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Sen. Ted Cruz clicked ‘like’ on incest-porn video

Yesterday, September 11, 2017, the 16th anniversary of 9-11, on his @tedcruz Twitter account, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) clicked “like” on a tweet of an incest-porn video posted by @SexuallPosts.

The video depicted a woman spying on and masturbating to a man fornicating her step-daughter. The step-mother then interrupted the couple and demanded that she be included as a threesome.

After netizens discovered Cruz’s “like”, it was deleted from Cruz’s Twitter account, but not before someone had saved it to archive, which you can see for yourself here, if you choose to do so.

SexuallPosts is already exploiting Cruz’s “like”, tweeting “Thanks for watching ted!” and using Cruz in its advertisement:

New York Daily Post reports:

“It’s unclear whether [Cruz] the married father of two personally liked the tweet or if a staffer using his account did the deed….

Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier quickly addressed the senator’s late night Twitter activity and said ‘the offensive tweet posted [sic] on @tedcruz account earlier has been removed by staff and reported to Twitter.’”

Frazier can’t even get her story straight — Cruz did not “post” the porn video; he clicked “like” on the video.

Note that Frazier did not claim that someone had hacked Cruz’s Twitter account. That means either Cruz or a staffer clicked “like” on the porn video. If no staffer is fired in the next few days, it means Cruz is the idiot — because only an idiot would watch a porn video on his public Twitter account and then click “like”.

See als0:

During the Republican primaries last year, Glenn Beck the Mormon touted Ted Cruz as the fulfillment of Mormon end-days prophecy, and actually threatened evangelical Christians that “If you don’t vote for Cruz, you’re not listening to God“.

Remember this from one of Cruz’s campaign stops last year? Just look at the look of revulsion on the face of his 7-year-old daughter Caroline turning away from his kiss.

Update (Sept. 14):

On CNN’s Jake Tapper’s show, Ted Cruz issued a denial, saying that an unnamed “staffer” had “accidentally” clicked “like” on the porn video (source: The Daily Beast):

“Look, we had a staffer who accidentally hit the wrong button and it was a screw-up. I will say, Twitter went crazy with it, it became trending. As soon as we found out about it, we pulled it down.”

Hey, Cruz. Did the “staffer” also “accidentally” access the SexuallPosts porn video? The only way that video could be accessed is either your Twitter account “follows” SexuallPosts, or the “staffer” went on SexuallPosts’ Twitter page.


Glenn Beck touts Ted Cruz as fulfillment of Mormon end-days prophecy

On the eve of the Utah caucuses, Ted Cruz has received the endorsement of two prominent Mormons: Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney.

On Tuesday, March 22, Utah Republicans will choose 40 delegates in caucuses. Under Utah’s rules, a candidate who wins more than 50% of the vote captures all of the state’s GOP delegates. If nobody wins more than half, the delegates are apportioned based on the percentage of the vote the candidate wins.

Ted Cruz (l) & Glenn Beck (r)

Ted Cruz (l) & Glenn Beck (r)

Lee Davidson reports for The Salt Lake Tribune that on Saturday, March 19, 2016, at a Cruz campaign rally of about 5,000 people in Provo High School, Provo, Utah, TV-radio talk host Glenn Beck said about Cruz and Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), “I don’t have any friends in Washington except these two” because of how they attack the status quo there.

Then Beck said something at once cryptic and alarming. He said that he, like many Mormons, believes in a prophecy that the Constitution will hang by a thread in the last days. Beck said he believes that now is that time, and that people like Lee and Cruz will save it. 

Beck also said the Book of Mormon was created as a guide on how to protect freedom in our day, to which the people at the rally responded yelling, “I believe!”

Cruz also received an endorsement from another prominent Mormon — 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Romney — who had been campaigning for any GOP presidential candidate except Donald Trump — did not appear at Cruz’s rallies, but endorsed Cruz in a Facebook post on Friday. Romney wrote:

“The only path that remains to nominate a Republican rather than Mr. Trump is to have an open convention. At this stage, the only way we can reach an open convention is for Sen. Cruz to be successful in as many of the remaining nominating elections as possible. Today, there is a contest between Trumpism and Republicanism. Through the calculated statements of its leader, Trumpism has become associated with racism, misogyny, bigotry, xenophobia, vulgarity and, most recently, threats and violence. I am repulsed by each and every one of these.”

Trump responded by calling Romney “the man who ‘choked’ and let us all down,” so his endorsement of Cruz “is good for me.”

For his part, Cruz said that the biggest danger America faces is career politicians who no longer listen, and that he relishes battling them for the people: “The biggest divide we have today in politics is between career politicians in Washington — in both parties — and the American people. Our freedom is at stake. Our nation is dangling in the balance.” Cruz said he has been ridiculed and attacked by such politicians for fighting Obamacare and defending the Constitution, but that he and Sen. Mike Lee are “holding Washington accountable.” Cruz even hinted that he might consider Lee as a Supreme Court nominee if he is elected president.

Thus far, Trump has won 673 delegates, Cruz has won 410 delegates, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has won 143, while Florida Sen. Marco Rubio — who suspended his campaign this week — had won 169. A total of 1,237 delegates is needed to win the Republican Party’s nomination.

It is the height of irony for Glenn Beck to tout Ted Cruz as the savior of the tattered Constitution, for Beck certainly cares not a whit whether Cruz — a Canadian citizen by birth who renounced his Canadian citizenship only last year when a Texas newspaper outed him — is constitutionally eligible to be President of the United States. In that, Beck is simply acting true to character. He had used the MSM’s derisive label “birthers” to refer to Americans who question Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president. Beck even stooped to calling “birthers” “dumb”. (See “Who’s the stupid one, Glenn Beck?“)

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Obama’s “I’m king” 2014 State of the Union address


13 days ago, he first said it.

On Jan. 15, he arrogantly and peremptorily told Senate Democrats that when Congress stands in his way, he’ll use his executive power, “I’ll act with or without Congress.”

In effect, this creature who calls him Barack Hussein Obama (among other names) has declared himself to be unchecked and unbalanced by other supposedly democratic institutions (like Congress, the Supreme Court, and the “free” press) in our supposed republic.

Last night, at his 5th State of the (Dis)Union address, he said it to the whole country, under the pretense that he’s doing it for the good of the people. From the transcript of his speech (click here for video of the speech):

“Now, as president, I’m committed to making Washington work better … But what I offer tonight is a set of concrete, practical proposals to speed up growth, strengthen the middle class and build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class. Some require congressional action, and I’m eager to work with all of you. But America does not stand still, and neither will I. (Applause.) So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do. (Cheers, applause.) … I’ll act on my own ….”

Some reactions:

1. Official Tea Party response from Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah):

2. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) points out 4 things Obama didn’t say:

  • Five years of the Obama Agenda have not worked, and have produced the lowest labor force participation since 1978.  Millions of Americans have lost their jobs because of his economic policies.
  • The word Benghazi. The Senate Intelligence Committee recently put out a report that said the attack on Benghazi was preventable, we had enough information to prevent it, and President Obama and SecState Hillary Clinton failed to do so, and to this day, no one has been held accountable.
  • The letters I.R.S. Eight months ago the Inspector General at the Department of Treasury concluded the IRS improperly targeted conservatives, Tea-Party groups, pro-Israel groups, pro-life groups…No one has been indicted.
  • The most striking omission: President Obama did not say a word to the over 5 million Americans whose health insurance has been canceled because of Obamacare.

3. John Molloy, Chairman of National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition*:

I cannot believe for over an hour we were subject to listen to outright lies, falsehoods and half truths delivered by an unaccomplished narcissist bent on destroying America and hearing applause by sycophants.  It is sad indeed that the role of leader of the American people is not only unfulfilled, it is held by one who thinks that he can fool ‘all of the people all of the time.’

Obama: “We ended a 12 year war, we stopped Iran’s nuclear production, we created 8 million jobs, we are not dependent on foreign oil, we will do all we can to protect the American people.”

The truth: We ended a war and failed in our objective, Iran does not allow inspectors, how many jobs did we lose (the 8 million created were jobs were holiday part time employment in total for the last five years) gas prices average $3.60/ gallon, we have no pipeline, the EPA has stifled coal production and
tax payer dollars are thrown away on venture capital energy companies which declare bankruptcy
after government funding and were the Americans killed in Benghazi protected?

And these are but a few contradictions to the lies just fed to the American people.

Obama’s use of a terribly injured member of our armed forces to make a political
point is disgraceful. Obama is not only unworthy of his role as commander in
chief, he lacks the integrity of a street cleaner (I do not wish to insult street cleaners). The joint chiefs, for not objecting to such foul usage, are complicit are also unworthy to command.

I cannot help but consider that we had just been subjected to an extremely heavy and lathered dose of ‘double speak’ by an Orwellian creation and that 1984 (which was really 1948) continues to gain momentum. 

We must make every effort to ensure that on Election Day in November this madness is neutralized. However, that may be too late and hope is not an option.

* The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition (www.veterans-coalition.org) is a 501c4 organization consisting of 70 veterans and veterans advocacy organizations whose individual membership exceeds 250,000 veterans and concerned citizens. The individuals on the Coalition’s board and staff are representatives of the member organizations.


MSNBC suddenly raises question of presidential eligibility

Breaking News!

MSNBC has suddenly discovered the concept of “natural born citizen” and is asking about the constitutional eligibility to be President of …

not Obama the POS, but Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas).

MSNBC, you sack of manure.

Here’s what I think of you: finger pointing

You want transparency?

H/t Obama Release Your Records