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Feds Using Schools to Track Kids & Families

Back in 1992 under George H.W. Bush and Lamar Alexander’s AMERICA 2000 restructuring of public education, a national system to track individual students, including their infant vaccine records, grades, teacher evaluations, test scores, etc. was specified, probably based on the Florida model that was initiated in 1988.   It was called the Speede Express.  It has continued to grow over the years.  This new story clarifies just how much information the Feds now require schools  to provide.

Buried within the enormous 2009 stimulus bill were provisions encouraging states to develop data systems for collecting copious information on public-school kids. To qualify for stimulus money, states had to agree to build such systems according to federally dictated standards. So all 50 states either now maintain or are capable of maintaining extensive databases on public-school students.
The administration wants this data to include much more than name, address and test scores. According to the National Data Collection Model, the government should collect information on health-care history, family income and family voting status. In its view, public schools offer a golden opportunity to mine reams of data from a captive audience.
The department’s eagerness to get control of all this information is almost palpable. But current federal law prohibits a nationwide student database and strictly limits disclosure of a student’s personal information. So the department has determined that it can overcome the legal obstacles by simply bypassing Congress and essentially rewriting the federal privacy statute.
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California Law Lets 12-Yr-Olds Get STD Vaccines w/out Parental Knowledge

Nos. 40 and 41 of the “45 Communist Goals for America” that was entered into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963, are:

Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce” and “Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents.”

Last Sunday, October 9, 2011, in the name of preventative medical care, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that does just that.
Assembly Bill 499 allows a minor who is 12 years of age or older to consent to medical care related to the prevention of a sexually transmitted disease (STD) — such as vaccines for HPV, HIV and hepatitis — without parental consent or knowledge.
The bill was introduced by Assemblywoman Toni Atkins and co-authored by Assemblywoman Fiona Ma — both Democrats.
Ten other states and the District of Columbia have similar laws allowing such “preventative care” for minors without parental consent.
Critics of the law and advocates for parent’s rights have spoken out against the measure, but to no avail.  President of SaveCalifornia.com, Randy Thomasson said, “[Governor] Brown has no excuse to deny patients essential information and trample parents’ consent for their children, who lack the brain development to make big decisions like this.  It is unfair and wrong for AB 499 to coerce children behind their parents’ backs, when calling or emailing a child’s mother or father to set an appointment is the respectful way to communicate vital information and answer important questions.”
As blogger Giacomo notes:

“In the United States, parents have a legal obligation to care for and provide for all minor age children.  If a minor causes damage to someone else’s property, the parents are legally responsible for restitution.  In most states, a parent cannot evict a child under the age of 18; 16 in some states.  In cases of divorce and child support, one of the parents are generally liable to pay monthly child support to the other until the child reaches 18 and in some states graduate from high school.

Yet when it comes to one of the most personal, moral and religious subjects of sexually promiscuity, parents have absolutely no rights to know or control their minor child’s activities. It’s because of the need of the liberal socialists to undermine and erode both religious and family values of a people in order to set up a socialist government.

What’s even more scary is that these laws coincide with similar laws being pushed by the United Nations to give complete sexual freedom to all children down to the age of 10 to 12.”

By the way, you’d be interested to know that:

  • No. 11 of the “45 Communist Goals for America” is “Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces”;
  • No. 15 is “Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.”
  • No. 17 is “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum.”
  • No. 20 is “Infiltrate the press.”
  • No. 26 is “Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
  • No. 28 is “Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
  • No. 29 is “Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.”

I can go on, but you get the picture….
To quote the kids: “Are we there yet?”
H/t beloved fellow Tina.

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Remember the Three R's?

So which is it?

Calif. School Tells Elementary Students There Are More Than 2 Gender ‘Options’

Remember when schools were all about teaching the 3 R’s?  You know, Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic? Well, since the progressives took over the public education system, it’s now been transformed into teaching “social” issues and their agendas. 
Witness the curriculum of the Redwood Heights Elementary School in Oakland, California. Via The Blaze: They are teaching young children all about the complicated world of “gender diversity.” The school has designed curriculum for every grade level. Amid the resulting controversy, Principal Sara Stone is defendingthe initiative, claiming that it is in line with what parents want:
“If we don’t have a safe, nurturing class environment, it’s going to be hard to learn. Really, the message behind this curriculum is there are different ways to be boys. There are different ways to be girls.”
A gender expert and trainer was brought in to speak to the children: The trainer also told the children that this diversity applies to human beings as well. It is this rationale — that gender is pliable and that there are “more than two options” — that has some people frustrated. The San Francisco Chronicle has more on the curriculum: A one-hour elementary school lesson on gender diversity featuring all-girl geckos and transgender clownfish…fourth- and fifth-grade students learned about the crazy world of gender within the animal kingdom with lessons about single-sex Hawaiian geckos, fish that switch genders and boy snakes that act “girly.”
We have parents raising their children without identifying the identity of their gender and now teaching kids that there are “more than two options to gender”? Call me crazy yet the animal kingdom does have different norms than human beings. And this now qualifies as “education”? 
Reason #99,999 to homeschool!

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Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

H/t Vigilant Citizen.

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Socialism Sucks

Socialism Sucks
By Tom in NC
Columnist for Fellowship of the Minds
Any rational, intelligent person knows that Socialism Sucks. But do we know what Socialism Sucks?
Socialism Sucks the money right out of our pockets and into the grubby hands of socialist stooge politicians so they can distribute it to the dregs of our society.
Socialism Sucks the jobs right out from our economy so the victims can become dependent upon the government.
Socialism Sucks the entrepreneurship out of our citizens and reduces the will of the people to take a risk and start a small business.
Socialism Sucks the healthcare out of the hands of our physcians and into the incompetent hands of government stooges who then make life and death decisions based upon the socialist handbook written by those same incompetent government stooges.
Socialism Sucks our sovereign borders away so illegals, murderers, drug traffickers and terrorists can pour over our borders, attack our citizens, get free healthcare and education, and all the while not paying a cent in taxes.
Socialism Sucks much needed money from our military during a time of war, thereby putting the lives of our brave troops at risk, especially our pilots who are still flying a Bomber (B52) that is over 60 years old and some fighters that are over 30 years old. It sucks the morale right out of these Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.
Socialism Sucks the education out of our classrooms because the money for our kids is used to line the pockets of the NEA for their big fat pensions going to their big fat cats. What little money does actually make to the classroom is used to fund worthless diversity training and socialist indoctrination.
Socialism Sucks the integrity out of the Unions, who used to look out for and benefit their members, but now for the most part just launder money, pay off government officials and strong arm opponents and political enemies who are wise to their crooked enterprises.
Socialism Sucks the honesty out of our government and turns men and women into greedy corrupt ideologues who care nothing for the will of the people but cheat, lie and use their buddies in the unions to bully and attempt to intimidate their opponents.
This is what we are up against in this election. They have already begun with the dirty tricks and smears and it will only get dirtier as the election gets closer. We need to stay on message, expose these socialists, show the damage they have done and continue to do and show the American people our better plan to recover from almost two years of unbridled socialism that has failed us on every level.
Obama and the other socialists in our government have purposely brought us to brink of collapse. Come November 2nd, the tide will change and we will bounce out of office the Reids, the Graysons, the Boxers and the Feingolds along with the RINOs.
That sucking sound you will hear on November 3rd will be the last gasps of socialism in our beloved country.

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