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British woman was raped before alleged honor killing in Pakistan

Religion of Peace strikes again.

samia shahid

From Fox News: A British woman of Pakistani origin was raped before she was allegedly strangled to death by her ex-husband in a village in the country’s eastern Punjab province, a police spokeswoman said.

Samia Shahid, a 28-year-old woman from Bradford, was found dead in July of what were assumed to be natural causes and buried in a local cemetery.

But a fresh inquiry was ordered after Shahid’s husband Mukhtar Kazim publicly accused her family of killing her because they opposed Shahid’s decision to divorce her first husband in 2014 and marry him. The inquiry concluded that Shahid had been strangled and her first husband Mohammad Shakeel has been detained as the prime suspect.

On Saturday, Nabila Ghazanfar, the police spokeswoman, told The Associated Press that a forensic examination confirmed that Shahid was raped before her death.

Kazim also accused Shahid’s own family members of conspiring in the murder by telling her that her father was critically ill in order to lure Shahid back to Pakistan. The father has been detained by police as well.

Ghazanfar said a local police chief has been suspended for mishandling the case and allowing Shahid’s mother and sister to flee the country. She said investigators are seeking their return for questioning.

Shahid’s case surfaced less than two weeks after taboo-defying social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch was strangled by her brother for posting racy photographs that were deemed shameful in Pakistan, where nearly 1,000 women are killed every year by family members in so-called “honor killings.”



Man cuts off wife’s nose when she protested his decision to marry a child

The Religion of Pieces strikes again.

Reza Gul/AFP Photo

Reza Gul/AFP Photo

An Afghanistan woman, Reza Gul, 20, was attacked by her husband after arguing with him over his decision to take a 6- or 7-year-old niece as his fiancée. Gul’s husband, Muhammad Khan, 25, then allegedly cut off her nose with a knife. Gul’s mother, Zarghona, told the Times that Khan and his family had beaten and abused Gul throughout her six-year marriage.

Yahoo reports that Gul brought her severed nose with her to the hospital and had already lost a lot of blood, according to hospital officials. But the local Afghan facility was not equipped to reattach her nose. Gul is seeking to travel to Turkey to have reconstructive surgery, according to the the Times. A police official told the Times that the Taliban had arrested Khan and is holding him in custody.

According to the U.N., Afghanistan remains one of the worst places to be a woman, and violence against women remains “endemic.” Child marriages, like the one Khan was said to be arranging, are also common, robbing girls of the opportunity for education and often leading to abuse.

AP notes that many Afghan women are victims of domestic violence because constitutional rights for protection are often denied to women in the country. And progress toward achieving rights for women is often met with significant resistance. This month, women were not invited to join the Afghan delegation during peace talks aimed at ending the country’s decades-long conflict.

Read all the details in The New York Times and the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission report.


Jihad Watch receives phoned-in death threats

The Religion of Peace Hate and Death strikes again!

After author Robert Spencer interviewed blogger Pamela Geller on his Jihad Watch show on ABN (Aramaic Broadcasting Network, http://www.abnsat.com) on July 23, a gravelly-voiced Muslim caller phoned in this death threat:

H/t Patriot Action Network


Pregnant woman killed by family…

Guess their religion…

You are looking at evil

Pregnant woman ‘was smothered to death by family before they claimed she was killed by an evil spirit’

Daily MailA pregnant wife was smothered to death by her husband, his parents and his brother-in-law who later all claimed she may have been killed by an evil spirit, a court has heard.

Nalia Mumtaz, 21, was pronounced dead at hospital after being rushed there by paramedics who found her lying lifeless and ashen faced on a bed at the family home. Her unborn child died with her.

Her husband Mohammed Mumtaz, 24, his father Zia Ul Haq and mother Salma Aslam, both 51, as well as his brother-in-law Hammad Hassan, 24, all deny charges of murder and manslaughter.

At Birmingham Crown Court, prosecutor Christopher Hotten said the cultural context in which Mrs. Mumtaz met her death on July 8, 2009 was of importance, as were the religious beliefs of the defendants, described as a ‘traditional Muslim family with an emphasis on religious observance’.

He asked the jury: ‘Was she or may she have been possessed by an evil spirit which took her life as the defendants were to suggest both at the time and after her death?  ‘Or may she have died as a result of some unknown or undetected illness?  ‘Or will you be sure that, as we say, she was assaulted, smothered, by these four defendants all of whom admit they were present when she died?’

Mrs. Mumtaz was born in Pakistan and willingly entered into an arranged marriage with her husband, then a student at Wolverhampton University, in August 2007.  She came to Britain for the first time the following May after obtaining a visa and moved into his parents’ modern, three bedroom detached home in Birmingham.  Mr. Hotten said she was attractive, bright and was ‘thrilled’ by the prospect of motherhood after falling pregnant in February 2009.

During her pregnancy, she was regularly seen by a GP and various midwives – the last time two days before her death – and both she and her unborn child appeared healthy.

But her parents said she phoned them at their home in the Jhellum district of Pakistan the day before her death and told them she was ‘not at peace’ living with her in-laws and was upset, Mr. Hotten said.

The jury was also told that numerous telephone calls were made to Mrs. Mumtaz’s relatives in Pakistan, the emergency services and other individuals in the hours before she was taken to hospital.

During the calls it is alleged that Ul Haq claimed that a ‘djinn’ – or evil spirit – had been sent from Pakistan, while a woman at the house was allegedly heard to say ‘don’t call an ambulance yet – we will cure her ourselves.’

Part-way through Mr. Hotten’s opening speech, Mumtaz collapsed in the dock in a clearly distressed state and the jury was sent home until tomorrow.

The case continues.

Religion of Peace strikes again.


What passes as fashion among Muslims

We’re constantly clubbed on the head with the claim that Islam is the “Religion of Peace,” that jihadist crazies are just a miniscule minority, and that the Muslim world really condemns and abhors the 9-11 terrorist bombings, blah, blah, blah.

Yet every day, shirts like this are mass produced, marketed, and sold by street venders throughout the Middle East. But that’s just fine.  

Now, a few of our guys, after months of sleeping on the cold hard ground in that hell hole called Afghanistan — eating MREs, not having a hot shower, and away from their loved ones — get caught pissing on a dead Taliban and they are condemned by the world.

H/t my friend Bob W.


Where is the outrage from “moderate” Muslims?

Religion of peace strikes again…


National Review reports:   Another Christian in Pakistan has been murdered, and the local Catholic Church is calling her a “martyr of the faith.”

The 18-year-old Amariah Masih (also reported as Mariah Manisha), a Catholic girl from the village of Tehsil Samundari, near Faisalabad, in Punjab province, was shot dead on November 27, after putting up resistance when a Muslim man abducted her with the intent to rape her. Fr. Khalid Rashid Asi, General Vicar of the Catholic diocese of Faisalabad told Fides, the Catholic news agency, that “cases like these occur daily in Punjab. It is very sad; Christians, often girls, are helpless victims.”

The girl’s mother, Razia Bibi, 50, told the Catholic media outlet AsiaNews that she and her daughter were riding on a motorbike on their way to pick up drinking water, which is not available in their village, when a man seized the motorbike, grabbed the young woman, and tried to drag her away at gunpoint. As she tried to pull away, the man opened fire, killing her instantly. According to AsiaNews, the 28-year-old Muslim Arif Gujjar, the son of a wealthy local landowner, is in police custody for questioning for the murder of Amariah.

Amariah’s funeral was presided over by Fr. Zafal Iqbal, who said to Fides: “She is a martyr. . . . The girl resisted, she did not want to convert to Islam and she did not marry the man, who killed her for this.” He explained to AsiaNews: “Wealthy and influential landowners often take aim at those who are marginalized and vulnerable, for their dirty interests.” In Pakistan, a rape victim is often imprisoned for unlawful sex and released on the condition that she marry her rapist. Because, under sharia, a Muslim cannot be married to a Christian, the women in such cases are also forced to convert to Islam. In its sharia courts, the testimony of a Christian is worth less than that of a Muslim, and a Christian woman’s is worth less yet. The whole system is rigged against the Christian woman.

More information on Amariah can be found on the website of the Permanent Mission of the Holy See to the United Nations.


Saudi Arabia wants “tolerance”

Saudi-backed center for religious tolerance signed into being, sparking hopes and concerns

From the ignorant Washington Post:  Saudi Arabia inaugurated an interfaith center in Vienna Thursday and its foreign minister said he hoped the spirit of tolerance embodied by the new institution will help change his conservative Muslim country, which prohibits any religion except Islam.

The statement by Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal was an unusually clear declaration of intent by Saudi Arabia’s rulers to work for religious and societal reforms from abroad in the face of domestic opposition to rapid change.

The center has ignited debate. Backers hope it will promote increased tolerance in Saudi Arabia, a kingdom that now prohibits any religion outside of Islam. Detractors, including Austria’s Green party and moderate Muslim groups in Austria say the Saudis are the last people who should be hosting initiatives on religious coexistence.

Ahead of Thursday’s inauguration ceremonies, the daily Der Standard cited Rabbi David Rosen of the American Jewish Committee as criticizing Saudi plans to exercise initial leadership oversight of the institution, saying it had to be “totally independent.”

Wahhabism — the strain of Sunni Islam that is practiced in Saudi Arabia — is considered one of the religion’s most conservative. Some of its tenets were hijacked by Osama bin Laden and other terrorists to justify their acts.

Strict interpretations of the faith have left Saudi women without the right to drive or to go out without permission from a male relative. They have also have tattered ties with Islam’s other major branch, Shiism, that have exposed deep rivalries between Saudi Arabia and predominantly Shiite Iran.

In Vienna to launch the interfaith center, Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal’s comments focused on the “King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue” — and he appeared keen to dispel skepticism about his country’s commitment to make it a focal point of interfaith dialogue and tolerance.

In an unsually fortright statement reflecting the Saudi leadership’s push for change, the minister said he hoped “the center will take the lead” in making Saudi Arabia a more tolerant society. “Saudi Arabia is willing to financially participate in this project, and to place all its moral and political resources behind such a center, without infringing … on its autonomy or independence from any political interference,” he told officials and reporters.

And he warned against “extremist minorities within every religious and cultural community … seeking … to propagate notions of intolerance, exclusion, racism and hatred.  “These tiny minorities,” he said, “are trying to hijack and disrupt the legitimate identities and aspirations of people of all cultures and faiths.”

He wants to make Saudi Arabia a more tolerant society? If he wanted to help change his conservative Muslim country, then why not open the interfaith center in say, Saudi Arabia? Oh yeah, we know why.  What a crock.