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Scared in Seattle: Citizens terrorized by the homeless & sidewalks turned into toilets

It seems that nearly every week I do a post about the homeless in liberal-run Seattle. The crime committed by the homeless goes unchecked and citizens are scared, get attacked, and have their property burned down. Seattle City Council does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to stop these criminal activities.

Seattle voters are FINALLY starting to wake up to the progressive nightmare that they have elected. But is it too late?

From KIRO: Lake City businesses say a group of homeless people is turning planter boxes into beds, sidewalks into toilets and scaring away customers.

Both a business and someone who is homeless said the city came and offered services to the group living there but most refused.

Now the Seattle Department of Transportation has plans to remove the planters where a group of homeless people appear to live.

Businesses are hoping it’ll help disperse crowds and reduce the human waste problem. “They can be agitated and aggressive,” said Majid Namini, a shopper.

“It’s always kind of nerve-wracking,” said Sarah Denton, another shopper.

Lake City shoppers are frustrated with the group of homeless people who seem to have taken up residence in planters near the Grocery Outlet and Lake City post office.

“If you don’t give them what they want sometimes they get kind of angry and sometimes they will just scream at you,” said Paul Heistand, another shopper.

The Lake City Grocery Outlet owner, Mike Sandberg, said it’s a problem he’s been dealing with for months, and he’s losing customers.

“I’ve had numbers of customers come up to me and say, ‘Love to shop at your store but I won’t come back because I don’t feel safe, I can’t bring my children,’” Sandberg said.

He says an even bigger problem is the human waste. “The residents here were pooping on the sidewalk, behind Papa Murphy’s and the stairwells back there and creating a health hazard,” Sandberg said.

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Guess how much it costs Seattle to build a 2-mile fence for the homeless

Hint: Come up with a number and then double it, maybe triple it.
From Q13Fox: City and state transportation departments are spending more than $1 million ($1.1 million to be exact) on fences aimed at keeping homeless people separated from highways in Seattle.
The Seattle Times reports fencing crews have cordoned off areas under highways in the city with 10-foot (3-meter) fences that are designed to be difficult to climb.
The Washington State Department of Transportation is spending $527,000 on the project while the city is paying $570,000.
Department spokesman Travis Phelps says the state agency is working with cities and other jurisdictions to “make sure that folks who are experiencing homelessness and other issues are not camping underneath highways and other spots, and putting themselves at risk.”
Officials with service organizations say the fences do not address the homelessness issue but only shift people or problems elsewhere.
According to MyNorthwest.com, the fence is about two miles long and will be “extra-strength fence stands 10-foot-4, with small mesh that’s hard for climbers to grab” with tiny blades “discreetly cinched along the top, resembling common bird spikes that repel crows and gulls.”
The cost breakdown is here (page 8).
This fence will cost taxpayers approximately $94.70/foot. According to Costhelper.com, an 8′-12′ tall commercial-grade chain-link fence can cost $15-$40 or more a foot. But when government is spending taxpayer dollars, you know the key words are “or more.”
I wonder how many lawsuits will be filed for the homeless folks who end up cutting themselves with the blades on this fence.

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