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Hero cat saves toddler from plunging down stairs

On October 31, 2019, one-year-old toddler Samuel León was left unattended in his filthy room or home in Bogota, Colombia.

The household pet, a Siamese cat named Gatubela, watched little Samuel as he crawled on all fours out of his crib, across the floor, and toward the a steep flight of stairs.

When the toddler got to the edge of the top of the stairwell, Gatubela sprang into action.

Like a bolt of lightning, the cat sped across the room and put her body in front of little Samuel, blocking the toddler from going further.

Gatubela first tried to move Samuel away from the stairs by grabbing the back of his neck with her mouth, as she would with kittens. Then Gatubela pounced on Samuel and pushed him away from the stairwell.

All of this was captured in a security camera’s footage.

If Gatubela had not intervened, little Samuel would surely tumble down the stairs. This remarkable cat literally saved the toddler’s life.

I had a GIF made of Gatubela’s heroic action, in case YouTube takes down the video.

H/t PawMyGosh

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