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GOP elites tell Conservatives and Tea Party to shut up

The bastards have already forgotten that we elected and reelected them to office.

Citing Politico as her source, Melanie Batley reports for NewsMax, Nov. 6, 2014, that just two days after their historic midterm victories, the Republican congressional leadership is “sending out signals” to the Republican rank-and-file, especially the so-called “hard right,” that infighting and gridlock will not be tolerated.

In other words, they are telling Conservatives and the Tea Party to shut up.

The way Politico put it was: “Emboldened by sweeping midterm election victories, Republican leaders are vowing not to repeat the errors of past years, when messy fiscal fights eroded public confidence in Washington and became the hallmark of the GOP-controlled House.” That’s because the GOP leadership feel justified in demanding loyalty from the conservative wing of the party, given that the victories from this election cycle were mainly the result of the party’s early backing of establishment candidates, some of whom are from moderate districts.

Mitch McConnell

1. Incoming Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he will not go along with conservative calls to use the debt ceiling as leverage for spending cuts, an insistence by Tea Party members which triggered the government shutdown last year. McConnell has already vowed that there will not be a government shutdown on his watch. And in his victory speech Tuesday night, McConnell made it clear he would also be extending the olive branch to Barack Obama, saying the GOP has a “duty” to work with the White House on issues they agree on. “I’m pretty familiar with our conference including the new members who are coming in,” McConnell said. “The vast majority of them don’t feel they were sent to Washington to fight all the time.”


2. House Speaker John Boehner is telling colleagues he plans to be a “responsible leader.” By that, he means the party needs to be unified to take advantage of its political dominance.

Rep. Steve StiversIn June 2014, Rep. Stiver’s chief of staff Adam Kuhn was forced for resign after his ex-lover, former porn star Jennifer Allbaugh posted a photo of Kuhn’s penis on Twitter. (Source)

3. Ohio GOP Rep. Steve Stivers, a close ally of Boehner, told Politico, “What this election did is give us a working majority where we have at least 218 votes to pass a Republican agenda, and what I think will be a responsible Republican agenda. We’re not veering hard right, we’re playing it straight down the fairway, to use a Boehner-ism.”

Boehner and McConnell have already set out their legislative agenda, saying in a joint editorial that their top priority is to help the struggling middle class, and a first step will be passing many of the bills the House has already approved. “Enacting such measures early in the new session will signal that the logjam in Washington has been broken, and help to establish a foundation of certainty and stability that both parties can build upon,” they wrote.

The GOP elites maintain that unity could be paramount to maintaining the Senate majority in 2016, when a number of senators from blue and purple states are up for re-election.


Meanwhile, to make your Saturday even better [sarc], now that Republicans are in control of the Senate, John McCain is set to be chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The same warmonger McCain who has never met a war he doesn’t want to drag the United States into.

Recall that McCain was a big proponent of a U.S. war in Syria. On September 4, 2013, he was one of three Republicans who joined 7 Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in approving a Senate resolution granting Obama authority to conduct military strikes on Syria’s government.




Calling all independent-minded Americans to a first organizational convention!

Statue of Liberty in tears

America’s two-party system is broken. Some, myself included, believe it is broken beyond tinkering and repair.

Regular readers of this blog, Fellowship of the Minds, already know the Democratic Party is thoroughly corrupt, bearing little if any resemblance to the Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy’s time. It is socialist, all but in name. Today’s Democratic Party is also, simply put, evil. If you still have doubts, I refer you to:

As for the Republican Party, it remains dominated by a duplicitous elite who are not conservative in their beliefs and values and, as such, have no courage of convictions. Having no spine, the GOP leaders crumble, succumb, and at times actively work to aid and abet the Left’s agenda of destroying America and our Constitution. If you still doubt, I refer you to a stunning agreement called the “Consent Decree” that the Republican National Committee made with the Democratic National Committee in 1982, which constrains the GOP from preventing and even contesting voter fraud. See:

The fact of the matter is that in America today, the elites of the Democratic and Republican Parties are a bipartisan ruling class who have far more in common with each other than they have with the American people. (See “America’s Bipartisan Ruling Class vs. the PeopleAngelo,” July 19, 2010.)

I’m fully mindful of how daunting it is for a third party to win elections, given the built-in advantages enjoyed by the Democrats and Republicans in our long-established and deeply-rooted two-party system.

That being said, something must be done about our broken political system. Below is a press release, of an organizational convention for Americans who are thoroughly disenchanted with the two parties and are searching for an alternative. No registration is required, and attendance is free. If my life circumstances permit, I would go.


Independent American Party

November 4, 2013
Kelly Gneiting
Aku Press, LLC.
Box 3456
Albuquerque NM 87190
(505) 796 4651


LAS VEGAS, NV — Saturday January 18th, 2014 at 9:00 AM, the National Independent American Party will host a special organizational convention at the American Heritage Academy in Las Vegas, NV on behalf of the Alliance of Independent American Parties – a grassroots alliance of many patriot groups and individual voters.

This effort is the culmination of a year’s building ties with leaders of various  political parties and citizens who ae not being properly represented. These national  and state constitutionalist parties include the National Independent American  Party, the (California) American Independent Party, the National American Party, the America First Party, and state leaders of the Oregon Constitution Party.

Additional invitations have been sent to various state Constitution Parties, the National Constitution Party, as well as America’s Party, and state Libertarian
Parties. All citizens and media representatives are invited to attend this convention as either observers or voting delegates in accordance with the approved bylaws of the Alliance of Independent American Parties. No registration is required, and the event is free to attend.

In order to further common goals, the Alliance of Independent American Parties  acts as an alliance, or confederation, of autonomous state and national parties in continuous efforts to overcome the duopoly of the two-party system.

Those interested and/or with more questions should contact Kelly Gneiting at independenceforever@live.com or by phone at 928-309-1776 (leave message if needed).

Click here for the website of the National Independent American Party or go to: http://www.independentamericanparty.org/

John Boehner is a Spineless Pussy

Little wonder this country is screwed, and even less of a wonder why this pr*ck of a POtuS is smiling:


Limp-wristed girly-man that apparently has Rep. Boehner by the proverbial short hairs

And would somebody please remind me just why, exactly, we even need a republican party, given that the repube “leadership” jackasses have now rid themselves of their elephant suits?

And we’re going to fix this in November of 2014?



Congress Set to Spend Still More Money in 2013

Drunken Sailors

The federal government is telling us our accumulated national debt is  somewhere around $16 Trillion.  Sorry, but I am just not buying it – not even for a second. Of course, estimates of our real accumulated national debt are all over the map, and just trying to research this unpleasant and complex topic can leave your head positively spinning as you pull out of the driveway and head straight for your local liquor retailer – credit card at the ready.

Personally, I have settled on a figure of about $134 Trillion. I do not have any hard data to back that number up – perhaps it is coming from my gut, I do not know, but it is a number a little north of the mean of the estimates I have seen – the highest of which was an eye-popping $222 Trillion. The truth, after all, is often times somewhere in the middle. Besides, I doubt there there is anyone out there that knows exactly what our accumulated debt actually is.

Of course, the actual amount we are in hoc for is not nearly as important as how we came to this sorry point in our short 236 year history as a nation. Since WWII, America has been on a spending binge with no end in sight, and it gets worse as each year passes.

I may disagree with the numbers, but I am confident the rate of our hideous national debt increase illustrated in the above graph is dead-on.

(Note also that WWII saw the introduction of payroll withholding to help speed up funding for building the war machine that ultimately defeated Japan and helped to crush Corporal Hitler. Only problem is, congress failed to do away with it after the war. What a surprise).

This out-of-control growth in federal spending cannot go on for much longer, as at some point (and I believe it is coming sooner rather than later), America’s financial and economic house of cards is going to come crashing down literally overnight.

Yeah, I know many are saying that we are putting our children and their children in the poorhouse and thus relegating them to a much lower standard of living.

That is, of course, correct, but we are also screwing ourselves in the here and now.

Via heritage.org:

FY 2013 Appropriations Tracker Update: Continuing Resolution Spends Even More

Emily Goff September 28, 2012 at 11:42 am

Members of Congress left plenty of unfinished business as they hustled out of town last weekend, but they did manage to boost spending through another half-baked legislative measure.

The fiscal year (FY) 2013 Continuing Resolution (CR), H.J. Res.117, now on the way to the President’s desk, funds the federal government for six months at an annualized rate of $1.047 trillion—an $8 billion increase. Thus another dose of spend-as-you-go from a Congress that has all but given up on serious budgeting.

The Heritage Foundation’s FY 2013 Appropriations Tracker has been updated to reflect the annualized spending amounts in the CR and compares the agreement to House and Senate versions of the 12 regular appropriations bills as well as an FY 2013 base level and the amounts spent in the pre-stimulus year of 2008.

Usually a CR spends at the same level as would result from continuing the previous year’s policies—in this case, $1.039 trillion. This CR’s additional spending, however, pushes the rate of spending to that consistent with the total spending level of $1.047 trillion provided in the Budget Control Act of 2011.


You will find the rest of the article at this link.

I do not have much to add here, other than “our side” is clearly not in our corner.

The House of Representatives is the only government entity that is constitutionally authorized to introduce spending bills of any kind, but for whatever reason, they do not have it in their DNA to just say no – and they have had nearly two years to do so.

I am sorry, but John Boehner & Co. are all out of excuses, and we as a nation are pretty much out of time.


(h/t: boortz.com)

GOP Elites Are Not on Our Side


Election 2012: McCain Redux?

Following the McCain disaster of 2008, which resulted in the tragedy of Barack Hussein Obama moving into the White House, we of the conservative persuasion were hoping (and praying) that the people of this country –  particularly republicans, were going to wake up to the precarious predicament this nation found itself in.

The 2010 election result indicated that many of us were indeed coming around, as the TEA Party movement arose out of nothing and helped to change the balance of power in the House of Representatives, as well as increase the number of conservative office holders all across America.

Since that time,  conservatives have been hoping that the momentum thus established would carry over into the election of 2012, and not only increase the number of conservatives in the House, change the balance of power in the Senate, but most importantly, put a true conservative in the White House.

It remains to be seen whether or not that is going to happen, and I have to admit I am not a little discouraged at this point, given how high Mitt Romney is polling. I had hoped republicans would have learned by now that RINOs are not the way to go.

A recent poll has only served to increase my level of concern.

Via gallup.com:

October 28, 2011

Republicans Nationwide Are Similar in Composition to 2008 

Remain more likely to be conservative, married, and religious

by Frank Newport, Jeffrey M. Jones, and Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ — The Republican Party in 2011 looks similar, demographically and ideologically, to the Republican Party that nominated John McCain in 2008. As a group, Republicans continue to be more likely than average to be male, white, married, and religious, and to describe their political views as “conservative.”

These results are based on a special Gallup analysis of the demographic and ideological composition of the U.S. population today (based on Gallup Daily tracking from June through August 2011) versus at the start of 2008 (from January through March, when the GOP presidential nomination was being decided).

For this analysis, the Republican population is defined as those who either identify as Republicans, or who identify as independents but say they lean toward the Republican Party. Thirty-seven percent of Americans identified as or leaned Republican from January-March 2008, and 40% identified as Republicans from June-August 2011.

Detailed below are the major differences between Republicans and the larger U.S. adult population, and changes since 2008.

1. Republicans are much more conservative than the national average, as they were in 2008. Yet despite the high profile of conservative Tea Party movement activists within the Republican Party over the past several years, Republicans as a whole are not substantially more conservative now. Over this period, conservative identification has grown by two percentage points among all Americans, and by three points among Republicans.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that conservative Republicans are not more active now than they were in 2008. But the overall ideological composition of the GOP has not changed materially — with roughly two in three Republicans and Republican leaners identifying as politically conservative.

You can read the rest of the poll at this link.


I realize the 2012 election is still quite a ways off, and much could happen between now and then, but I had hoped to see more of a conservative surge by this point, and that has not yet materialized.

I hope, for the future of our country, that it soon will.


(h/t: boortz.com)

Floyd Brown Lays it on the line about Mitch McConnell’s Betrayal


July 20, 2011 by Doug Parris


When I met Floyd Brown in 1989 he was considered a political prodigy. Before the age of 30 he had successfully managed a presidential campaign in four states. Within a year his advertising talent was being given credit for winning a Republican Presidency. Within three years he published SLICK WILLY, simply as a warning America should have heeded. He went on to exploits with  frequent radio and TV appearances, founding Citizens United which struck down unconstitutional restraints on free speech with their Supreme Court case, before founding ExposeObama.com.  He developed personal contact with virtually everyone in the conservative movement. I was proud to have worked with him.

Despite Floyd’s unflinching conservatism, he was always extraordinarily careful about his political moves, finding myriad ways to avoid unnecessary conflicts within the GOP.

So when his language becomes as harsh as follows, below, you know there is an emergency.

It was the last straw. Continue reading