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Military tribunals and Trump dissuaded against ordering the prosecution of Hillary Clinton

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump and his “deplorable” supporters repeatedly called for “locking up” Hillary Clinton for her illegal use of a private email server when she was Obama’s secretary of state.

If you’ve wondered why President Trump hadn’t “locked her up,” you should know it is not for his lack of will.

Citing second-hand hearsay, Michael Schmidt and Maggie Haberman of the New York Times reported yesterday that in spring of this year, President Trump attempted to have Hillary Clinton and former FBI director James Comey prosecuted by the Justice Department, but was dissuaded by White House counsel Donald McGahn — “according to two people familiar with the conversation”.

McGahn warned President Trump he had no authority to order a prosecution and warned that the move could lead to impeachment.

Mr. McGahn’s lawyer, William A. Burck, said: “Mr. McGahn will not comment on his legal advice to the president. Like any client, the president is entitled to confidentiality. Mr. McGahn would point out, though, that the president never, to his knowledge, ordered that anyone prosecute Hillary Clinton or James Comey.”

Does this mean Hillary will never be prosecuted?

Military tribunals in the United States are military courts designed to try members of enemy forces during wartime, operating outside the scope of conventional criminal and civil proceedings. The judges are military officers and fulfill the role of jurors. Military tribunals are not courts martial. The Military Commissions Act of 2006 limits military tribunal trials to non-citizens only.

But on September 5, 2018, during Day 2 of the Senate confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) asked Kavanaugh a series of very interesting questions that seem to make a case for American citizens being subject to military tribunals.

Here’s my transcript of the Graham-Kavanaugh Q & A:

Graham: So when somebody says, post-9/11, that we’d been at war, and it’s called the War on Terrorism, do you generally agree with that concept?

Kavanaugh: I do, senator, because Congress passed the authorization for use of military force, which is still in effect. That was passed, of course, on September 14, 2001, three days later.

Graham: Let’s talk about the law and war. Is there a body of law called the law of armed conflict?

Kavanaugh: There is such a body, senator.

Graham: A body of law that’s called basic criminal law?

Kavanaugh: Yes, senator.

Graham: Are there differences between those two bodies of law?

Kavanaugh: Yes, senator.

Graham: From an American citizen’s point of view, do your constitutional rights follow you? If you’re in Paris, does the Fourth Amendment protect you as an American from your own government?

Kavanaugh: From your own government, yes.

Graham: So, if you’re in Afghanistan, do your constitutional rights protect you against your own government?

Kavanaugh: If you’re an American in Afghanistan, you have constitutional rights as against the U.S. government.

Graham: Isn’t there also a long settled law that goes back to the Eisentrager case (I can’t remember the name of it)….

Kavanaugh: Johnson v. Eisentrager.

Graham: Right, that American citizens who collaborate with the enemy are considered enemy combatants?

Kavanaugh: They can be, they’re often, sometimes criminally prosecuted, sometimes treated in the military.

Graham: Let’s talk about can be. I think there’s a Supreme Court decision that said that American citizens who collaborated with Nazi saboteurs were tried by the military, is that correct?

Kavanaugh: That is correct.

Graham: I think a couple of them were executed.

Kavanaugh: Yeah.

Graham: So, if anybody doubts there’s a longstanding history in this country that your constitutional rights follow you wherever you go, but you don’t have a constitutional right to turn on your own government and collaborate with the enemy of the nation. You’ll be treated differently. What’s the name of the case, if you can recall, that reaffirmed the concept that you can hold one of our own as an enemy combatant if they were engaged in terrorist activities in Afghanistan. Are you familiar with that case?

Kavanaugh: Yes, Hamdi [v. Rumsfeld].

Graham: So the bottom line is on every American citizen know you have constitutional rights, but you do not have a constitutional right to collaborate with the enemy. There is a body of law well developed long before 9/11 that understood the difference between basic criminal law and the law of armed conflict. Do you understand those difference?

Kavanaugh: I do understand that there are different bodies of law of course, senator.

Interestingly, both Mark Taylor (the firefighter prophet who predicted Trump’s presidency in 2011) and former CIA officer Robert David Steele believe the Left’s rabid but unsuccessful takedown of now Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was because of their fear of military tribunals.

Beginning at the 2:13 mark, Mark Taylor said:

“We just gotta walk in faith right now. With everything that is coming, people need to prepare themselves for what’s coming…. The Kavanaugh thing — everybody thought that it was about Roe versus Wade. Well it is, but it isn’t. You have to go back to the line of questioning that Lindsey Graham did. I’m paraphrasing: he asked him [Kavanaugh] in front of the entire nation. He said if a civilian is charged with treason, can they be charged under civil law or military law, and he said military law.

Sure, that was a nuclear bomb that went off in the spirit for the enemy, for the Cabal, the elites, the globalists, everyone who’s been in the corruption in this country who’s a leader and abroad…. That sent shock waves…. They were disguising it as Roe versus Wade, trying to pull on people’s emotions and their heartstrings, ‘Oh no, we can’t get rid of Roe versus Wade!”. It had nothing to do with that from these elites, people like Dianne Feinstein. It had nothing to do with that. It had everything to do with the military tribunals that are coming. They know they needed a solid 5-4 [Supreme Court] vote because he [Kavanaugh] was replacing a swing vote [Anthony Kennedy] if you remember. Now, [with Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court] we have a solid 5-4 vote for anything that would come up through the Supreme Court right now and that’s what the President needed in place….

The second that Kavanaugh is confirmed, the clock starts. When he got confirmed, the clock has started. So now all these things that are starting to take place, you’re starting to see movement now, even publicly you’re starting to see movement. There was some stuff on Jeff Sessions today…. Now comes the pain. Pain is coming for these people, the justice is fixing to be served. So we have to be patient and just realize there’s a plan in place, but this Kavanaugh, Judge Kavanaugh, was a huge, huge deal.”

Beginning at the 12:30 mark in the video above, Steele is asked what is the real reason why the Democrats went after Kavanaugh. Steele said:

“This is not about Roe v Wade, this is about military tribunals…. Senator Lindsey Graham had that exchange with him [Kavanaugh]…. John McCain was executed and Lindsey Graham was pardoned, okay. [Ohio governor] John Kasich was on CNN saying McCain was executed, alright. Bottom line: McCain is dead and Lindsey Graham is now the apple of Donald Trump’s eye….

McCain sold out to the Saudis, to the Israelis, to a whole bunch of other people. McCain sold out on the POWs. McCain supported Hillary Clinton in selling Syria and Yemen to Saudi Arabia, and selling Libya to the French, and selling Uranium One to Russia. McCain and [Hillary] Clinton were actually much, much closer than people realized. He was essentially a traitor to the United States of America at mutiple levels across decades.

Lindsey Graham has had his issues, but if you look at Lindsey Graham carefully right now, you will see that he has made his peace with Donald Trump and he is now rendering vital service to the nation and God bless him…. In my humble opinion, Lindsey Graham has been born again, all is forgiven. He is now serving the Republic in a very, very important way. And the reason Kavanaugh is being taken down is because the deep state which relies heavily on the Democrats is terrified of military tribunals. We are still in a state of war. Technically, the United States is in a state of war.”

Indeed, on September 6, 2018, interviewed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Ohio Governor John Kasich said: “Its like 24 hours since John McCain was put to death“. See my post, “Did John McCain really die from brain cancer?“.

See also:

Meanwhile, in October Defense Secretary James Mattis named Col. Douglas K. Watkins, 56, as Guantanamo’s new chief war court judge. Watkins, who has experience in handling terrorism cases, succeeded Army Col. James L. Pohl who had been chief Gitmo judge until he retired in September.

Judge Watkins has served for 37 years in the Army. He enlisted after high school in 1981 and has been an active duty MP as well as a combat engineer in the Texas National Guard. He got a law degree at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and was commissioned as a judge advocate in 1995.

Military Commissions judges are drawn from a pool of all four services and serve at Gitmo as an extra duty — meaning they commute to the U.S. base in southeast Cuba for hearings and trials. (Military.com)

One last thing:

Sen. Lindsey Graham will be Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee in the upcoming 116th Congress, beginning January 3, 2019, where Republicans are rid of RINOs John McCain and Jeff Flake and will have an even bigger majority (53-47) in the Senate.


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Celebrity deaths by hanging from door knob

In his article on “Hanging,” forensic pathologist Dr. Dinesh Rao explains:

Hanging is that form of asphyxia which is caused by suspension of the body by a ligature which encircles the neck, the constricting force being the weight of the body. The whole weight of the body is not necessary, and only a comparatively slight force is enough to produce death. In ‘partial hanging’ the bodies are partially suspended…. Hanging may occur simply by leaning against the noose secured to a chair or door knob…which is slightly higher than the position of the head….

A sensational article by Jay Greenberg for the dubious site Neon Nettle, claims that twelve “pedophile related” celebrities have died by “suicide” from hanging themselves from doorknobs.

While it is true that there has been a recent rash of celebrity suicides via hanging from a doorknob — three in one week in June — not all 12 celebrity suicides cited by Neon Nettle were from hanging. Swedish DJ Avicii died from self-inflicted injuries with a broken wine bottle. Nor are all 12 celebrities connected to pedophilia or child trafficking.

Below are the 12 celebrity suicides:

(1) Anthony Bourdain

On June 8, 2018, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, aged 61, was found dead of an apparent suicide by hanging from a doorknob in his room at Le Chambard hotel in Kaysersberg, France. His body bore no signs of violence; toxicology results were negative for narcotics. See also “The dark side of Anthony Bourdain“.

(2) Inés Zorreguieta

On June 6, 2018, Inés Zorreguieta, aged 33, the younger sister of Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, was found dead by hanging in her apartment in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A spokesman for the Dutch Embassy in Argentina said “authorities assume it was a case of suicide, and that Inés had suffered from depression and mental health issues. (Daily Mail)

The father of Inés Zorreguieta and Queen Máxima was Argentine politician Jorge Zorreguieta, who was Minister of Agriculture during the regime of Argentine President Videla, a military dictator who ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1981 and who was responsible for many atrocities against civilians. An estimated 10,000–30,000 people were kidnapped and murdered during this and subsequent military regimes before democracy was restored to Argentina in 1983. Zorreguieta died in 2017 of leukemia at the age of 89.

Former-CIA agent Robert David Steele claims that Queen Máxima “stepped down after allegations of having ‘hunts’ where children were raped and massacred by her dinner guests,” but according to the website of the Royal House of the Netherlands, Máxima is still Queen of the Netherlands.

Another net gossip is that Inés Zorreguieta “had been in attendance to her aging father before he died, and as those approaching death are prone to confess their sins, she learned the truth about what had happened to many Argentine children who went missing. It is presumed by many that they were adopted, but most were sold to the wealthy who worshiped Moloch. The details of the modern day network, particularly among the royalty in Europe, were whispered into the ear of young Inés, who was likewise silenced.”

(3) Kate Spade

On June 5, 2018, fashion designer Kate Spade, aged 55, was found dead, hanging from a red scarf on a bedroom door in her Manhattan apartment (NBC New York). Her death was ruled a suicide by hanging; she’d left a suicide note to her daughter, in which she seemed to blame her estranged husband, Andy Spade.

It is said that Kate Spade had partnered with the Clinton Foundation on at least two major projects: She helped operate a media campaign for the Foundation’s No Ceiling Initiative, and sent representatives to deal with Haitian business owners on the Clintons’ behalf. According to the Clinton Foundation website, Spade was part of the Foundation’s No Ceilings Initiative and had led delegations down to Haiti as recently as 2015. (See also “Attn. Clinton Foundation: Hurricane-ravaged Haiti needs the $2B in donations you stole from its earthquake relief funds”)

Directly following Kate’s death, Andy Spade was seen leaving his apartment wearing a bizarre mouse mask. That prompted independent journalist Liz Crokin to speculate that he had been forced to wear the mouse mask as a signal to others not to “rat out” the Clintons.

Andy Spade in mouse mask

(4) Avicii

On April 20, 2018, Swedish DJ Avicii (real name Tim Bergling), aged 28, was found dead in Muscat, Oman. Omani police said there was “no criminal suspicion” or evidence of foul play. TMZ reported that the cause of death was suicide due to self-inflicted injuries with a broken wine bottle. Avicii had been plagued with numerous health problems, including acute pancreatitis, in part due to excessive drinking; in 2014, he had surgery to remove his gallbladder and appendix. Reportedly, Avicii was trying to expose a pedophile ring in his video “For a Better Day“.

(5) Chester Bennington

On July 20, 2017, Chester Bennington, aged 41, lead singer of rock band Linkin Park, was found dead by his housekeeper in his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California. Toxicology report showed only “a trace amount” of alcohol in Bennington’s system at the time of death. His death was ruled a suicide by  hanging himself from a bedroom door (USA Today).

Bennington was best friends with singer Chris Cornell (see below), who had committed suicide two months before. Net gossip is that Cornell and Bennington had been working to expose an elite pedophile ring.

(6) Chris Cornell

On May 18, 2017, musician-singer Chris Cornell, 52, was found unconscious on the floor by his bodyguard in the bathroom of his hotel room at the MGM Grand in Detroit, where he had been performing at a show. Cornell had an exercise band around his neck and blood in his mouth. Police ruled out homicide by reviewing a hotel surveillance video, which showed nobody entering or exiting the suite after his bodyguard left at around 11:35 p.m. The coroner determined that the cause of death was suicide by hanging, and that Cornell’s injuries were all “consistent with hanging, partially suspended by the resistance exercise band,” and that “drugs did not contribute” to the cause of death.

(7) Robin Williams

On August 11, 2014, actor Robin Williams, 63, was found dead by his personal assistant in the bedroom of his home in Tiburon, California. According to the coroner, Williams was clothed, with a belt around his neck — he was “suspended from the belt which was wedged between the door and the door frame in a seated position slightly suspended off the ground.” (ABCNews)

The final autopsy report, released in November 2014, stated that Williams had committed suicide; neither alcohol nor illegal drugs were involved, while all prescription drugs present in his body were at “therapeutic” levels; and that he had Lewy Body dementia. (Wikipedia)

(8) L’Wren Scott

On March 17, 2014, fashion designer L’Wren Scott, aged 49, former girl friend of Mick Jagger and Nathaniel Rothschild (the only son of Sir Jacob Rothschild), was found dead by her assistant at her Manhattan apartment. The police reported that no note was found and there was no sign of foul play. The New York City Chief Medical Examiner determined Scott’s manner and cause of death to be suicide by hanging.

The Guardian reports that Scott was found fully clothed, her 6ft 3in frame slumped on the floor, having hanged herself with a black silk scarf:

So it seems odd that Scott would choose such a brutal way to end her life. Odd, too, that she would text her assistant, Brittany Penebre, at 8.30 on the morning of her death, asking her to come round. It was Monday 17 March and by the time Penebre got to the apartment at 10am, Scott was dead.

(9) Aaron Swartz

On January 11, 2013, tech pioneer and Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, aged 26, was found dead in the bedroom of his Brooklyn apartment by his girl friend. His body was hanging from a belt just inside the bedroom window (New York Daily News). New York’s Medical Examiner reported Swartz had hanged himself. No suicide note was found.

His death came two years to the day after his arrest on allegations of breaching a computer network to download millions of pages of documents kept at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to Robert David Steele, Swartz had hacked into MIT computers and found a huge stash of child pornography. See also FOTM‘s post, “A Tribute to Aaron Swartz“.

(10) Alexander McQueen

On February 11, 2010, openly “gay” fashion designer Alexander McQueen, 40, was found dead by his housekeeper in his London home. He left a note saying, “Look after my dogs, sorry, I love you, Lee.” The coroner determined his death to be by suicide from hanging.

The UK tabloid Mirror says McQueen hanged himself in a wardrobe.

(11) David Carradine

On June 3, 2009, actor David Carradine, 72, was found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok, Thailand, where he was shooting the film, Stretch. A police official said that Carradine was found naked, hanging by a rope in the room’s closet, causing immediate speculation that his death was suicide. However, evidence suggested that his death was accidental, the result of autoerotic asphyxiation. Two autopsies were conducted, both concluding that the death was not a suicide. Two of Carradine’s former wives said his sexual interests included self-bondage.

Reportedly, Carradine might have been involved in child sex tourism in Thailand.

(12) Michael Hutchence

On November 22, 1997, Australian musician and INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, age 37, was found dead by a hotel maid in his room in Ritz-Carlton in Sydney, Australia. Police reported that Hutchence was found “in a kneeling position facing the door. He had used his snake skin belt to tie a knot on the automatic door closure at the top of the door, and had strained his head forward into the loop so hard that the buckle had broken.”

The coroner ruled that his death was suicide while depressed and under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. But according to Australian Legislative Ethics Commission, Hutchence had information regarding a “VIP pedophile ring” in the UK that was connected to child killing rapist Jimmy Saville and high-ranking politicians.

Former CIA agent Robert David Steele writes:

How high are these doorknobs? Wouldn’t your feet and probably your whole body touch the floor? … I think this trend of hanging oneself on doorknobs with scarves stinks to high heaven. I am having a hard time buying it…. Who knew doorknobs were so deadly?

What do you think?


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