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Blue Collar America’s powerful open letter to President Trump

In this video “Open Letter to President Trump,” Dave Morrison of the YouTube channel Blue Collar Logic, who lives in Los Angeles, CA, describes:

  • How Trump inspired “a previously ignored segment of America” — the blue-collar working class.
  • His experiences as a blue-collar worker painting houses by day, and a musician at night — how the conservative home-owners he met were kind and decent people, but the progressives were ever nastier and ever less tolerant.
  • That Trump spoke to blue-collar workers in 2016. (See my post, “Democrats are now the party of the super-rich; Republicans, party of workers“.)
  • How he left the Democratic Party because of the party’s victimhood identity politics and its abandonment of the working class.
  • How Morrison and his partner Jason Silar founded “Blue Collar Logic” on Facebook, but their page was shadow-banned by Facebook.
  • To find out about blue-collar America, Morrison bought an RV and travelled across the country visiting 30 states to see for himself. He found people in red states, especially in the South, waking up and “vibrating” after the 2016 election, becoming confident, and went about working, but the blue states sank into negativity and resentment.
  • How the deep-state swamp and the COVID-19 virus obliterated the economic revival and achievements of Trump since 2016, culminating in “the worst year of America’s life that most of us have ever endured.”

Blue Collar Logic’s powerful final message:

“And now it looks as if our rough-and-tumble champion has been taken from us, replaced by a washed-up old hack who’s happy to dance like a marionette for those determined to erase our influence in the world. For those determined to rewrite our history leaving no glory but only shame, we know that you [Trump] will not desert us. We know that you will keep the message coming, even if you have to buy CNN or build Trump TV from scratch. We know that even as Democrats continue to flog their gloomy utopianism, your people will not give up.

We’re angry now. We’re grieving now. But we’re not going back into the shadows.

For way too long, American culture has been paying far too much attention to politicians and so-called journalists who went off to college and learned to hate this country. They don’t see themselves as civil servants or reporters of fact. They see themselves as activists, and now everybody who can still think sees right through them.

So now our attention goes back to where it’s always belonged — to the hard-working, fun-loving men and women of the greatest nation to ever bless this Earth. Let Sleepy Joe preside over the death throes of a failed ideology. Let tens of millions of Progressives drop into a funk now that their addictive, adrenaline-fueled hatred will have no target at which to aim itself. Let the blue cities continue to rot on the noxious vine of top-down governance. We are not going away; they are going away. We’ve learned our lessons, Mr. President. We know who we are. We know what we stand for. And we have you to thank for giving us back our voice.”

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