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VA school suspends boy for playing with toy gun in his own home


The tyrants of Larkspur Middle School in Virginia Beach, VA, suspended and threatens to expel a student, 13-year-old Khalid Caraballo, for “possession and playing with a firearm” playing with a toy air-soft gun in the front yard of his own home, while waiting for a school bus. The schoolbus stop is 70 yards away.

WAVY.com reports that during a hearing with a disciplinary committee yesterday (Sept. 24) morning, Khalid Caraballo and two other students were given long-term suspensions in a unanimous vote. The suspensions will last until June, but a hearing will be held January 27 to determine if they will be allowed back in school sooner.

Here’s contact info for:

School principal Matthew Delaney

School principal Matthew Delaney

Superintendent Sheila Magula

Superintendent Sheila Magula

Matthew Delaney
Principal of Larkspur MiddleSchool
Email: Matthew.Delaney@VBSchools.com
Telephone: (757) 648-4800

Dr. Sheila S. Magula
Superintendent, Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Email: askthesuperintendent@vbschools.com
Phone: 757.263.1007

For board members of Virginia Beach Public Schools, click here.

H/t Activist Post