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Take a break from politics…enjoy some classic movie scenes!

Most of what Hollyweird produces today is crap with self-righteous actors who preach to us about gun control, abortion, climate change and, of course, TRUMP!!!!!!

I love movies from back in the day. That’s because political correctness didn’t stiffen scripts and men were real men. Thought I’d share some clips with you of some of my favorites:

Gone with the Wind: The drama, costumes and history, oh my! And of course, Clark Gable.

An Affair to Remember: The wonderful fashions worn by Deborah Kerr! And of course, Cary Grant.

Dirty Harry movies: The action! And of course, Clint Eastwood.

The Thomas Crown Affair: The heist and cat-and-mouse game between Thomas and Vicki! And of course, Steve McQueen.

Bullitt: That car chase! And again, Steve McQueen.

Jaws: A classic that made everyone afraid to go in the water! And of course, Roy Scheider.

Ocean’s 11: The best part of this movie is the heist! And of course, the Rat Pack.

Feel free to post vids of your favorite movies in the comments below!


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