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The new norm in Seattle? Homeless man throws rock at citizen in car, 911 operator & police do nothing

I’m fresh outta empathy for Seattle voters. The former mayor of Seattle declared a “state of emergency” over homelessness in 2015 and after spending MILLIONS of dollars, the situation has not improved.

In fact, it’s gotten worse. Thanks to King County’s “criminal justice reform” goal, prolific and repeat offenders – the majority of them homeless – are free to roam the streets of Seattle and get away with harming residents. I’ve done many posts on the situation in Seattle – see here, here, here, here or here.

Seattle just had citywide elections earlier this month and all three council incumbents running for re-election WON.


Now you get this: A homeless man threw a rock at a man driving in his car. The man thought he’d been shot.

The victim called 911 to report the homeless criminal. Someone had already called the police to report the man and cops had arrived. As a result, the 911 operator didn’t take the victim’s information. The homeless criminal was not arrested. Read all the details about the crime at MyNorthwest.com.

The victim has all kinds of empathy for the man who attacked him with a deadly weapon and the police/911 operator who failed to do their jobs. More from MyNorthwest.com: The victim holds no grudges with the operator and certainly not the police. But he’s sad that this will likely be a case of a homeless criminal neither getting the help he clearly needs nor the punishment he clearly deserves.”

If you have any intentions of moving to Seattle – or visiting – I’d stay far, far away from that place. It is no longer a safe city for law-abiding citizens.


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