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After Seattle mass shooting carried out by known career-convicts, business owner says, “I don’t know what happened to our beautiful city”

There was a mass shooting in downtown Seattle on Wednesday where one was killed and seven injured. The perps are 24-year-old KNOWN gang members with EXTENSIVE criminal records between the two of them: 66 arrests and 34 convictions, including four felonies. Yet for some reason the perps weren’t in jail.

How did the demorat-run leadership in King County respond? By calling for more gun control laws.

MyNorthwest.com has a story about one restaurant owner nearby the shooting who is complaining about the loss of business he faces because of this incident (he had 68 canceled reservations). He states, ““For a small business like me, that means the entire payroll for the week. It was so devastating.”

Here’s the kicker: “I don’t know what happened to our beautiful city. We used to have this amazing Westlake Center; downtown was a treat. You would bring your family, ‘Let’s go downtown to shop and dine.’ And it’s gone. It doesn’t exist anymore.”

I’ll tell you how it happened: Seattle/King County has been run by demorats for decades.

With the easy access to today’s news and politics via your handheld device, there is really no reason for one to not understand what is going on in your own community. The problem lies in the inability of progressives to understand how their failed policies have destroyed that once vibrant city.

Here’s a refresher course for this Seattle restaurant owner and anyone with a true desire to understand how liberalism ruins the lives of law-abiding, taxpaying citizens:

King County judge on why repeat offenders get no punishment: “We’re just talking about property crime
Seattle repeat offender attacks man outside courthouse; was just released from jail earlier this month
Violent repeat offender in Seattle assaults toddler with coffee, two days after his jail release
Insanity in Seattle: Homeless man attempts to kidnap child. Guess how many previous arrests/convictions he has
How many convictions does it take for Seattle City Attorney to place a homeless criminal in jail after his latest assault?
Sanctuary King County, WA: Convicted rapist and illegal alien freed after 9 months returns to attack his disabled victim second time
Sanctuary King County: Man murdered in his sleep by illegal alien with previous felony

I could go on and on with the stories we’ve done on this blog about the inept criminal justice system in Seattle/King County.

It really is no mystery as to why Seattle has become a failed city – along with San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Chicago, Portland, etc. Gee, I wonder what they all have in common?

What is a mystery is why liberals keep electing progressive “leaders.”


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