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Attn. guys! Unemployed single mom of 3 who won’t do sex or housework, wants boyfriend

Samantha, a 27-year-old, unemployed, single mother of 3, who refuses to do housework, is tweeting for a “boyfriend”.

Calling herself santa TAM SURBA, Samantha first posted this tweet on August 5, 2018, with two (supposed) pics of herself in pigtails:

On November 24, admitting that her tweet — SURPRISE! — “did not succeed as much as I anticipated,” Samantha reposted her August 5 tweet with this message:

Better claim me fast bc the sugar daddies are swarming in.

Send applications to: samanthaturba@gmail.com

She also posted this:

sorry i refuse sexual favors. I will just give u the honor of being able to pay for me

Below are some choice responses to her re-tweet:

“Read it again and then rethink why you have no bf”


“Everything wrong with this planet in one tweet

“I can’t wait for the seeking boyfriend post 10 years from now.”

“Give your kids a better life by getting off twitter, closing your legs, getting a job, and cleaning the fucking kitchen.”

“I feel sorry for your kids.”

“Used goods shouldn’t have requirements like that. Dream on, thot.”

“No wonder you’re a single mom.”

And the best response and best advice for men is this “Run Away” GIF from CW369 (@saladbarbeef):

Samantha sure gives new meaning to the word “Narcissist”.


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