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Grad student asked to move out because of her legally owned guns

No laws or rules were broken. Yet feeeeeeeeelings were hurt.

Pirnie’s roommates must the type who believe urination will somehow deter a would-be rapist. Good luck with that, girls…

From Fox News: A Harvard graduate student who was asked to move out of her apartment after her legally owned firearms made her roommates “uncomfortable” said Sunday on “Fox & Friends” that she has been lied to while seeking reasons for the request.

Leyla Pirnie, 24, said that she doesn’t know why her roommates searched through her room for the firearms and violated her privacy. Pirnie said on Sunday that she has “been given so many lies” as to why her roommates were searching through her room in the first place. “Every time I want an answer, it’s a different lie,” she said.

Pirnie said a roommate’s comment that struck her in particular was that she was from the South and her “Make America Great Again” hat was not liked.

After searching through Pirnie’s room, one roommate reportedly emailed the apartment’s landlord, saying the presence of the firearms “causes anxiety and deprives us of the quiet enjoyment of the premise to which we are entitled.”

The roommate wrote that if the guns were to remain in the apartment, they should be locked in a gun safe. It is unclear if the apartment is connected to the university.

Pirnie added on Sunday that she contacted Somerville Police Capt. James Donovan, asking him to assure her landlord that her guns were safe and legal.

“Despite all that, my landlord still said … ‘it seems that peoples’ feelings are hurt, so you should leave,'” she said.

Landlord Dave Lewis reportedly said in an email that because it was “clear” Pirnie wanted to keep her firearms, “it would be best for all parties if she finds another place to live.”

Pirnie also said Sunday that nowhere in her lease did it state she wasn’t permitted to keep guns in her apartment.

“I have had a bunch of attorneys reach out and say they’d like to help out, so we’ll see where it ends up,” she said.


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Massachusetts mayor won’t remove Black Lives Matter banner from City Hall

sommerville blm banner
From King5: A city in Massachusetts has refused to remove a Black Lives Matter banner from City Hall at the request of the local police union.
The Somerville Police Employee’s Association published a letter on Tuesday addressed to Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone asking for the banner to be removed and replaced with an “All Lives Matter” banner. The banner features the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter and has been hanging from City Hall since August 2015.

Mayor Joseph Curtatone

Mayor Joseph Curtatone

 “It is inconceivable to us as it is demoralizing that our city would propagate its support for this movement while standing silent over the seemingly daily protest assassinations of innocent police officers around the country,” said Michael McGrath, the union’s president.
The police union’s request comes after several protests nationwide held in response to the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, two black men who were fatally shot by police in separate incidents in July. Following Sterling and Castile’s death were the deaths of five police officers in Dallas during a protest, who were targeted for being white by a gunman. Three more police officers were killed on Sunday in Baton Rouge, La., the same city where Sterling died.
Somerville Police Chief David Fallon

Somerville Police Chief David Fallon

Somerville Police Chief David Fallon answered questions and made a brief statement in front of Somerville City Hall Thursday morning. He said that if the mayor believes the banner allows community members to feel safer and engaged with the police department, then he was “100% behind it.”
“We support the city’s initiatives,” Fallon said.
“My unwavering support for our police officers does not and cannot preempt our commitment addressing systemic racism in our nation,” Curtatone said in a statement responding to the police union’s letter. “The City of Somerville stands against all violence and all injustice, which is why a Black Lives Matter banner hangs at City Hall and why a banner in honor of the slain officers is hanging at Somerville Police Headquarters where it would provide the most moral support to our officers—both on my order.”
Curtatone said he has made it clear to Somerville officers that the city should be thankful for and reinforce its safe community because of “the highest quality policing by a force dedicated to community policing, de-escalation, proper use of force, and anti-bias awareness.”
In Fallon’s statement, he said the mayor has always been a “staunch supporter” of the police department as well as a supporter of human rights. He said he wants to sit down with the mayor, the union president and members of the police department to have a “serious and effective” discussion regarding the banner.

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