD, Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Two types of grants were awarded — those to update existing plans, and those to develop sustainability plans from scratch.  Knoxville’s Plan ET is from scratch and Knoxville received $4.32 million from the HUD grant.  Another $2.5 million came from a Consortium of partners which includes non-profits.  (As an aside, the Knoxville Utilities Board, KUB, received a $3.6 million grant from DOE, Department of Energy, to install smart meters.)
The Architectural firm, Wallace, Roberts, and Todd, (WRT), headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the Plan ET partner chosen to head the forums.  They were paid $1.7 million to accomplish the pre-determined outcome of these forums through facilitation of the Delphi Technique.  The Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC), another unelected commission, has $1,591,000 of the HUD/Plan ET monies in their account as of June 14, 2012.  Another $100,000 was given to the MPC for the costs of the forum locations and refreshments.  This leaves approximately $3.4 million in the City of Knoxville’s coffers, it is believed, since they are the ones who’d applied for the grant.
Governor Haslam has proven he is an EPA, Agenda 21 proponent, not only by allowing the application for the Smart Growth grant from HUD, but by his actions since becoming governor. Haslam has also refused to sign a resolution against Agenda 21, even though a Resolution has absolutely no binding power of law.  Link
In my previous article on NewsWithViews, “Mind Control and Smart Growth,” I explained that Knoxville is also a dues paying member of ICLEI since 2007.  From Tom DeWeese’s article, “Agenda 21 in One Easy Lesson” on ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (formally, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives): “Communities pay ICLEI dues to provide “local” community plans, software, training, etc. Additional groups include American Planning Association, The Renaissance Planning Group, International City/ County Management Group, aided by US Mayors Conference, National Governors Association, National League of Cities, National Association of County Administrators and many more private organizations and official government agencies. The Foundation and government grants drive the process.”
On Thursday, March 21st, 2013, three of us attended a meeting of the Farragut City Council. About 20 people were in the audience at this meeting. The 2010 Census recorded 20,689 population for Farragut, which is part of Knox County.  Knox County is the largest of the five counties in Plan ET Smart Growth with a population of nearly 500,000.  Total population in the five county “region” of Plan ET is 700,000.  Obviously, very few people in the area go to their council or commission meetings, and this is where the damage is done to our freedoms.
The first person that spoke was Matt Barney, the developer of 52 acres, and he kept expounding on the Green Spaces they were developing, with fruit trees and gardens. He stated his whole development was a “green community.”  According to the zoning laws of the Town of Farragut, 35% of any development now has to be given over to green space.  For this developer, that means 17.74 acres of this 52 acre development.  It was originally 96 home sites, but was reworked to be 49 home sites for more “green space.”
So, developers in the Town of Farragut must give up more than one-third of their property for “green space” rather than building homes on all of the property they’ve purchased.  How would you like to buy a piece of land you intend to use, but then be told by the local politicians that more than one-third of that land cannot be used for the purpose you desire.  Just a little fascism sprinkled in for enjoyment.
Check out Farragut’s Planning Division.  The Division has their own Vision 2025 Smart Growth project, and they’ve already implemented bike lanes in their community.  They even have a Code Enforcement Division that reviews all commercial, office, and residential construction plans, grants permits and sets fees, does inspections and licensing and fees for plumbing/gas and mechanical contractors.  None of this sounds onerous.  However, once Smart Growth is part of the City’s plan, all of this can become draconian in nature. It is happening via zoning and codes by these council and commission members. Remember, this is a very small community of 21,000 people.  Yet, here is Smart Growth, which is in nearly every small town and city in the country.
After the council meeting, there were perhaps a dozen people left.  A presentation by the Knoxville Metropolitan Planning Commission regarding Plan ET was scheduled for the council members.  Three of the ten members left, so the presentation was given to the seven who were left.
Jeff Welch, Knoxville’s Regional Transportation Planning Organization Director, was there along with Metropolitan Planning Commission‘s, GIS (Geographical Information Services) manager, Tim Kuhn, to present the results of the Plan ET Smart Growth project thus far.  (GIS is the mapping of all the counties’ properties.) Tim Kuhn actually used the Delphi Technique on the Town Council members, just as was done at the Plan ET Forums we attended in 2012.  The council members were asked questions about the community, but were provided only multiple choice answers from which to choose. This was to decide what was important to them for their community and how it should “grow” in the next 30 years.  Most of the people on the council will not even be here in 30 years.  During his presentation, Tim Kuhn made the statement that 500 people in this five county “region” had given their “input” at the two series of Plan ET forums regarding what was important to them for their communities in the next 28 years.  So, from a population of 700,000 people, 500 people are deciding our future, without an election, by unelected members of the Metropolitan Planning Commission, and the architectural firm, skilled in the Delphi Technique, (video) who was hired to help them with the predetermined outcome.  Link
At the 2012 series forums, where the “public” was invited, the majority of those present were local government employees who had a vested interest in seeing these Smart Growth plans accomplished.  If those of us against UN Agenda 21 Smart Growth had not attended the forums, the only people giving “community input” would be the invited government shills.  Since they have a vested interest in Smart Growth they shouldn’t have even been voting at these Delphi meetings as it is a conflict of interest!  At one meeting, one of the invitees admitted she was a paid participant.  Of course!  They were all paid to go because they worked for the city, the county, the university, Oak Ridge National Laboratories, etc.
The Farragut Council was then told the results, all of which were scripted for their pre-determined outcome via their use of Rand Corporation’s mind-control Delphi Technique.  RAND developed the Delphi method in the 1950s for the U.S. Department of Defense.  It was originally intended for use as a psychological weapon during the cold war.  Remember, these people from the MPC and Wallace, Roberts, and Todd, also went into schools and used this same “exercise” on children who are not taxpayers!
Kuhn stated the community challenges were, lack of good jobs, highways and side roads needing repair, more public transportation, empty commercial buildings, improved education, protection of natural resources, and drug abuse problems.  He asked the Council members to rate these problems in how the region responds to same.  Kuhn stated the desire was to get people closer to their jobs, more transportation and transit services, more housing for the elderly in urban areas, and to contain “sprawl.”  Instead of population expanding further out in rural communities, he suggested their “results” from the forums stated this needs to be changed.
The entire meeting continued with how the “region” would grow in the next 30 years. Kuhn then discussed the different “regional growth” concepts and went through several different scenarios. He said this is “how we’ll grow and what the range of alternatives will be.”  He explained that these concepts came from the 500 people questioned in the Plan ET forums and then repeated almost word for word what is on the Plan ET website.
1.  The first “Trend concept” is “Business as Usual” – the way East Tennessee been growing for the last 30 years.  Kuhn states this is a “kind of grow out” in suburban areas pattern, following major roads, mostly suburban apartments and suburban single family home neighborhoods, and private vehicles are needed.
2.  The “Spread Out” or “Grow Everywhere” pattern – closer to nature, more rural, embraces that growth can occur everywhere in the “region.”  Growth occurs mainly in suburban and rural areas, with minimal growth in the region’s cities and towns. New development is car-friendly and grows primarily into undeveloped areas. New homes are largely developed in suburban neighborhoods and on rural lots that were once farmland and open space.
3.  Corridors – growing along the regions highways, interstates, and major roads, in more of a linear form, keeping employment in the same areas as shopping, and outside of these areas is suburban housing, different types of subdivisions, and apartments.
4. Centers Concept – The centers concept focuses on growing the region’s cities and towns, as well as creating identity in today’s suburban places by redeveloping aging commercial areas with both businesses, homes and adjacent neighborhoods that are a short walk or bike ride away.  Regional transit connects the centers and local transit is improved.
5. Cities and Towns Concept – Literally using the cities and towns in the regions where most of the growth would occur in a reinvestment and redevelopment of the cities and towns.  Using some of the corridor concept to have more compact shopping, employment, neighborhood development, and other forms of housing which is smaller and within closer proximity to business/shopping/etc.  Also bigger investments in local transit with high frequency transit moving throughout the most populace parts of the region.  Creating an environment that is supportive of a variety of ways of getting around (car, bike, walk and transit).
All the above scenarios sound pretty innocuous, don’t they?  The final plans however, intend the elimination of private vehicles and travel to be only by local transit, bike, or your feet, and you will live in high density housing.  How do they accomplish these goals?  Zoning, annexation (Babelay Farm in Knoxville), codes, taxes, etc. ad nauseum, are all accomplished through your local county commission, and city or town councils.  The local planning commission people are unelected…they are appointed.  In Knoxville, the City appoints seven members and the County appoints 8 members to the Metropolitan Planning Commission.  We cannot get rid of them because they are not elected!
The propaganda campaign to keep us in the dark starts with the American Planning Association (APA). From page 34, of APA’s, “The Planning Commissioner’s Guide,” A number of communities across the country have integrated sustainability into their Comprehensive Plans.  Examples include:

Here are some links to Smart Growth high density housing in Issaquah, WAPasadena, CA;  High Density housing developed by the Puget Sound Cottage Housing Development Zoning Ordinance; Harrison, NJDel Mar, CA; Pasadena, CA; and dozens more.
If you want to stop the takeover of our property, culture and freedoms by the United Nations Agenda 21/Smart Growth/Sustainability, you need information.    Here are important resistance sites and information, and here is a special report on Sustainable Development by the American Policy Center.
How many people are attending their local council and commission meetings?  This is where it all happens people! Are you sitting at home thinking someone else will go and protect your rights?  Are you thinking it won’t happen in your lifetime? It’s here!  It’s happening NOW!  If you want to retain your God given liberties, you’d better get off your fannies and get down to these meetings, and find out what’s going on in your community.  Familiarize yourself!
Like the developer who had to give up 35% of his purchased land for “green space,” how much land are you willing to give up that already belongs to you?  Guess what?!  They’re going to incrementally take all your land, all 100% of it, and it’s happening right now!  Are you ready to give up everything you’ve worked for all your lives? It will be too late when you are marched off to the FEMA camps.  Either you put forth some effort now, just as our founders did then, or you’re just as guilty as the perpetrators.

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Obama wants to replace your car with public transportation

Do you hate the car(s) you drive and instead would rather take public transportation like bus and rail?
But Obama’s Secretary of Transportation says you do!

Ray LaHoodLaHood gives keynote speech at the APTA, March 11, 2013

Nicholas Ballasy reports for The Daily Caller that at the American Public Transportation Association’s legislative conference last Monday, March 11, 2013, soon-to-retire Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was making a case for high-speed rail in America. LaHood said Americans want to “get off the 95 corridor,” “get out of their cars” and use a more “convenient” form of transportation.
He said: “Ridership is at an all-time high on Amtrak on the northeast corridor. Amtrak is making money on the northeast corridor. Why? Because the people are ahead of the politicians on this. People want to get off the 95 coordinator, get out of their cars [and] have a convenient way to travel. This is where America is moving, and in every budget proposal the president has put forth, he’s included high-speed rail. We will not be dissuaded by detractors. High-speed rail is coming to America, and it’s coming because of the president’s investment. It’s going to happen. There’s no stopping it.”
You can watch and hear LaHood for yourself, here.
La Hood and his boss, the POS in the White House, are marching goose-stepping to the tune of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development’s Sustainable Cities Strategy — a regional plan to replace cities, counties, and states with Mega-Regions. High-speed trains are the building blocks for the Mega-Regions, where personal car usage will be restricted in favor of public transportation, and individual homes replaced with high-density housing. All decided by unelected boards of elected officials. (Read more about the Sustainable Cities Strategy, here.)
And that’s precisely why, despite being BILLIONS of dollars in deficit, California’s dysfunctional state government nevertheless insists on the construction of expensive high-speed rail.
H/t FOTM’s sage_brush

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Agenda 21: Heroic Ann Bressington, Australian MP – Names the NWO Gang

It’s been an amazing year in the fight against the UN Agenda 21-Sustainable Development juggernaut.  As public awareness has grown through the efforts of citizen activists from both sides of the political spectrum, political parties and legislators are taking a stand.  You can find the  anti-Agenda 21 legislation here, 
They’re fighting it in Australia, too.  Member of Parliament, Ann Bressington, spells out the totalitarian plan chronologically and names the names of the perpetrators  quoting NWO boy, George H.W. Bush, ” There will be a profound reorientation of all human activity.”

In the face of the pushback by average citizens and legislators, the UN-USA Executive Director, Patrick Madden, posted an article in March, 2012 calling the people taking a stand against  UN Agenda 21 conspiracy theory wackos and called supporters of Agenda 21 “… we do need to be vocal and vigorous in defense of the UN to ensure the facts are set straight and our message is heard. You can do this by speaking at city council meetings or writing a Letter to the Editor and op-ed, specifically tailored to debunking the Agenda 21.” 
It’s going to be an uphill battle for the UN boys.  It’s hard to debunk a conspiracy when videos of United Nations strongman Maurice Strong, reveals himself as a conspirator in pushing the true agenda behind Agenda 21. 

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Agenda 21 – Smart Growth Gurus Freaking Out

This just in from Rosa Koire, the  liberal democrat speaking out against U.N. Agenda 21, and being labeled a conservative tea partier for her stand!

I was interviewed in February 2012 for the July/August 2012 issue of the American Bar Association’s Probate and Property magazine.  The article is out and it’s a smear.  Classic techniques of omission of mention and manipulation of information were used by the attorney who interviewed me.  Please forward this article and the video I made of our interview below so that people can see yet another example of press distortion when reporting on UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

“We will not allow this to go unchallenged.  Americans deserve the truth, and are committed to exposing and stopping UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development in their schools, government, clubs, organizations, and media.  We are joining together to break the conspiracy of silence and disinformation surrounding the erection of a global totalitarian government worldwide.

 Awareness is the first step in the Resistance.

Rosa Koire, ASA
Executive Director
Post Sustainability Institute

In my opinion, the 8 page article, “Navigating the Political Challenges to Sustainable Development,”  written by attorney,  James Slaton, is actually very encouraging.  It is not meant to be read by the general public.  It is an insider article for those in the planning and legal professions working to implement Smart Growth/Sustainable Development.  According to his article, the planners think we are a huge, well-funded monolithic force and they’re scrambling to come up with new strategies to deal with us because we’ve been successfully disrupting their Delphi Technique in meeting after meeting across the country.  Here’s a gem of a quote on page 6  by one of the air-head planners,“To us, hating sustainable development is like hating kittens.”

Slaton is a heavy-hitter in the Smart Growth community according to the website of his Louisiana law firm:

Mr. Slaton serves as the Chair of the Land Use and Zoning Committee of the American Bar Association Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section.  He is the Vice-Chair of the New Orleans Bar Association Real Property Committee.  Mr. Slaton serves as an Associate Member of the Urban Land Institute where he serves on the programming committee for the Louisiana Chapter.  Mr. Slaton is on the Professional Advisors Council of the Northshore Community Foundation.  He is a member of the American, Louisiana State, and New Orleans Bar Associations and an Associate Member of the Urban Land Institute.

Watch the video, read the article, go to a meeting and disrupt the Delphi Technique and check out Rosa’s websites.  She knows what she’s talking about and she’s not afraid to say so!  LOL


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Agenda 21 & Bankruptcy

Sustainable Development & Bankrupt cities & utilities

They’re going down like bowling pins; municipalities, public utilities. The website, Governing.com promises ongoing updates of this bankruptcy map.  The media always cites government employee pension plans and I’m sure that burden is a major factor.  Rarely mentioned is the huge and unpublicized cost of  participation in U.N. Agenda 21/ICLEI/Sustainable Development schemes. 
Click on the city names below for a link to their sustainable development plan.
Stockton, CA
Status: Filed for bankruptcy
Date: 6/28/2012
Debt or Deficit Amount: $26 million
Mammoth Lakes, CA
Status: Filed for bankruptcy
Date: 7/3/2012
Debt or Deficit Amount: $43 million
San Bernardino, CA
Status: Filed for bankruptcy
Date: 8/1/2012
Debt or Deficit Amount: $46 million

Boise County, ID
Status: Bankruptcy filing rejected
Date: 9/8/2011
Debt or Deficit Amount:$5.4 million 
Jefferson County, AL
Status: Filed for bankruptcy
Date: 11/9/2011
Debt or Deficit Amount:More than $4 billion
Harrisburg, PA
Status: Bankruptcy filing rejected, defaulted on payments
Date: 3/10/2012
Debt or Deficit Amount: More than $300 million
These may be just the tip of the iceberg.   The map below is an indication of current ICLEI-affiliated municipalities.   How many more local governments will hit the wall?

ICLEI-USA Full Member List is here

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Agenda 21: Rio+20 and ICLEI Hypocrites

   ICLEI Members Admit “Bait and Switch”                                       
6/18/2012   Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
To advance public action on global warming, participants attending the ICLEI World Congress admitted today that they are deliberately employing new terminology to misdirect opponents and gain acceptance of their efforts to reduce energy use and greenhouse gases. By utilizing terms like “sustainability” and “sustainable development,” the group wants to mask its objectives and disarm would-be critics who might otherwise oppose their agenda, ICLEI attendees confided with CFACT representatives at the conference.
Huxley Lawler, Executive Coordinator of Environment and Climate Change of the Gold Coast City Council in Australia (an ICLEI member), told CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker bluntly that we don’t use the term climate change anymore. It’s sustainable development.” Rucker and CFACT staffer Abdul Kamara confirmed this in conversations with other delegates, including Paul Chambers, a Sustainability Manager for the Auckland Council in New Zealand. Chambers said it is important to use inexact environment protection terminology when dealing with conservative governments…….
The above is excerpt from a June 18, 2012 Press Release from CFACT.org, (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) an organization fighting at an international level to expose and stop the ultimate endgame  of  U.N. Agenda 21.

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Brainwashing – Part 2

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Agenda 21- Corporatocracy Rosa Koire Lays It on the Line

Rosa Koire was on Alex Jones’ infowars.com radio broadcast last Sunday.  They break new ground here. 

These are some of the Lamestream Media hit pieces against the tide of anti-Agenda 21 push-back:
2/3/2012 New York Times:   Activists Fight Green Projects, Seeing U.N. Plot
2/7/2012  The Atlantic : Why Planners Need to Take Agenda 21 Criticism More Seriously
2/14/2012  OpEd by Exec Dir of ICLEI   The Unsettling Attacks on Green Cities and Counties   Note:  The comments on this one are priceless!

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Agenda 21- Life in the 21st Century- Propaganda for Kids


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