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Priorities: Mayor Lightfoot names committee to review public monuments across Chicago

Guess Chiraq Mayor Lightfoot has a lot of free time. Never mind the BLM rioting, looting and shootings in that city.

You know what they need?

A 20-person committee to catalog monuments and art on public land to determine which warrant attention and recommend new monuments or public art!

According to MyFoxChicago, the good mayor believes that this will “create a platform to channel our city’s dynamic civic energy to purposefully reflect our values as Chicagoans and uplift the stories of our city’s residents, particularly when it comes to the permanent memorialization of our history and shared heritage.”

Does that include this “civic energy,” Mayor?

Lightfoot also said her effort will develop a framework “for marking public space that elevates new ways to memorialize Chicago’s true and complete history.”

Here’s a glimpse of the true Chiraq:

I’m sure this new committe will solve all of their problems!


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