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Agenda 21 – Joan Veon Explains Public Private Partnerships

We lost a great patriot when Joan Veon succumbed to cancer in October, 2010.  She was an investment professional with press credentials who attended numerous United Nations Conferences over the past 20 years, documenting the plan to to appropriate local control and override national sovereignty by the overarching global authority of the United Nations and implementation of Agenda 21.  I just tested her link and it’s still good.   https://womensgroup.org/

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UN, Hotbed of New Age Occult: The Meditation Room

This is Part Two of a 3-part series, “UN is a Hotbed of New Age Occult.”
In the name of universal brotherhood and Gaia environmentalism, the UN is actively promoting a new paganism that is a hodge podge of New Agism, Eastern mysticism, and covert Satanism. To make my case, I’ve assembled 3 pieces of evidence for you to peruse and make up your own mind. Here is the second piece of evidece.

People’s Exhibit No. 2: The Lucifer Meditation Room

About that Meditation Room in the United Nations….
The UN’s assigned place for worship is the Meditation Room, described by the UN as follows:
“The UN Meditation Room is built in the shape of a truncated pyramid. In the centre is an altar, made out of magnetite, the largest natural piece of magnetite ever mined. For meditation purposes it is probably the most ideal spot on the planet, since the magnetite altar has its foundation straight down, built into the bedrock of the land below; tapping into the energies of the earth itself. The mysterious mural also helps the worshippers tune into esoteric energies, and helps facilitate a state of altered consciousness.”
A leaflet about the Meditation Room written under the direction of former UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjöld (1953-1961) stated that the eerie lodestone
altar in the room “is dedicated to the God whom man worships under many names and in many forms”. [Quoted in R.K. Spenser, The Cult of the All-Seeing Eye, 1962, p. 9.]
USASurvival claims that the Meditation Room is off-limits to most visitors, including Americans, although America pays so much of the UN’s bills. But that’s not the worst thing about the Meditation Room.
The truly disturbing thing about the UN Meditation Room is that its custodian is a mysterious but influential international organization called the Lucis Trust.
According to Wikipedia, the Lucis Trust is a nonprofit service organization with headquarters in New York City, London, and Geneva. The Lucis Trust was incorporated in the United States in 1922 by theosophist Alice Bailey and her husband Foster, “to act as a fiduciary trust for the publishing of Mrs. Bailey’s 24 books of esoteric philosophy, and to fund and administer activities concerned with the establishment of right human relations. These include the Arcane School, a school for esoteric training, World Goodwill, Triangles, a lending library, The Beacon magazine, as well as the Publishing Company. In the early 1920’s the Lucis Publishing Company changed their name from Lucifer Publishing Company.”

Cover of original 1922 edition of Bailey’s book

Indeed, the title page of Alice Bailey’s book, Initiation, Human and Solar, when it was originally printed in 1922 clearly shows the publishing house as “New York: Lucifer Publishing Company [1922]”. The book is “Dedicated with reverence and gratitude to the Master K. H.” (more on the mysterious K. H. later!)
Today, the book is for sale on Amazon.com — but it’s a 2010 edition. The 2010 edition’s title page has the publisher as Classic Books International, but amazon.com clearly identifies the publisher and date of publication as “Lucis Publishing Company (January 1, 1922).” Amazon’s “Product Description” says “This 18th printing of Initiation Human and Solar is published only by Lucis Publishing Co.”
Lucis Publishing Company is the publishing arm of the Lucis (Lucifer) Trust.

Lucis Trust logo is the rising or morning star, Lucifer.

According to a webpage on Biblioteca Pleyades devoted to investigating the Lucis Trust, Bailey changed the name to Lucis Trust, because Lucifer Trust revealed the true nature of the New Age Movement too clearly. (Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p. 49). A quick trip to any New Age bookstore will reveal that many of the hard-core New Age books are published by Lucis Trust.
The Lucis investigatory webpage also claims that at one time, the Lucis Trust office in New York was located at 666 United Nations Plaza and is a member of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations under a slick program called “World Goodwill”. In an Alice Bailey book called Education for a New Age, she suggests that in the new age “World Citizenship should be the goal of the enlightened, with a world federation and a world brain.” In other words, Bailey was advocating a one world government — the New World Order.
Lucis Trust’s sponsors include the late Robert McNamara (former US Defense Secretary in the Kennedy administration, president of the World Bank, and member of the Rockefeller Foundation); Thomas Watson (IBM, former ambassador in Moscow); Greenpeace International; Greenpeace USA; Amnesty International; UNICEF; and the United Nations.

Alice Bailey, founder of the Lucifer Trust

So who is Alice Bailey, founder of the Lucis Lucifer Trust?
According to Wikipedia, Alice Ann Bailey (1880–1949) was a theosophist and an influential writer and teacher on the occult, esoteric psychology, astrology (“how spirituality relates to the solar system”), meditation, healing, “spiritual psychology,” the destiny of nations, and prescriptions for society.
Bailey’s writings were influenced by the works of Madame Blavatsky, a founder of Theosophy and the Theosophical Society, as well as a psychic and medium (“spiritualist”). But Bailey claimed that the majority of her work had been telepathically dictated to her by an “ascended master,” initially referred to only as “the Tibetan”, or by the initials “D.K.”, later identified as “Djwhal Khul.”
In other words, not only did Bailey found an organization named after Lucifer, she had channeled a “spiritual entity” called Khul. I dread to think what Khul’s real name is!
Oh, incidentally, Djwhal Khul had also been channeled by Madame Blavatsky, to whom “he” had dictated substantial portions of the material presented in Blavatsky’s magnum opus, The Secret Doctrine (1888).
So there you have it — the custodian of the United Nations Meditation Room is the Lucis Trust, an organization founded by an occultist who had originally named her organization after Lucifer!
Part Three of this series, “The Occult Elite.
Part Four: “The Spiritual Caucus.

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