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A panic-based, overreaction is destroying our healthcare systems

On April 10 I did a blog post entitled, “When you prepare for something that is not coming, you just may destroy yourself.”

From my post:

“Based upon models created by “experts,” hospitals and healthcare facilities have set everything aside to deal with the thousands of anticipated Wuhan virus cases. We have shutdown and basically crashed our economy.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) – funded by Bill Gates – created models to predict how many Americans would die of the Wuhan virus. These numbers were used in anticipation of determining the number of beds needed to treat Wuhan virus victims at hospitals.

Sean Davis at The Federalist has done a good job of tracking the “experts” and their predictions. Turns out they aren’t so “expert” at all. Their numbers have continuously been revised to lower numbers. Or as they say, “our estimates will change, much like weather forecasts adjust.”

Using the IHME models, hospitals began postponing routine surgeries and treatments. It turns out that hospitals are not as full of the anticipated number of Wuhan virus patients. So what are they doing now?”

Now, due to over-reaction and panic created with GARBAGE models, hospitals are furloughing employees and cutting hours and pay. See the following examples:

“Mayo Clinic to furlough or cut pay of 30,000 employees”

From the MSN story: Mayo Clinic is furloughing or reducing the hours of almost half its workforce as the nonprofit medical center tries to stop the financial bleeding from the coronavirus pandemic.

Mayo Clinic began furloughing an undisclosed number of supplemental and contract employees in late March as it started to deal with the “unprecedented challenges” of COVID-19. The nonprofit medical center employs 70,000 people in multiple states.”

“California hospital system implements pay cuts, furloughs for 14,000 workers amid pandemic”

From The Hill: “A California hospital system announced plans last week to institute pay reductions and furlough some workers amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that a letter sent to Stanford Health Care staff last week indicated that employees could opt for a 20 percent pay reduction between this week and July 4, or decide instead to use paid time off for the period. Employees could also choose to accept a furlough and apply for unemployment benefits.

“Carilion Clinic (Roanoke Valley, VA) announces furloughs, pay cuts”

From The Roanoke Times: “Carilion Clinic announced that it will cut pay for executives, trim hours for some employees, furlough others and delay expansion projects.

The moves are in line with actions by health systems across the country as a response to the financial toll caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Carilion has seen a sharp decline in revenue as outpatient visits and surgeries are halted, and has taken on unexpected expenses in purchasing equipment, medications and supplies and readying units for infectious patients.”

Roanoke Valley has a population of nearly 100,000 people, 154 Wuhan virus cases and five deaths.

Governor Coonman has extended Virginia’s “Stay At Home Order” until June 10.


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