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Street dog repeatedly kicked by passers-by whom he followed, hoping to be adopted

This is heart-breaking, but there is a happy ending!

Scribble was a tiny, forlorn little street dog — one of countless homeless dogs in Manenberg, South Africa.

Scribble would wander the streets of Manenberg, following passers-by to catch their attention, hoping that some kind human would adopt him. But no one would.

One day, Sidewalk Specials — a Capetown non-profit that rescues dogs from abusive situations and off euthanasia lists, but does not have a shelter —  found Scribble limping in the streets, and took him for a checkup at a veterinary clinic, Vet Point.

The vet discovered that little Scribble’s limp was from being repeatedly kicked.

Sidewalk Specials convinced Hill’s Nutrition and TV station SABC 3 to feature Scribble on the Expresso Morning Show.

Happily, a family in Johannesburg saw Scribble and fell in love with him.

So Scribble boarded a plane to Johannesburg and met his forever family.

H/t PawMyGosh

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