The Bombs Are Street Theater

The News Cycle From Now Through The November Election Will Be Mostly Street Theater

Romanian Street Theater

Photo from Romania-Insider.com

Street theatre is a form of theatrical performance and presentation in outdoor public spaces without a specific paying audience. These spaces can be anywhere, including shopping centres, car parks, recreational reserves, college or university campus and street corners.
Street theatre – Wikipedia

In our Truth-Optional news media we will witness a traveling circus for the next 2 weeks.

It’s all about seizing the narrative, and shaping public opinion. It is not (it is NEVER) about truth. We have had a succession of about three stories per week that dominate the news. It’s been going on this way much more in the last 2 years.

Before we “Move On” let’s bid a fond farewell to the Caravan news story, which may have lost its appeal.

Although it may continue to find its way into the news, the Democrats are abandoning the Caravan story because of its unintended consequence of rallying and motivating the conservative base.

The new darling of the Fake News is the Bomb threats against President Trump’s detractors.

The above screen shots reveal a clear intent in the sending of the bombs. All the targets are detractors of President Trump. So the CNN narrative is that it’s the fault of Trump and his supporters. (Please call to mind how often we have found that hate graffiti against one group or another is actually made secretly by a member the “victim” group.)

But wait! One of the Fake News stalwarts, the New York Times, may have accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

That’s right! You read the headline correctly. “FAKE EXPLOSIVES.”

And on FoxNews Dan Bongino pointed out that the bombs look extremely amateurish, which might make us conclude that they didn’t go off because they were made by an idiot. But Dan’s experience in the field runs to a contrary conclusion. Amateur bomb makers usually blow themselves up, or have a history of accidental explosions. So instead of an amateur, we have an expert. But an expert at what? Simply, these are built expertly by people who build fake bombs for the movie industry.

Movie industry? I wonder what Robert Di Nero has to say.

So in conclusion, what we are being force fed by news media is not news at all, but Street Theater.

Will the non-exploding fake bombs dominate the news cycle through the mid-term election? I don’t know, but my prediction is that this story will be replaced by a succession of other outrages orchestrated by the same people.

Hey folks, it’s all theater. Let’s grab our popcorn, put on our 3-D glasses, and enjoy the entertainment.

Oh yes!
And don’t vote for ANY Democrat!

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