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Pro-abort woman threatens to slit throat of pro-life student at 2020 March for Life

The March for Life is the largest annual human rights demonstration in the world.

Each year, on January 24, the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling which legalized abortion in all 50 states, tens of thousands of pro-life women, men, young people, and children from all across the United States converge on the National Mall in Washington, DC, and march on Capitol Hill to voice their support for the value of each and every human life from the moment of conception.

This year, Donald John Trump attended and spoke at the March for Life, the first time any U.S. president has done so. Full text of his speech here.

Not only are they intent on killing defenseless unborn humans, pro-aborts are homicidal against adults as well. See:

Dorothy Cummings McLean reports for LifeSiteNews that at this year’s March for Life, a pro-abort woman threatened 20-year-old college student Selene Cerankosky that she would “f **** slit [her] throat.”

Cerankosky is a junior at Robert Morris University and the president of the university’s branch of Students for Life of America (SFLA). The encounter happened around 11 a.m. outside the U.S. Supreme Court, where Cerankosky had gone to reserve space before the March for Life rally began.

Cerankosky told LifeSiteNews that she and other students “were trying to get to the front where the press was,” when she “got blocked” by a “very angry” stone-faced young woman wearing a pair of pale pants stained with red paint, presumably to simulate blood. The woman threatened Cerankosky, saying, “Back up, or I will f****** slit your throat.”

Cerankosky said, “I was kind of shocked at first. I think she knew she had done something wrong because after that she just said, ‘Back up, back up, for God’s sake.’”

Cerankosky held her ground. She didn’t want abortion activists to think that these kind of tactics are effective in intimidating pro-lifers. Eventually Cerankosky turned her back on the enraged woman who stomped off in a huff. Cerankosky then told her rally coordinator, Stephanie Stone, of the incident. Stone ran to tell the nearest police officer.

Cerankosky said “The police believed her” and “found some kind of weapon on [my harasser], which is why they handcuffed her.” Cerankosky took a photograph showing the pro-abort aggressor being handcuffed by the police.

Cerankosky said that the pro-abort woman was not the only person at the rally wearing simulated blood-soaked trousers that were meant to represent post-abortion bleeding. Cerankosky saw a “lot of people” wearing them — “It’s not the most pleasant sight.”

Cerankosky said gruesome threats like the one she received aren’t very prominent, and hopes her experience doesn’t dissuade other people from going to pro-life rallies. At the same time, Cerankosky believes recent pro-life successes (see “876 abortion clinics lost taxpayer funding – thank you, President Trump”) have infuriated abortion advocates, and that “they’re getting more aggressive and angry. I think they’re going to resort to more barbaric methods. Just be cautious.”

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