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Meltdown of Hillary’s media whores at Trump victory


On election night, we all saw clear and unambiguous evidence in their facial expressions of the rank partisanship of supposedly objective journalists.

As Trump won swing states like Ohio and Florida, and edged towards victory, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow looked grimly into the camera, furrowed her forehead, heaved a big sigh, and delivered a sky-is-falling dirge:

“You’re awake by the way. You’re not having a terrible, terrible dream. Also you’re not dead and you haven’t gone to hell. This is your life now, this is our election now, this is us, this is our country – it’s real.”

Joe Barnes reports for the UK Express, Nov. 9, 2016, that a critic observed this about Maddow’s public meltdown:

“Rachel Maddow is so clearly disgusted with American voters that she has lost touch with reality. Trump did not win on anti-Muslim.”

Maddow was not alone. ABC News Martha Raddatz, who was a presidential debate moderator, got all choked up on live TV discussing Donald Trump winning the election on Tuesday night. Appearing visibly concerned, she said:

“Donald Trump, I questioned what he would do about Syria and his understanding of military policy and civilian/military divide, I don’t know that he really has a plan for what he’s going to do there.”

Raddatz then said that Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, once said he wouldn’t trust his son in the military during a Trump administration. (The Wrap)

Cynthia Littletown reports for Variety that “The disbelief was clear in the voices of many anchors as they began to articulate that Trump’s thoroughly unconventional campaign could defy all odds and virtually every protocol in American politics.” Those nonplussed anchors and the media’s paid “expert” analysts include:

  • CBS News’ Charlie Rose, who was almost whispering as he asked a panel of CBS political analysts if they had “any idea” that Trump would be as strong as he was when the coverage started just two hours before.
  • CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley who, as Trump’s strength in unexpected states like Michigan and Pennsylvania became clear, gravely intoned that “If there is anything we can say conclusively about tonight it is ‘uncertainty.”
  • Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, who got into a row with Trump earlier in the campaign, said of Hillary Clinton: “This was not what they expected. They thought she was going to run away with it” — which really meant “This was not what I expected. I thought she was going to run away with it.”
  • Charles Krauthammer, the neo-conservative (translation: war monger) Fox News commentator who helped Hillary’s campaign by appearing in her TV ads trashing Trump, said that a Trump victory would amount to “an ideological and electoral revolution that we haven’t seen since Reagan.”
  • CBS News’ Peggy Noonan was also at a loss, saying, “It is epic. It is surprising. It’s a kind of uprising, a kind of revolt.”

It’s actually kind of funny that the media whores believed their own rigged polls of an inevitable Hillary victory.

As Trump began adding states to his win column, the analysis shifted from the dynamics in battleground state to a desperate attempt to explain how so many (rigged) polls could have been so far off the mark.

Grasping at straws, CBS “Face the Nation” anchor John Dickerson even sank to the tired old liberal trope that conservatives are stupid, uneducated, racist rednecks. He attributed Trump’s support to the “education gap” among the large numbers of white men and women without college degrees who succeeded in counteracting Hillary’s support from educated young multicultural voters alienated by Trump’s “divisive rhetoric”.

But as Littletown points out, exit polling data actually showed Hillary doing worse than Obama in 2012 among black men and Hispanic women while Trump had better-than-expected pull with blue-collar voters in Rust Belt states.

Across the pond, another supposedly “objective” journalist BBC host Andrew Neil came under fire, accused by furious UK viewers of “obvious” bias for Hillary Clinton. They demanded that the BBC “not be a vehicle for its presenters to voice their own political views”.

Fox News’ Brit Hume correctly concluded that “The vaunted power of the media is not what it might once have been.”

And the reason for that?

It’s the MSM’s own fault. By abandoning the journalistic standard of objectivity, these denizens of the Old Media provided the rope to hang themselves.

Our Founding Fathers instituted freedom of the press as a fundamental right in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, for a reason — a free press is to act as a check and balance on the power of government by providing The People with information they need to make wise and informed electoral choices. As Thomas Jefferson warned in his 1787 letter to Edward Carrington:

“Cherish, therefore, the spirit of our people, and keep alive their attention. Do not be too severe upon their errors, but reclaim them by enlightening them. If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves.”

After this election, trust in the MSM should and will sink even lower — from an already abysmal 6% to near zero, deservedly.

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Muslims rampage and kill a U.S. ambassador over this movie?

Yesterday, on the 11th anniversary of 9/11, crazy Muslims in Egypt and Libya went on a rampage.

In Egypt, a mob of 2,000 stormed the U.S. embassy in Cairo, shredded the American flag and replaced it with a black flag praising Allah and Muhammad.

In Libya, a group close to al Qaeda attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, then fired a rocket at the car carrying U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, killing him and three other embassy staff.

According to all accounts, including the NY Times, the attackers blame this movie about Muhammad as their excuse to riot, loot and kill. Here’s the trailer (watch it before YouTube pulls it):

But Creeping Sharia points out that the above video has been on Youtube since July and the Arabic version has been up for a week.

In other words, the movie is a ruse.

The clue is in the timing of events.

Both violent incidents in Egypt and Libya took place on what day?

September 11, 2012

  • the 11th anniversary of 9/11; and
  • a day after CBS 60 Minutes’ broadcast of Scott Pelley’s extensive interview with “Mark Owen,” the former Navy SEAL and author of Killing Bin Laden, his book on Navy SEAL Team 6’s assassination of Osama bin Laden.

Mostafa Hussein, a psychiatrist and blogger, pointed to a photograph that showed that the protesters had also scrawled the name Osama bin Laden on a sign outside the Cairo embassy.

Ben Laden written on US embassy sign. Yeah right you are protesting an insult to Islam. http://t.co/vhKEsoTt /via @Mad_Darsh

Mostafa Hussein (@moftasa)11 Sep 12

UPDATE: Both the U.S. House Intelligence Committee and the Pentagon now say the attacks were not random mob events reacting to the movie, but rather well-planned, well-coordinated, well-armed terrorist attacks. See my post on this here.


One of Them is Lying

Jacob Lew and Barack Obama

You pick which one!

Choice No. 1:

On July 12, 2011, Obama told CBS’s Scott Pelley that if he and the Republicans “haven’t resolved” the budget and debt problem, he could not guarantee that Social Security checks would go out on August 3, the day after the government is supposed to reach its debt limit, “because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it.”

Choice No. 2:

On February 21, 2010, in an op-ed for USAToday, Jacob Lew, Obama’s budget director (director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget), wrote this:

“Social Security benefits are entirely self-financing. They are paid for with payroll taxes collected from workers and their employers throughout their careers. These taxes are placed in a trust fund dedicated to paying benefits owed to current and future beneficiaries. … Even though Social Security began collecting less in taxes than it paid in benefits in 2010, the trust fund will continue to accrue interest and grow until 2025, and will have adequate resources to pay full benefits for the next 26 years.

[Source: Merril Mathews, Forbes.com, July 13, 2011]


20% of Unemployed Have College Degrees

I don’t normally watch CBS’s “60 Minutes.” Last night I happened to stumble upon a sobering “60 Minutes” segment by correspondent Scott Pelley — “Unemployment Benefits: The 99ers.”

I can’t find the segment on YouTube, but I did find bits and pieces. Here’s a snippet from “60 Minutes”:

The 99ers refer to an estimated 1.5 millions Americans who have been on unemployment benefits for the maximum 99 weeks, the longest period of such benefits ever approved by Congress. Unless Congress approves another extension, which our nearly $14 trillion national/federal government debt can ill afford, these Americans will no longer even have their unemployment checks.

As a country we are now in uncharted waters. A college degree is no longer a guarantee that one will find a job, even less that the job is high-paying or even in a field for which one was trained. As many as 20% of our unemployed have college degrees. This was brought home in the “60 Minutes” segment.

Correspondent Pelley went to a Job Connections meeting of out-of-work Silicon Valley job seekers held in a church in Danville, California. The meeting occurs weekly — a combination of jobs fair and support group. The people there are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who, as Pelley put it, “thought they’d done everything right: got a college degree, stayed with their company, and saved for retirement.” More than half of them had expected to retire from their company but now find themselves unemployed, some for over two years. Most of them had already cashed out their 401k’s, IRAs, and savings accounts. Every man and woman at the meeting has a college degree; a good number have a Master’s degree; several have Ph. D.s. All are at an age that makes them at once “too young to retire” but “too old to be rehired.”

There are heartbreaking personal stories:

  • MaryAnn Rose, 54, a former financial analyst, has been unemployed for more than two years. She was reduced to living in a truck with her dog before her friends took her in to live in their attic room. Rose had thought her stay would be two weeks; she has been living in her friends’ house for six months…and counting.
  • Judy Thompson, in tears, says she may lose her house that she’s had since 1982.
  • Sara Hubert may lose her family business of 23 years.
  • Jim Wyle has been job-seeking for two years. A former fiber optics engineer manager, Wyle has a part time job at Target, which pays him $9 an hour.

Here’s a video taken by someone who was at the Job Connections meeting. Footage of Pelley and the job seekers made it into the “60 Minutes” segment:

You can watch the entire segment on CBS’s website.