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Chiraq moves Wuhan virus goal post from “flatten the curve” to a measurement of seven factors

Mayor Lightfoot (r) poses with her stylist after SHE was ALLOWED a hair cut, while violating her own social distancing rules

Washington state announced a four-phase plan to safely re-open their state which the Gov. Inslee dubbed, “Safe Start.”

Of course the “Safe Start” plan to re-open is much more complicated than the quick decision to shutdown the state and order residents to stay home. Yet Chiraq has got Washington State beat in their approach to re-open…

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and the Chicago Department of Public Health announced a new five-phase plan to re-open their city. From the press release:

“The framework – organized into five phases in alignment with the State of Illinois’ “Restore Illinois” plan – will advise Chicagoans on how to safely exit from shelter-in-place while continuing to prioritize the health of our most vulnerable residents.”

Guess what the name of this five-phase plan is? I hope you’re not drinking a beverage when you read this: “Protecting Chicago.”

The five phases include:


The original goal of “flatten the curve” has now morphed into the following seven requirements to transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3:

COVID-19 Case Rate (over 14 days, as a rolling average):Declining rate of new cases, based on incidence and/or percent positivity
Severe Outcome Rate (over 14 days, as a rolling average): Stable or declining rates of cases resulting in hospitalization, ICU admission, and/or death
Hospital Capacity Citywide (over 14 days, as a rolling average): Hospital beds: <1800 COVID patients, ICU beds: <600 COVID patients, Ventilators: <450 COVID patients •Testing Capacity: Test at least 5% of Chicago residents per month
Testing Percent Positivity Rates (over 14 days, as a rolling average):Congregate: <30% positive tests; Community: <15% positive tests •Syndromic Surveillance (over 14 days, as a rolling average): Declining emergency department visits for influenza-like illness and/or COVID-like illness
Case Investigation & Contact Tracing:Expanded system in place for congregate and community investigations and contact tracing

Read the whole press release and five-phase plan here.

Meanwhile, while the good mayor is oh-so-concerned with protecting Chiraq, the criminals keep up their business:

Chiraq’s criminals violate stay at home order: 21 shot, 7 killed last Tuesday in most violent day of 2020
Wuhan virus ain’t stopping Chiraq shootings: 22 wounded, 1 killed this past weekend

And this is happening: “Chicago hides names of released prisoners from police

Way to “protect” Chicago.


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