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Democrat opens 117th Congress with prayer ending in ‘Awomen’

Demonrats are getting crazier and more bizarre by the day.

Yesterday, Democrat Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (Missouri), 76, opened the 117th U.S. Congress with a prayer by dedicating it “in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahama, and god known by many names by many different things.”

Brahama refers to the primary creator god in Hinduism; Cleaver is a a United Methodist pastor.

Cleaver then finished his prayer with “Amen and Awomen.”

The Hebrew word “amen” has nothing to do with men or gender. In English, “amen” means “verily”, “truly”, and “so be it”. “Amen” is also used colloquially to express strong agreement.

2021 is only just beginning, but I think we already have the candidate to rival perennial favorite, Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Georgia), for this year’s Dumbest Congresscritter Award.

About the United Methodist Church, see:


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