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London’s Muslim mayor approves of giant balloon of Trump in diaper

Next week, President Trump will be in the UK for a three-day visit.

This is how London, the capital of the UK, will greet the President of the United States of America, Britain’s supposed ally — a giant balloon of President Trump as a baby wearing a diaper will fly over the British Parliamentary building, Westminster.

Reportedly, some 10,000 people signed a petition and raised more than £17,300 for the balloon, which is approved by London mayor Sadiq Khan.

The UK website Mainstream Network observes:

Whilst knife crime, moped muggings and housing prices soar to the heights of the Gherkin, the mayor is only interested in making a crude and public statement about the President the United States.

This form of adolescent and personal politics belongs in the halls of a university, not in the leadership of the world’s largest financial capital. After all, only recently Britain hosted the visit of the hardline and repressive leader of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. No giant balloons went up for him.

As the UK extracts itself from the European Union, we will need our allies across the pond, no matter who their political leader is, nor what party they come from. This is a bond that transcends party politics or individual personalities.

Like him, or loathe him, President Trump is coming to London. We cannot kick and scream and pretend he isn’t. We need to behave like the adult nation that we are and work with him as it is in our national interest.

Staying on good terms with Trump is crucial to the future economic prosperity of this country. American corporations have invested almost £450 billion in Britain and the US is our single largest export market.

Sadiq Khan really should attend to the violent crimes in London, like this horrific machete attack:

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Last year London police chief suggested non-English speaking crime victims be given priority

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This article is from August 2017 yet I don’t recall hearing about it then. It’s now making the rounds on the internet this week.

From Daily Mail: A senior police officer at the Metropolitan Police has said victims of crime who don’t speak English could be prioritised more during call outs.

Craig Mackey, deputy commissioner for the force, said the Met could decide who receives a face to face visit from the police depending how ‘vulnerable’ they are. He added the method was an ‘absolutely feasible’ way to help the force cope following cuts to funding.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, he said: ‘It’s absolutely feasible as we go forward that if my neighbour is a vulnerable elderly person who has experienced a particular type of crime, that she gets a face-to-face service that I don’t get. So we triage things… we assess people’s vulnerability. Vulnerability can manifest itself in a number of ways: people with learning difficulties, a whole range of things, some people for whom English isn’t a first language.

‘That’s about how we get those resources focused on the things you can make a difference with. But also as we go forward, as demand grows, you have to have a way of controlling and triaging.’

He added that the Met was also looking at selling off certain police stations, safer neighbourhood bases, offices and other sites as a way to cut costs, and that ‘nothing would change’ with people ringing the 999 service.

Over the past four years, the force has had to make £600m of savings and it is due to lose an extra £400m by 2020. In July, the London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced half of London’s ‘poorly used’ police station front counters will close to save £10million a year. Currently, there are 73 working counters, down from 136 four years ago.

At the time, M.r Khan said: ‘The huge government cuts to the Metropolitan Police Service have left us with no choice but to take drastic action to protect the frontline of policing. My top priority is keeping Londoners safe, and every pound saved by closing a front counter is a pound of savings that we do not have to find by reducing the frontline.’

The MailOnline has contacted the Home Office and the Mayor’s office.

A Met spokesman said: ‘MPS is transforming to be more efficient and effective and we have already saved £700 million. By taking tough decisions, we have been able to invest in more firearms officers, more officers investigating rape and other sexual offences, and the biggest cybercrime team in any UK force.

‘We continue to reduce the costs of supporting frontline policing, notably by a significant reduction in the number of buildings we own. We are equipping officers with mobile devices so they can spend more time on the streets and less time at a desk.

‘The Met is reducing the number of buildings it owns, and shutting under-utilised front counters in police stations, as this is the best way to maximise the resources we need to deal with violent crime. 77% of our budget goes on our people, so we can’t find all our savings without touching front-line policing.

‘Given the rise in violent crime – acid attacks, knife crime, moped-enabled crime, terrorist incidents – we must make sure that our resources are directed at the prevention and reduction of violent within all of our communities.

‘We are committed to providing the best service for Londoners to use, which allows us to deliver an effective and appropriate response. This means maximising the value the public gets from our resources, including officers, staff and our estate. However let us be clear, safeguarding the most vulnerable people in society, while tackling and disrupting crime and bringing offenders to justice will always remain our priority.

‘Our operational capability will always be given the utmost due-care and diligence

‘Total Policing is the Met’s commitment to be on the streets and in your communities to catch offenders, prevent crime and support victims. We are here for London, working with you to make our capital safer.’

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London knife horror: Man and woman slashed after intervening in robbery

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From Express UK: The latest London stabbing took place in Rotherhithe, in the south-east of the city, earlier this morning.

A man and woman were slashed after “intervening in a robbery” in St Elmos Road, police revealed. The pair are not thought to have suffered life-threatening injuries after being discovered in the nearby Stave Hill Ecological Park.

One Twitter user said: “I walked by and the path leading to the hill from the park is cordoned off. A scooter and bike lay by.”

A Met Police spokesman told the Southwark News: “Officers and the London Ambulance Service attended and found a man and a woman suffering from slash injuries.

“At this early stage in the investigation it is believed the victims received their injuries while they were intervening in a robbery.”

Anyone with information should call police on 101 quoting reference number 2786/01JUN, tweet @MetCC or talk to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

It comes amid a shocking rise in violent incidents in London.

On Wednesday night a father-of-three was stabbed to death in Kensington for “refusing to give some youths money”.

And this week shocking video emerged of a cyclist threatening a motorist with what appears to be a machete.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has vowed to crack down on knife crime in the capital.

He said after Wednesday’s stabbing: “I was deeply saddened to learn of the fatal stabbing of a man in Kensington last night and my thoughts are with his friends and family.

“The police are doing everything in their power to bring those responsible to justice.”

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Next to blame for UK knife stabbings: Wealthy drug users at middle class parties

As I have said before, the UK is toast.

From Express UK: DavidGauke has claimed that “middle class dinner parties” are to blame for the recent surge in knife crime across the capital (London).

He told Sky News during a wide-ranging interview that wealthy cocaine users should feel guilt for fuelling the recent spate of stabbings in London.

Since the beginning of the year, at least 37 people have been fatally stabbed – and 62 overall killed – on the streets of London. Earlier this year it emerged that the London’s murder rate had overtaken New York City’s for the first time ever.

Mr. Gauke took aim at the middle class for not acknowledging their own role in the horrific stabbings. He said the wealthy drug users who complained about the soaring violence on their streets only had themselves to blame.

The Government minister told Ridge on Sunday: “People who do that have to recognise they are fuelling the industry that’s resulting in the knife crimes, resulting in the difficulties we’re having in prisons. The violent crime we see inside and outside prison is strongly linked to drugs trade.

“There’s a responsibility for middle class people that take cocaine at a dinner party that when they see a story of a 15-year-old boy stabbed in Hackney they should feel a degree of guilt and responsibility.”

Tottenham MP David Lammy has warned buying drugs in London was now easier than ordering a takeaway. 

He said: “Drugs are prolific. It’s like Deliveroo – they’re as prolific as ordering a pizza.

“You can get them on Snapchat, WhatsApp. That in the end is driving the turf war and is driving the culture of violence.”

This is not the first time that leading figures in Britain have targeted the middle class.

Police Federation deputy treasurer Simon Kempton blamed the wealthy for creating the demand for cocaine. Security minister Ben Wallace warned the UK was “fast becoming the biggest consumer” of the Class A in Europe.

On Monday a man was stabbed to death in Upper Street, Islington as the city’s knife-crime epidemic continued.

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London crime spree continues: Five victims die during knife and shooting attacks in London weekend violence

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From Daily Mirror: A man has become the fifth person to die during a weekend of Bank Holiday violence after suffering a knife wound in the street.

Emergency crews were called to Becks Lane in Macclesfield, Cheshire, following reports a man had been hurt at around 8.50pm yesterday. Police said they found an injured 37-year-old man, who died at the scene.

A 15-year-old boy and a man, 29, have been arrested as part of ongoing enquiries into the circumstances, the Macclesfield Express reports.

The suspects are both from the Macclesfield area. A police spokesman said the deceased man’s next-of-kin have been informed and are being supported by specialist officers.

The incident comes amid a weekend of violence, with four others having died in shootings and stabbings in London, Merseyside and Luton.

Other people, including a 13-year-old boy, have survived incidents.

On Saturday evening, rapper Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, 17, was shot dead in Southwark, south London, despite medics’ efforts to save him. Police were called to the scene shortly after 6pm following reports of gunshots heard on Cooks Road, Kennington, Scotland Yard said.

Rhyhiem, an aspiring architect, was found nearby on Warham Street suffering from a gunshot injury. He was pronounced dead at 6.56pm. There have so far been no arrests and enquiries continue.

Less than 24 hours after the tragedy, two other children – aged just 13 and 15 – survived being shot in broad daylight in one of the capital’s streets.

The younger boy, who was walking along the street with his parents, is believed to have been an “innocent bystander” in the shooting, police said. He was found to have a “shotgun pellet wound to the head”, while the older boy had suffered “head injuries, caused by a number of shotgun pellets”.

Detectives are now appealing for witnesses to the incident in Harrow – as a 39-year-old man has been arrested and released under investigation.

In a separate incident yesterday, a 22-year-old man was found to have been shot in New Cross Road, south east London.

Meanwhile, in Ealing, a 43-year-old man was stabbed following a reported dispute over a motorist’s driving down a residential street.

Outside of the capital, gangland fixer John Kinsella, 53, was shot dead by a bike-riding assassin in Merseyside on Saturday morning. The next day, a 20-year-old man, identified as Fatah Warsame, from the Cardiff area, died after being stabbed in Liverpool city centre.

And yesterday evening, another stabbing victim, also aged 20, was killed in Bishopscote Road, Luton.

In a heartbreaking plea following Rhyhiem’s death on Saturday, the teenager’s mum begged: “Let my son be the last”.

Tearfully speaking of her “handsome” son amid the crime wave, Pretana Morgan added: “Just let it stop. What must be, must be.”

She also said: “It’s not about race, it’s not about nation, it’s not about culture. Nothing. It’s just a human race. Just one human race. So children, please let my son be the last.”

Police in London have said extra patrols, including undercover cops, are working over the Bank Holiday to keep the streets safe. Armed officers, dog units, traffic motorcycles and air support have also been dispatched to support “highly visible local patrols”.

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Sadiq Khan warns Trump to expect loud protests if he visits the UK

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I doubt President Trump is worried about this.

Khan is the one who should be worried Trump is going to call out the mayor’s own lack of “good leadership” regarding the rise in knife attacks in his city.

From MSN: Donald Trump should expect loud and peaceful protests if he visits the UK later this year, the London mayor has said. 

Sadiq Khan, who has frequently clashed with the US president since they were elected to office nearly two years ago, made the comments during a St. George’s event in London on Saturday. The former Labour MP added that the capital respects, embraces and celebrates diversity.

His comments come following reports that Trump is planning to visit the UK in the summer.

“I hope if he does come, he reflects on the difference good leadership can make,” Khan told the Press Association.

“We have got a great history in our city of protests… we have got a great history in our city of bringing about change by protest, the key thing is for it to be lawful, for it to be peaceful. I have no doubt that if he does come, there will be some people who want to express their views loudly and peacefully to the president.”

Khan also said how “the message should be loud and clear that we think it is wrong that anyone should be amplifying Far Right messages” or messages of hatred or division.

He added: “I was very disappointed to be honest that the leader of our closest ally was doing just that, and we shouldn’t be embarrassed to say to our best friend that we think they are wrong.

“I think our best friend, the USA, their leader was wrong when he retweeted messages from a Far Right group.”

Trump came under fire in November for retweeting a number of inflammatory videos from Britain First, which led Theresa May to condemn him at the time. The US president has not visited the UK since he was elected to the White House in November 2016.

The Daily Mail has reported a visit from Trump has been “pencilled in” for July, while the Daily Telegraph quoted an unnamed US official saying the president was looking at coming in the “late summer”.

In January Trump cancelled a visit to the UK to open the new American embassy, tweeting that the building’s relocation was a “bad deal”.

Khan said at the time that Trump had “got the message” after the president’s plan to visit sparked huge controversy and repeated calls for May to withdraw the invite.

His cancellation prompted media speculation that reasons for the snub included that Trump had been offended by perceived slights against him by UK public figures.


The result of strict gun control in the UK: One machete crime every 90 minutes on Britain’s streets

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Paging Piers Morgan…

From Daily Mail: Machete attacks are taking place every 90 minutes on our streets, figures reveal. Criminals are increasingly picking the jungle blades as their weapons of choice to instill terror in victims and rival gang members.

Police forces are dealing with rising numbers of machete-wielding thugs carrying out murders, rapes, robberies and burglaries.

In February, 20-year-old Sadiq Aadam was hacked to death in Belsize Park, north London, by a gang carrying the blades. A teenager has since appeared in court charged with murdering two young men.

Days earlier, father-of-two David Pugh suffered serious injuries after fighting off four machete-wielding robbers who broke into his home and started beating his 17-year-old son in Solihull, West Midlands.

And in March, a man was left with life-changing injuries after a ‘chilling’ machete attack at a bar in Manchester. The victim, in his 30s, had been at the nightspot with his friends when another man walked past him and shouted abuse at a group of people in the bar.

Police said when the victim asked him to calm down, the offender turned to his friend and asked for a machete before striking the victim’s hand.

The shocking statistics come after Home Secretary Amber Rudd launched the Government’s long-awaited Serious Violence Strategy, which aims to tackle knife crime, earlier this week. It came amid a shooting and stabbing spree that has claimed 56 lives in London so far this year.

Figures uncovered using freedom of information requests show that in the last two months of 2017 police dealt with 928 crimes involving machetes. This is an average of 15 a day – or one every 90 minutes. London saw 425 of the attacks, with 99 in Greater Manchester, 77 in the West Midlands and 29 each in Merseyside and West Yorkshire.

It represents a dramatic rise from just three years before, when the deadly blades were used in only 100 crimes a month over the same period.

The machete was originally intended as a tool used to cut undergrowth or sugar cane in Latin America and Africa. Critics say they have little legitimate use in the UK, but they are not on a list of banned blades such as butterfly or flick-knives.

Gangsters are increasingly carrying the fearsome blades as status symbols and to spread fear with gruesome attacks.

Machetes came to public prominence in May 2013 when British soldier Lee Rigby was butchered in broad daylight by two Islamist fanatics.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that in the year to September 2017 the police recorded 37,443 offences involving a knife or sharp instrument – a 21 per cent increase on the previous year, and the highest since records began seven years ago.

On Monday, Miss Rudd promised an Offensive Weapons Bill, which will ban online knife sales to under-18s and make it illegal to possess so-called zombie knives, with long, serrated blades with a maximum four-year jail penalty.

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