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Virginia’s GOP Governor calls Obama “minister from God”

As Christians, we are exhorted to “love” our enemy. The word “love,” not being defined, opens the door to all sorts of squishy smarmy interpretations, the most ridiculous being to “not judge,” that is to not distinguish between right from wrong. As if the Second Person of the Trinity became incarnate, suffered grievously, and was murdered because there’s no right vs. wrong and everything and everyone is all lollipop and rainbow.

My understanding of Christ’s injunction to “love your enemy” is that (1) we should not wish them ill; and (2) the way to truly love someone is to wish that they one day will be with God; which in turn means that (3) they repent, turn from the path of evil, toward goodness and God.

And so I understand “love your enemy” to mean pray for your enemy — pray that they repent, turn from the path of evil, toward goodness and God. Doing so is very very hard, but I have prayed for Obama. Heck, I will even pray for the repentance of the Anti-Christ.

Republican Governor of Virginia Bob McDonnell (photo below), elected in 2010, however, has gone beyond praying for Obama to fawning over the POS.

Bob McDonnell

William Murray reports for WND, Jan. 9, 2013, that at the annual Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast on Jan. 8, held at the Richmond, Va., convention center, McDonnell called Obama “an appointed minister of God to do what is good” and asked that God give Obama “the wisdom of Solomon.”


Bob McDonnell is a Roman Catholic. The Catholic Church is the leading institution in America and the world which consistently stands for life and against abortion, calling abortion a non-negotiable “intrinsic evil.”

Obama is not just pro-abortion.

Obama is not just pro-late term or partial birth abortion, in which a suction catheter is inserted into the baby’s skull to suction out his/her brain which causes the skull to collapse and allows the now-dead human being to pass more easily through the mother’s cervix.

Obama approves of killing babies who survive a botched late term abortion by leaving them unattended in a room to slowly die from lack of water and nutrients. When he was an Illinois state senator, Obama had voted against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act of 2002 – a federal law, signed by President George W. Bush, which extends legal protection to an infant born alive after a failed attempt at induced abortion. Obama voted against the law not once, not twice, but THREE times.

Obama is evil.

If Obama is an “appointed minister of God,” then we’re in deep deep trouble.

H/t FOTM’s Miss May



What happened to the boy in “The Exorcist”

“Then he summoned his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits to drive them out….” Matthew 10:1

In truth I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven; whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 18:18

Did you know that the famous 1973 movie “The Exorcist” was based on a real-life case of a successful exorcism? But instead of a young girl, played by Linda Blair in the movie, in real life it was a 13-year-old boy who became demonically possessed.

The Exorcist

I’ve always wondered what happened to that boy. Thanks to an account by Pat McGonigle for KSDK5 in St. Louis, Missouri, Oct. 30, 2012, we now know. Here’s McGonigle’s report:

It’s one of the biggest questions about the most well documented cases of an exorcism in U.S. history.

What ever happened to the 13-year-old boy at the center of the exorcism performed by Jesuits at Saint Louis University?

The story was the basis for the best-selling book and blockbuster horror movie, “The Exorcist.”

With a few rare exceptions, the boy’s identity has remained a closely guarded secret for decades.

“He’s still alive,” said David Waide, SLU archivist.

In almost all of the accounts of the famous case, the boy is referred to as “Robbie.”

Robbie’s ordeal began at his home in Maryland in 1949. Bizarre, unexplained things started happening in Robbie’s home, up to and including marks and welts on his body.

Robbie’s parents came to St. Louis to stay with relatives, partially in hopes that a change of scenery would stop the unexplained activities.

It didn’t help.

One of Robbie’s cousins was a student at St. Louis University at the time. She relayed accounts of Robbie’s ordeal to Jesuits at SLU.

Eventually, Fr. William Bowdern, S.J. led the exorcism with the help of Fr. Raymond Bishop and Fr. Walter Halloran, among others.

The ordeal ended at a now-demolished wing of the Alexian Brothers Hospital in south St. Louis.

It’s believed Robbie would be 77 today.

He’s had several children,” Waide said. “He’s moved back to the Washington D.C. area. He was non-Catholic, Lutheran nominally, but he became a Catholic. He was baptized during this whole episode.

It’s been reported that Robbie named a son Michael. In the exorcism records, Robby tells the priests he was saved by St. Michael the Archangel.

Robbie returned to St. Louis two years after his ordeal ended in 1949.

In a priest’s diary about the exorcism, this is the final footnote entry on page 29:

“Follow up: August 19, 1951. R and his father and mother visited the Brothers. R, now 16 is a fine young man. His father and mother also became Catholic, having received their first Holy Communion on Christmas Day, 1950.”

You can read the entire diary on KSDK.COM.


In 1993, Thomas B. Allen wrote a book on the real life exorcism of “Robbie.” Titled Possessed: The True Story of an Exorcism, the book is based on the diary kept by a Jesuit priest who assisted Father Bowdern in the exorcism. One big difference between the movie and the book is that in the book, “Robbie” identified St. Michael the Archangel as playing a pivotal role, by the power of God, in the eventual expulsion of the demon.


Please Pray For Persecuted Priest in Vietnam

Just because Vietnam is not in the MSM doesn’t mean the Communist Party government there has become any less oppressive.

Yesterday, July 26, 2011, comes news that the government jackboots once again jailed a brave sick dissident priest, 66-year-old Fr. Thaddeus Nguyễn Văn Lý.

Fr. Thaddeus Nguyen Van Ly

Police arrested Father Ly in the central diocese of Hue before an ambulance transported him to prison. Authorities claim he was returned to prison for distributing anti-government leaflets during his parole.

Ly is a Roman Catholic priest and prominent Vietnamese dissident who was imprisoned for a total of some 17 years – amid harsh conditions and often in solitary confinement – for calling on Vietnamese authorities to respect freedom of expression and other human rights. The publisher of the secret dissident journal To Do Ngon Luan (Freedom and Democracy), he co-founded the online pro-democracy movement Bloc 8406 and has helped to set up other banned political groups in Viet Nam. For his peaceful pro-democracy activities, Ly was sentenced on March 30, 2007, to eight years in prison for “conducting propaganda against the state” .

Father Ly had been serving his jail term in Ba Sao prison, near Ha Noi in northern Viet Nam, when he suffered a stroke in November 2009. He did not receive a proper diagnosis or adequate medical treatment and was only transferred to a prison hospital in Ha Noi some two weeks later. Despite being partially paralyzed, he was returned to his prison cell on 11 December 2009.

On 15 March 2010, he was granted a one-year “temporary suspension” of his sentence to seek medical treatment for a brain tumor. But his freedom was short-lived. On July 25, 2011, Ly was returned to prison.

For his ongoing imprisonment and continuous non-violent protest, Amnesty International has adopted Nguyen Van Ly in December 1983 as a prisoner of conscience. Amnesty International is calling on the Vietnamese authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Father Ly. The organization’s Deputy Asia Pacific Directory Donna Guest said,

“Father Nguyen Van Ly is one of dozens of activists serving long jail terms for their peaceful criticism of the Vietnamese authorities. Father  Ly is in very poor health and should never have been arrested in the first place. He is a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned solely for his peaceful pro-democracy work. The Vietnamese authorities must release him without delay, and in the meantime reveal his whereabouts and grant him immediate access to family members, his lawyer and adequate medical treatment. Peaceful dissent and the promotion of democracy are criminalized in Viet Nam, and these prisoners of conscience are being held in deplorable conditions.”

Please pray for this valiant martyr for Christ. Thank you.