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Arpaio Press Conference on Obama Eligibility Tomorrow

See Sheriff Arpaio’s report here!


Media organizations from all political persuasions are seeking admittance to a news conference to be held by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz.

The event is tomorrow at 1 p.m. Mountain Standard Time in Phoenix, 3 p.m. Eastern, and will be live-streamed by WND.

The topic of discussion will be an investigation by Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse into concerns about Obama’s eligibility. It’s the first time an official law enforcement report has addressed many of the allegations about the presumptive 2012 Democratic nominee for president.

The issues include Obama’s eligibility under the U.S. Constitution’s requirements, questions about his use of a Connecticut Social Security number and the image of his purported birth certificate from Hawaii.

In addition to the live-streaming, WND will make available to the public, the same day by email, the official report distributed to media by Arpaio’s investigators. Those interested in receiving the report can sign up for the free service.

Top national media organizations have indicated their plans to attend, and bookings for radio and television reports are in the works.  Full Story




Link to New Blog of Al the Skip Tracer ?

I think this may be a new blog started by ” Al the skip tracer”  who came upon the Harrison J. Bounel connection to the fake Obama Social Security number and address at 5046 S Greenwood.  

 He’s posted redacted versions of his findings online. 

Check it out!


NOTE:  I googled a map of one of the “Mystery Addresses” for Obama.  It turned out to be a Federal Office Building.  230 S Dearborn, Chicago.  It’s likely that others will be in the same category.


About Obama’s Strange Connecticut Social Security No.

Read Transcipt

I strongly suggest you Google Obama’s  attorney/accountant, Harvey S. Wineberg.  You will find that as of  December, 2010, he’s been appointed as an “advisor” to the Dept of Energy and Geithner’s Dept of the Treasury

Ethics Question:   He was reported as a “bundler” raising cash in excess of $100,000 for Obama’s 2008 campaign.  Now that he’s a public employee, is he still allowed to do that for 2012?

P.S.  According to a 17 page FEC ruling sent to Judicial Watch, there’s  nothing illegal about Obama’s NORTHERN TRUST real estate transaction?


What Barry Soetoro Obama Is Hiding From Us

Just a friendly reminder about Mr Transparency. Yea Right.


Hold on folks. It’s wrong to ridicule citizens who are asking legitimate questions about the man who is our President. In fact, as responsible citizens, it’s our duty to protect our country, not to blindly support someone who quite frankly, we’d never even heard of 3 years ago.
Here are a few things that Obama is hiding from you and all other Americans:
Barack Obama / Stanley Ann Dunham marriage license — Not released
Lolo Soetoro / Stanley Ann (Dunham) Obama marriage license — Not released
Record of adopt

ion by Lolo Soetoro — Not released ion by Lolo Soetoro — Not released

Baptismal certificate — Not released
Indonesian Passport, renewed for travel to Pakistan, a restricted nation for U.S. citizens in 1981 — Not released
Student records at Mentung No. 1 public school in Ja
karta, Indonesia ­ Not released
Hawaii elementary school records ­ Not released.
Punahou High School records – Not released
How his education at Punahou, a very expensive private school (Current tuition is $17,300/year.), was paid for.
Selective Service Registration – Released but proven to be Counterfeit
SAT score ­ Not released
Occidental College records – Not released
Columbia College records – Not released
Columbia thesis – Not released
Harvard College records – Not released
Harvard Law Review articles – None (maybe 1, but not signed)
How he paid for his Occidental, Columbia and Harvard education ­ Not released
LSAT score ­ not released
University of Chicago scholarly articles ­ None found
Law practice client list – Not released
Financial records while a community organizer in Chicago ­ Not released
Annenburg Project records – Not released
Illinois State Senate records – None (Locked up to prohibit public view)
Illinois State Senate schedule – ‘Lost’ (ALL other Illinois state senators‘ records are intact)
Medical records – Not released
Passport – Not released
Why his social security number allegedly starts with 042, a number issued in Connecticut sometime during 1976-1977.
Why his mother, Ann Dunham, is reported to have nearly a dozen aliases, at least two different Social Security numbers, and upwards of over 99 separate addresses.
Father’s name and address, and if dead, his death certificate. Not released
Mother’s death certificate showing who survivors are. Not released
Mother probate estate records showing who heirs are. Not released
In addition to being simply “Not released” most of these records are SEALED.

~Steve~        H’T  Igor,    and Rense.Com

Proof of Fake Social Security Number: Lawrence O’Donnell is a Bullying Pig

O’Donnell Beats Up on Orly Taitz Because  She Shows Proof of Fake Social Security Number from Connecticut


Obama, Release Your Other Documents!

On January 21, 2009, his first day in office, Obama said: “Transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency.”

Alas, that was a lie because on that same day Obama implemented and signed into law Executive Order 13489, which sealed all his records and documents.

This morning, after more than two years of speculations and countless lawsuits asking for his original long-form birth certificate, Obama finally released it. It remains to be seen whether the birth certificate is authentic.

In the meantime, since Obama said this morning that he wants the “side shows” and “carnival barkers” to stop “distracting” Americans from the country’s many “real” and serious problems, we urge him to live up to his promise of transparency and release the following documents:

  1. Marriage license of Obama’s parents, Barack Obama Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham.
  2. Obama’s Baptism certificate.
  3. Obama’s Punahou Kindergarten school records.
  4. Marriage license of Stanley Ann Dunham and Obama’s Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro.
  5. Obama’s adoption records (by Lolo Soetoro).
  6. Obama’s passport from Indonesia (he had to have one to attend school in Indonesia).
  7. Obama’s Social Security number and an explanation why it has a Connecticut 3-digit prefix.
  8. Obama’s Occidental College records.
  9. Obama’s U.S. passport or whatever passport he used to enter Pakistan.
  10. Obama’s Columbia University records and senior thesis.
  11. Obama’s LSAT (Law School Admission Test) scores.
  12. Obama’s Harvard Law School records.
  13. Obama’s Harvard Law Review articles.
  14. Obama’s real Selective Service Registration, not the forgery: http://www.debbieschlussel.com/archives/004431print.html.
  15. Obama’s medical records (not the brief one-page statement saying he is “healthy”).
  16. Obama’s Illinois Bar Exam records.
  17. Obama’s Illinois law practices client list and billing records.
  18. Obama’s Illinois State Senate schedule and records.
  19. List of countries Obama visited outside the United States before 2008.
  20. Document showing Obama repatriated to the U.S. from his Indonesian citizenship. Without repatriation, Obama is not a U.S. citizen, natural born or otherwise.

Lastly, I quote from Stephen Tonchen’s “Obama Presidential Eligibility: An Introductory Primer“:

35. If President Obama’s birth certificate shows conclusively that he was born in Hawaii, would it end the eligibility controversy?

Most certainly not! President Obama has stated publicly that his father was not a U.S. citizen. According to the birthers’ understanding of American history, if his father was not a U.S. citizen, President Obama cannot be a Constitutional natural born citizen, regardless of where he was born. If President Obama was born in Hawaii, he could be regarded as a statutory natural born citizen, but he would not necessarily be a Constitutional natural born citizen (See Question 9: Statutory natural born citizen). Regardless of what his birth certificate says, Obama’s presidential eligibility will never be settled or resolved, until the Supreme Court decides whether the U.S.-born children of non-U.S.-citizen parents are Constitutional natural born citizens.

See also my post of April 25, 2011, “By US Senate’s Definition, Obama is Ineligible – Not a Natural Born Citizen”.


India Uses Biometrics for New “Universal Identity” Numbers

The government of India is installing a new “universal identity number” system for its population of 1.2 billion which will be tied to biometric markers.

New Delhi says the biomarkers will help combat corruption and voter fraud. It’s just a matter of time before Americans, too, will be forced into biometrics identity cards, which precisely is what the Real ID is about.

In fact, one of the three companies that have contracted with the Indian government to scan the biometrics of every Indian is a U.S. company called L1 Identity Solutions, which Wikipedia says was recently acquired by the British-owned BAE Systems. It is claimed that “L1 and Digimarc control over 92% of the driver’s license market. Together they provide nearly all biometric solutions for state driver’s licenses, L1 being the largest provider. L1 was just awarded the passport card contract…. What Blackwater has become for the Department of Defense, L1 has become for the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security.”

Here are excerpts from a January 27, 2011 article from The Economist :

“The Indian government is trying to give all 1.2 billion Indians something like an American Social Security number, but more secure. Because each “universal identity number” (UID) will be tied to biometric markers, it will prove beyond reasonable doubt that anyone who has one is who he says he is. In a country where hundreds of millions of people lack documents, addresses or even surnames, this will be rather useful. It should also boost a wide range of businesses.

So far the process has gone smoothly. More than 1m people have been enrolled since October, and the pace is accelerating. It needs to: 1m is less than 0.1% of the population…. When an individual is enrolled, his biometric data must be compared with everyone else’s to ensure there is no duplication….

This mighty task has been awarded to [three] private contractors…Accenture and L-1 Identity Solutions of America, plus Morpho of France….

The government’s aim is to improve services and reduce corruption. A shocking two-thirds of the subsidised grain that the government allocates to the poor is either stolen or adulterated. When middlemen say they have delivered so many bags of rice to so many thousands of peasants, there is no way to tell if they are lying. But if each peasant has to scan her irises every time she picks up her ration, it will be harder to scam the system. Similar controls could be used to curb voter fraud…. A secure identity system will also help schools, reckons Suhas Gopinath, the boss of Globals, a firm that helps schools handle information. It would make it easier to monitor each student’s progress, he says. And if a student migrates to another state, his school records could move with him….

Britain has put off plans for biometric identity cards partly because of worries about soaring costs and technical snafus….”

Read the whole article HERE.