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Why you should support border control: El Paso hospitals full of Wuhan virus patients from Mexico

According to El Paso Times, 1,052 people are hospitalized in El Paso hospitals including 325 in intensive care and 201 on ventilators; 49% of hospitalizations in El Paso County are COVID-19 related.

El Paso County reported 927 new Wuhan virus cases and 22 deaths on Wednesday. All the patients had underlying health conditions.

Read all the latest Wuhan virus updates from El Paso Times here.

KTRH Radio reports that the border is closed due to the China virus pandemic.

But if you know anything at all about illegal border crossings in El Paso, you know that a border “closing” doesn’t mean a complete shutdown. Although President Trump’s border wall has significantly slowed down illegal crossings, illegal immigrants can still pass through tunnels, climb walls or cross through the Rio Grande.

KTRH stated that Todd Bensman (senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies) shared the following with them:

Border communities are accepting, by law, patients who come over the border illegally or legally, and have themselves admitted into the hospital to be treated for COVID. American taxpayers are footing that bill for sure.

Todd offers more information:

Bensman told KTRH that untold thousands of Mexican Wuhan virus patients overran their own hospitals to the point of collapse, then figured out ways to get themselves over the border. “At the ports of entry, they call the El Paso Fire Department, and ambulances one after another day and night, are picking them up and bringing them to American hospitals.”

Bensman stated, “I just talked to a doctor in Arizona who told me 75 percent of patients in the hospital there are Mexican. And it’s happening in California too,” Bensman added.

See Todd Bensman’s tweets about the border and illegal immigrants’ impact on our border hospitals here.

The demorats love their open border policies. Yet in a pandemic that policy may be detrimental to an American citizen who cannot get into a hospital or access a ventilator being used by an illegal alien. It may even be YOUR grandma who suffers from those consequences.

Remember that next time demorats/media tell you that YOUR actions may kill grandma.


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