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Sick Halloween

Nothing has changed in the two years since I first wrote this post. What a sad commentary on America and Americans. See my updated thoughts, “We have met the Halloween monsters, and they are us.”
~Eowyn (Oct. 31, 2013)

When did Halloween morph from a holiday for little kiddies into an obsession with the morbid, the macabre, the grotesque, and the demonic?
Going through this Knott’s Scary Farm maze cannot be good for your soul.
Wikipedia says Knott’s Scary Farm, aka Knott’s Halloween Haunt, is a seasonal Halloween event at Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. It is an event in which the theme park is transformed into “160 acres of horror”, via a series of over 1,000 monsters, 13 mazes and a collection of ‘scare zones’. It is the largest Halloween event to be held at a theme park. Knott’s Halloween Haunt is responsible for producing half of the theme park’s revenue.
All living things have the instinct to live, which expresses itself in our natural attraction to the life-affirming beauty of nature — of flora, fauna, animals, sea and sky — and a concomitant revulsion toward death.
But our society seems increasingly fixated on exactly the opposite — Thanatos — morbid images of decay, mental sickness, and death. Have you noticed the ubiquity of the skull, even in women’s fashion and baby clothes?

Is the ubiquity of these death images designed to numb and desensitize us to the grotesque? And if so, for what purpose?
Last Halloween night, a 17-year-old girl who was working as an actress at the Creepyworld Halloween haunted house in St. Louis, Missouri, accidentally got entangled in a noose. Police said the girl was found unconscious with the prop around her neck, by a colleague at around 8:30 pm. Patrons of Creepyworld had walked past her thinking she was a scary prop. [Source]
In his insightful book, Monsters From the Id: The Rise of Horror in Fiction and Film, Dr. E. Michael Jones’ thesis is that our culture’s obsession with horror and the macabre is a result of our denial and suppression of morality. Horror is a product of a guilty conscience that will not admit its own wrongdoing. Individually and as a culture, we can escape the eternal dynamic of horror only by acknowledging the demands of an objective moral order.
See also Richard Evans’ essays for HenryMakow.com, “Halloween Celebrates Sex and Death” and “Hidden History of Halloween: Halloween is Christmas for Satanists.”

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MTV’s Satanic Video

This is a short video called “MTV Sight.” It will be shown on MTV’s 63 channels worldwide.


Why are there repeated images of the Satanic symbol, the goat’s head or Baphomet?

At the very beginning of the video, why are the three “tribesmen” sitting around a fire praying to and worshipping Baphomet?

The humanoid goat Baphomet figure was first drawn and popularized in 1854 by occultist Eliphas Lévi. In his book, Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie (“Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic”), Lévi included an image he had drawn himself which he described as Baphomet and “The Sabbatic Goat” — showing a winged humanoid goat with a pair of breasts and a torch on its head between its horns.  Levi called his image “The Goat of Mendes.” Lévi’s Baphomet is the source of the later Tarot image of the Devil, in the Rider-Waite design. The symbol of the goat in the downward-pointed pentagram was adopted as the official symbol — called the Sigil of Baphomet — of the Church of Satan, and continues to be used among Satanists.

Jack Black salutes Satan at the 2009 MTV Music AwardsThis is the same MTV whose 2009 Video Music Awards had actor Jack Black come out dressed as a heavy metal guy on steroids to promote a video game. At one point Black asked the audience to put their devil horns in the air and then proceeded to pray to the “Dear Dark Lord Satan.”

The whole revolting performance was cloaked in the guise of being light-hearted and comical. But Black gave the game away when he finished off on a more serious note by saying: “I ask you to grant tonight’s nominees with continued success in the music industry.”

Who is this “you” to whom Black prays, who can “grant” success to those in the music industry?

Certainly not God, for the audience then responded to Black’s entreaty by making their “devil horns” hand sign. They then held hands and prayed to Satan.

This is the kind of pop culture filth that’s corrupting young minds in America. God help us!

H/t Vigilant Citizen.


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